Terence Newman not ready to say whether this is his last season

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Terence Newman returned this season to win a Super Bowl. The Vikings cornerback has a chance.

What he won’t say is whether this is his last chance.

“When I’m done, nobody will know it,” Newman said Friday, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “I’ll be off into the sunset.”

Newman, 39, is one of only three non-specialists 39 or older in the league, joining Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (40) and Patriots pass-rusher James Harrison (39).

Newman still can play and likely would find work next season if he wants to continue his career.

He has played all 15 games with seven starts this season, and his 526 defensive snaps are 56 percent of the Vikings’ defensive plays. Newman has 33 tackles, an interception and five passes defensed.

In his 15 seasons, Newman has made 42 interceptions, eight forced fumbles, 186 pass breakups and 877 tackles.

After a heck of a career, Newman couldn’t write a better ending than by walking off into the sunset with a Super Bowl ring.

17 responses to “Terence Newman not ready to say whether this is his last season

  1. We will look back in history at what Newman is doing and wonder in awe at how he was able to do it for so long in a pass happy league. Brady’s records will be smashed in the rapidly pass happy league and James Harrison barley plays and was just cut. Newman is somehow still holding off high draft picks half his age and shutting down great WRs. It’s truly amazing.

  2. Mike Zimmer will keep him on next year, part time as a player and part time as an assistant coach. This will be the beginning of a long coaching career.
    Great guy, excellent player, becoming a fantastic coach!

  3. I do hope Newman can get a Super Bowl ring. Other Vikings players like Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Randle McDaniel, Jared Allen, and John Randle have no ring but I would love it for once if someone who has put in so much work like Newman to finally get one.

  4. I’ve always liked this guy’s style…and I’ve noticed a trend with “old” DB’s if you will. The leadership guys like this provide is more than worth the belief that they’ve lost a step and can’t play anymore. Cases in point… Eugene Robinson after the 98 Super Bowl (leaving Pack, going to Falcons) and Charles Woodson (allowed to leave Pack via FA to rejoin the Raiders). The defenses after their departure turned into sieves despite the belief that there was young talent to replace them.

  5. This dude has quietly had a decent season. I can’t belive he is 39, damn that makes me feel old. I remember him breaking into the league. He has had a damn good career. If the team I root for doesn’t win it all, I’d love to see him get a shot at a SB ring

  6. His career as gone on along time after Dallas where he had to be cut for piss poor play, would never practice and sit out every training camp. I guess he actually had to try to keep his job at other teams.

  7. The thing I like about him is that he plays at a high level as a team player without drawing attention to himself, and has taught his defensive team-mates to play the same way.

  8. I think if we get him a ring, he’ll become a defensive backs assistant coach immediately with the Vikings. And if he wants to play another year in purple at 2 mil that’ll be cool too.

    He’s Winfield 2.0

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