Seferian-Jenkins accepts that replay will never go his way

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Twice this year, the league office has taken away touchdowns from Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins under circumstances that shouldn’t have resulted in a reversal. And while it’s definitely an issue with them, Seferian-Jenkins has come to the conclusion that it’s him.

“Odds are, it will never turn for me,” Seferian-Jenkins said Friday, via Zach Braziller of the New York Post. “It’s never going to turn if we’re going off odds. Honestly, they’re bang-bang plays. The refs, they made the call on the field: Touchdown. The people in the official [replay review] box made a different call. Everyone’s got jobs, and no one’s perfect.”

But those who handle the replay reviews should be much closer to perfect than the people who are making decisions in real time, since the replay process provides an opportunity to reflect on multiple angles before deciding whether clear and obvious evidence exists to overturn the ruling on the field.

The problem for Seferian-Jenkins, and for the league, is that the process is finding clear and obvious evidence where clear and obvious evidence doesn’t exist. Three times this year (at least), the new procedures that give final say to the league office have resulted in a clear and obvious — and entirely avoidable — error.

Whether it happens next to Seferian-Jenkins or to someone else, it’s a problem for the league. Unlike plenty of the other problems the league currently faces, this one should be fairly easy to fix.

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  1. I’d have given it, and I’m a Pats fan. But I can see why, in the strictest sense of the rules, it was denied. He didn’t quite maintain his grasp, not until he was out of bounds anyway – but I’ve seen worse “catches” allowed, a couple upheld even upon review. But no amount of pounding the sand is gonna change it. Ask yourself this Jets fans – if that was Gronk, for the win over the Jets, would you still be calling it a TD? No.

    The one against the Pats wasn’t a TD either, one replay angle and some later stills that emerged shows clear air between him (a runner at that point) and the ball as both reached the goal line – a textbook touchback. I think the reason many thought it was a TD was because a) they hate the Pats, and b) the one replay angle that showed the clear air was only shown once for a split second on TV (at the point where Romo? says “oh”) before the picture cuts away, but obviously it was looked at a lot by the booth and easy to overturn. Sorry. Again, if that was Gronk? No, you’d all be sreaming touchback!

  2. I don’t think replays are killing the league. Incompetence from the league office is killing the league.

  3. What he needs to accept is that Al Riveron has a higher standard for what it means to “maintain control”, and then tighten his grip on the football.

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