Jim Caldwell is still the Lions coach, until he isn’t

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Amid rampant rumors and reports that his tenure as coach of the Lions will be ending, Jim Caldwell is doing all that he can do. Specifically, he’s continuing to behave as if he has the job that he still had.

“I’m still working,” Caldwell said after the 35-11 win over Green Bay, via NFL.com. “I’m still working today. . . . If there was something changed, I wouldn’t be standing here. Right? Still working.”

Of course, few coaches are fired on their way off the field. Despite a trend toward starting Black Monday a day early, there’s a chance Caldwell won’t learn his fate until tomorrow.

When he does, it’s expected that he’ll be moving on after four years with the team, allowing G.M. Bob Quinn to hire his own coach, with the goal of ending what will be a 27-year stretch without a playoff win.

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  1. Caldwell will be a head coach next season. Quinn probably wants his guy that he can hitch his wagon too. The problem is, bringing in a good HC is easier said than done. The Lions should just make some other changes at DC and possibly the OL coach. Dumping Caldwell will probably end up being a mistake.

  2. jlgmr777 says:
    Second consecutive winning season, him being fired doesn’t make a whole lot sense here!
    They lost 5 out 6 games playing against teams going to the playoffs. The one win came against the Vikings early in the season, before Case Keenum had settled into his role as QB. The defense is not a playoff-quality defense and there’s no running game.

    It was another painful season for Lions fans, who have unfortunately become comfortable with disappointment. They deserve better than the mediocrity they’ve been suffering under Caldwell. They need a coach with fresh ideas who can also energize the fans.

    9-7 is a step up from the Millen era, but that’s not much of a threshold.

  3. Caldwell is an idiot only a moron would have let Stafford play today and risk getting him hurt for next year. And because they won today they moved down 4 or 5 draft spots, for a team that’s very low on talent I just can’t comprehend that mentality. I would have fired him at half time.

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