Cowboys tight ends coach Steve Loney is retiring

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones promised changes are coming to the coaching staff, and coach Jason Garrett provided the first name Tuesday.

Tight ends coach Steve Loney will retire, Garrett said at his season-ending press conference.

Otherwise, Garrett said he hasn’t “made any decisions about our coaches,” via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News.

Loney became the tight ends coach in the offseason after Mike Pope retired. Thus, the Cowboys will have their third coach at the position in three seasons.

Loney coached in the NFL for 15 years, spending time with the Cardinals, Vikings, Rams, Bucs and Cowboys. He was in Dallas for three seasons — as the assistant offensive line coach in 2015, a senior offensive assistant in 2016 and tight ends coach this season.

10 responses to “Cowboys tight ends coach Steve Loney is retiring

  1. Why is it a ‘diss’ to say Jason Garreett is a puppet to Jerry Jones? 99% of working professionals are a puppet to their boss. Don’t think for a second that Robert Kraft wouldn’t crack the whip if BB made or was thinking of making a decision that he vehemently disagreed with.

  2. chalkruz1989, the commenters are just showing their lack of originality. Garrett has more power than people want to give him credit for. Since the owner/GM is on the radio twice a week, you see a lot of soundbites from him while Garrett give the usual cliches during his pressers. He is an easy target for the trolls.

  3. Pretty sad when your response to another poor season when so much was expected is that you “fire” a Tight ends coach!

  4. The next big rumored change is they’re getting rid of the guy who fills up the Gatorade coolers. Since there was no reason to dump one on Jason Garrett’s head this year… that guy needs to go!

  5. Not a big loss losing the tight end coach. Maybe they can find somebody that can develop tight ends because so far they haven’t developed one in years. Ex dallas tight ends seem to go to other teams and end up somewhat better than before.

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