Josh Rosen opts for Athletes First

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Don’t worry, we won’t be writing up a blurb every time a draft prospect hires an agent. For the big names in the 2018 draft pool, however, it’s worth a mention.

Former UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen, who announced earlier this week that he’ll leave school for the NFL, has hired Ryan Williams of Athletes First, according to Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Daily. The firm founded by David Dunn apparently will be handling Rosen’s football contract and his marketing deals.

USC quarterback Sam Darnold has yet to hire an agent, according to the Los Angeles Times. He also apparently didn’t hire a video producer for the social-media announcement that he’s entering the draft. The clip has all the charm and humanity of a hostage video, which actually would make plenty of sense if he’s drafted by the Browns.

5 responses to “Josh Rosen opts for Athletes First

  1. What is the scoop on Ryan Williams and Athletes First? Do they have the ability to pull an Elway and E. Manning and raise both middle fingers to the Browns while saying, “don’t even try us!”?

  2. I don’t know why anybody hires an agent for their rookie contract – they’re all slotted and about the only thing to negotiate is the offset language. You’re paying a TON of money to some schmuck in a polyester suit to tell you how awesome you are and pat himself on the back when you sign. Save the money, it’s a waste! Hire one when your next contract comes around – that’s when you need the guy. And hire a pro, not some hip-hop mogul for cryin’ out loud.

  3. 6250claimer – hiring an agent now starts building a relationship right away. Agents also do more than negotiate contracts, they have contacts (or other clients) for specialized training or advice on how to handle things. You don’t want to have someone you haven’t worked with negotiate a second contract, you want someone you know & trust.

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