Jameis Winston has “no fear” of a possible suspension

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Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston fielded questions about his return to the lineup from a right shoulder injury at a Thursday press conference along with queries about the NFL’s investigation into an allegation that Winston groped an Uber driver in Arizona in 2016.

Winston referred to his statement after the allegations surfaced, which called the allegations false and said that he regrets “if my demeanor or presence made her uncomfortable in any way.” On Wednesday, Winston was asked if he was worried about the NFL suspending him as a result of their investigation.

“I have no fear at all, but, like I said, I have to respect that process,” Winston said.

Winston said he was confident that he’d be vindicated and referred to being “vindicated several times” on an accusation of rape that was made against him while at Florida State. Winston was never charged by police in Tallahassee and settled with his accuser after a civil suit was filed.

19 responses to “Jameis Winston has “no fear” of a possible suspension

  1. Of course he has no fear, he’s never faced consequences for his actions before. Why should he believe this time would be any different?

  2. Imagine people dislike you so much in your community that they report you for stealing SODA.
    Not even the homeless people get that kind of treatment.

  3. Knew I shouldn’t have even read the comments.

    God Himself could come down and clear Jameis’ name and people will still believe the lies and false accusations.

    Speaks volumes about THEM, not Jameis.

  4. Elliot was vindicated when the accusers text messages were made public. You see how that worked out. Since I have a feeling there will be no vindication for Winston, because he’s probably guilty, I would expect at least a 12 game suspension.

  5. Being vindicated and having people cover up for you, such as the police, your coaches, your teammates, your friends…those are two different things, Jameis.

  6. These people speak about Tallahassee and FSU so much, and were fine with Willie Meggs going after FSU players under false pretenses for decades, but the one time he could have put deer antlers on his mantle (by taking down Jameis) he is laughing at the absurdity of Kinsman’s lies and didn’t proceed.

    Yet you people STILL think there was a “cover up” and “no one (including the STATE, SMH) bothered to investigate.”

    Are you people this dumb, or still trying (and failing, four years later) to troll?

  7. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    November 30, 2017 at 2:08 pm
    Brady and Elliott WEREN’T innocent, though.

    That’s the difference.


    So you’re saying Jameis is innocent? Point is, Jameis has a past history of off-field issues, as did Elliott. If Zeke got 6 games, Jameis has to get at least 6 due to the precedent.

  8. With the ban a few years ago against tobacco advertising, how can they put his name on his jersey and get away with it? It might cause me to start smoking.

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