Dan Quinn wants “loud and fun” crowd on Thursday night

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The Falcons host the Saints on Thursday night in a game that will have a great impact on their chances of making the playoffs and Falcons coach Dan Quinn wants a crowd that represents that urgency.

It’s the first season at Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Quinn was asked if he’s been disappointed by the level of noise — non-artificial variety, presumably — coming from the stands in the new digs. Quinn didn’t use that word, but he made it clear that he wants the new place to be rocking when the Saints come calling

“I used the analogy today, ‘We built a billion dollar house and we need to throw a billion dollar party house-warmer,'” Quinn said, via Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com. “I think sometimes, we’re still using the coasters and we need to be as loud and fun as all we represent as a city. I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed. I think [fans] were looking at the new house and checking it out. So let’s hope this Thursday night is the one that turns it, from a crowd-standpoint, that we know. It’s an important part. It’s an advantage. Home-field advantage is real.”

The Falcons have split their first six home games this season and losing either of their final two — they host Carolina in Week 17 — would deal a severe blow to their chances of returning to the postseason this year.

20 responses to “Dan Quinn wants “loud and fun” crowd on Thursday night

  1. Lots of empty seats in the third and 4th quarters in the Vikings game. Perhaps they should raise the prices for food and beer to pack the seats so the Hotlanta fans watch the game.

  2. Looking at the new stadium last week during the Vikings game, I noticed a lot of similarities between their new facility and ours. But, ours is always full and very loud.

  3. bobthebillsfan says:
    December 5, 2017 at 3:05 pm
    Maybe the fan base is still hung over after the Superbowl.

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    After blowing a lead like that? Can’t blame them.

  4. I hope it’s not like the Vikings game this past Sunday. You would have thought it was a home game for those guys. I mean serious, every time the Vikings did something good it would get deafening loud. The Saints fan base travels well so I expect the same again this Thursday. They probably should have stayed in the Georgia Dome and saved a couple of billion and just refurbished the place.

  5. Don’t worry Dan, it’ll be loud Thursday night. There will be thousands of Saints fans in attendance.

  6. Atlanta games have always attracted a lot of away fans. When the team is winning the NFC South or in the Playoffs, Falcons fan tend to dominate more and the crowd is loud. When the team is closer to average (like this year), you get more mixed crowds.

  7. When the team is closer to average (like this year), you get more mixed crowds.


    You almost won the super bowl and have a brand new stadium.
    There shouldn’t be any excuse for attendance.

  8. Atlanta fans have been lukewarm at best. Went their for a Packer game. I swear there were more of us then them. Lady next to me did not look at game one time. To busy reading a book. While her husband got drunk.

  9. I couldn’t believe the number of empty seats I was seeing on TV this past Sunday. I figured people were standing in long concession lines while they ironed out the bugs with a new stadium, but there didn’t seem to be any shortage of Viking fans there. Maybe they don’t eat as much.

  10. Vikings fans are always loud on the road. Two games that really stick out are the Redskins and Falcons games. The Skol chant was loud at both places. It’s deafining at the Bank.

  11. don’t worry Quinn. It will be very loud at the stadium. only it will be coming from the WHODAT NATION.

  12. Poor timing for a comment on the heels of a game where the home team gave little to cheer for. They also seemed to let the Vikes fans takeover a bit last weekend.

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