The Bills are going to the playoffs

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They are going to party like it is 1999 in Buffalo on Sunday night.

That was the last time that the Bills made it to the playoffs, but the drought has come to an end thanks to some help from the Cincinnati Bengals. Shortly after the Bills held on for a 22-16 victory over the Dolphins in Miami, Andy Dalton found Tyler Boyd for a 49-yard touchdown that put the Bengals up 31-27 over the Ravens. Baltimore’s final drive didn’t change that score, which means the Bills are in the playoffs as an AFC Wild Card team.

It looked like that would be the result for most of the day as the Bengals led by as many as 14 points in the second half while the Bills were up 19 points on the Dolphins. Miami rallied to close within a score while the Ravens were moving into the lead in Baltimore, but the Bills held on and the Bengals did them a solid without anything on the line for themselves.

Had the Bills lost, speculation about Tyrod Taylor‘s future with the team would have fired up to another level. He’ll be in Buffalo for at least one more game, however, and memories of his benching for a disastrous loss to the Chargers will be muddled by the way a twisty first season turned out for coach Sean McDermott. Taylor was 19-of-27 for 204 yards and a touchdown and added 35 yards on the ground on the way to Sunday’s win.

The bigger question will now be whether or not running back LeSean McCoy will be able to play next weekend. X-rays on his ankle were negative, but McCoy looked like he was in a lot of pain when he was carted off the field in the third quarter.

The answer to that question will affect spirits in Buffalo as the week goes on. Sunday night will be for ringing in 2018 with a joyful noise, though, and it’s one that hasn’t been heard in Buffalo for a very long time.

34 responses to “The Bills are going to the playoffs

  1. The Baltimore Murdering Black Birds had no business being in contention for the playoffs. This team is awful and filled with some of the most repulsive humans born.

  2. The Jaguars are the luckiest team in the league. They will be facing undoubtedly the worst team in the playoffs.

  3. The Ravens as usual, embarrassing the state of Maryland. Thank God for the Redskins.

    The Bills in the playoffs. What a joke. At least 10 teams in the league deserve to be in the playoffs over that collection of joke players.

  4. Doubt that they get past the wildcard round. Jacksonville’s defense will make mincemeat of Buffalo. JAX is stumbling, but they will get back on track with this favorable matchup.

  5. Finally…
    {best Idris Elba immitiation} Reset the clock!

    (So much for a team that people claimed was “Tanking” at the beginning of the season.)

    Even if we’re a “one and done” – at least we’ve gotten THIS monkey off our backs…
    Of course – this sets up the “Doug Marrone bowl” – which’ll be fun.

    Go Bills!

  6. I’m a mans man as any other and I can’t even hold back the tears. My love for this team is so deep it’s unreal. I bleed this. I’m so overjoyed right now I can’t even deal. Bills nation and Bills Mafia we deserve this. Our head coach should now be THE COACH OF THE YEAR! Honestly tell me who else deserves that honor? No one else. 18 long long and I mean long years. All the pain and heart break is finally over. What an incredible day man. HAPPY NEW YEARS THE BUFFALO BILLS ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Suck it haters, the drought is over. I don’t care if we go one and done, it’s just finally over. But, as the old saying goes, if you make the dance. Then there’s a chance.

  8. Congrats Bills you have waited a long time and good luck. Unfortunately humiliation is a week or two away and just like my Dolphins last year you have made the playoffs but your not a playoff caliber team but I will be rooting for you. But I will say this, with the deals your team have made and with some nice picks and a healthy cap you are in a very good position to be much better next year we’re I think you could be a legit frightner to those Patriots.

  9. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    December 31, 2017 at 8:02 pm
    The Jaguars are the luckiest team in the league. They will be facing undoubtedly the worst team in the playoffs.


    You should be happy the Ravens are out of the playoffs. They’ve played the Patriots really tough in their 4 playoff games in Foxborough.

  10. Congrats to Bills and Bills fans. @rabidbillsfan Watch it, considering Pats fans have to defend the rest of the AFCE on a daily basis, you might want to be a little nicer to us.

  11. Forget patriot fans. They are troubled by the realization their team needs officials to win. Without refs they would have lost to jets, Texans, Steelers, chargers and maybe even billls. At least they finally called intentional grounding on Brady today. Too bad it was after they spotted New England 14 points and game was no longer in doubt.

  12. I was looking for a reason to even watch the playoffs this season. Now I have one. Go Bills!

    If it can’t be the Pack … who better than the Bills?

  13. I’m a little surprised at this “The Jags are going to roll” logic. They do have a legit defense, but the offense has been struggling and Bortles is getting pick happy and going against a ball hawking defense.

    I expect a gritty, low scoring affair. That is the kind of game the Bills are good at.

  14. Happy as heck that my Buffalo Bills finally made the playoffs…
    And we owe a humongous thank you to the Bengals…
    It didn’t look good with a minute left in their game…and they pulled it off…
    Go Bills…!!!

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