Justin Coleman avoids fine for leap into red kettle


Seahawks cornerback Justin Coleman avoided a fine for his jump into one of the giant Salvation Army kettles behind the end zones at AT&T Stadium.

Coleman copied Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott‘s touchdown celebration of a year ago against the Buccaneers when he leaped into the kettle and played hide and seek with a teammate. Coleman scored on a 30-yard interception return of a Dak Prescott pass in the third quarter.

“I already pre-planned it,” Coleman said after the game. “I was telling the guys that if I catch a pick-six in that end zone, I’m going to jump in the kettle and throw the ball out. I was just telling them, that’s what’s going to happen. Everybody was telling me that I was going to catch a pick, and it came to me.”

Coleman, like Elliott a year ago, drew a flag for using a prop. The league did not fine Elliott last year.

11 responses to “Justin Coleman avoids fine for leap into red kettle

  1. They shouldn’t even throw a flag on it. If you jump in the kettle you get a grand deducted from your check and it gets donated to the Salvation Army.

  2. the choreographed celebrations are idiotic. but since the Cowboys got chumped by a depleted team in front of god and everybody, it was funny.

  3. I guess the league has to draw the line somewhere… But, that’s just funny. It’s a harmless prank & gives the Salvation Army some additional TV time. Is it a jab at Zeek? Probably. Was it done maliciously? Doubt it. I remember getting a, “football follies” VHS years ago with a segment dedicated to celebrating touchdowns & other great plays. Makes me wish I still had that tape & a VCR. Makes me wish we still had the NFL we grew up with.

  4. Those kettles should not be on the field in the first place. They should be padded in case players run into them. If Coleman tripped when he jumped into one, he could have injured himself. Not a smart move on his part.

  5. This childish celebration stuff needs to end.

    These are grown men. They need to act like it and there needs to be significant penalties for these actions that hurt the team because the individual players are putting themselves ahead of the team.

  6. We care about winning, we care about the team, well maybe not all the time, well maybe not part of the time, well maybe that is over spoken because we care only of ME.

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