LeSean McCoy will try to practice today

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The Bills might find out soon what kind of chance they have this weekend.

Via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, Bills coach Sean McDermott said running back LeSean McCoy was going to participate in some individual drills today to see where he is in his potential comeback from an ankle injury.

We’ll see him do some things and go from there,” McDermott said.

McCoy was carted off last week, and his status is obviously central to Buffalo’s hopes.

His 1,586 yards from scrimmage represent 32.8 percent of the Bills total offense this year. Their second-leading rusher is quarterback Tyrod Taylor, and no other back on the roster had more 247 yards this year.

11 responses to “LeSean McCoy will try to practice today

  1. They need McCoy badly just to have a chance, I’m afraid. I hope he can play and play effectively. You want teams to be at their best for the playoffs, if possible.

  2. Do us a favor and play him on Sunday. The Jags D will feast on a McCoy that doesn’t have the ability to make cuts.

  3. Shady is an integral part of our offense, no doubt. He had 287 of our 487 carries this year. He averaged 4.1/carry. The other RBs averaged 4.7/carry. I’m not saying we don’t neeed him, I’m saying we will still run the ball.

  4. Marcus Murphy has some pop to his step…explosive in college and got cut from New Orleans and Rams (not bad teams to lose a backfield battle too)….. that being said the word on him is he’s sloppy with the football..We need Shady to be partially effective, I doubt he’s anywhere near 100%..if the kid Murphy can pop a play or two could be the difference..it’s gonna be close game and come down to who makes the worst turnover

  5. Shady’s effectiveness is one wild card in play, the other is Blake Bortles – what kind of game will he have? Will it be the new Blake Bortles or the old one we are all used to watching?

  6. A bad Bortles will definitely help us no doubt, but the way tou get to that point is by bottling up the run. Can we do that? Remains to be seen. IF we can get an early TO somehow and convert it to points, the Bills fans there will be heard and it will put pressure squarely on JAX. If we make a mistake or two or give up gap plays and we are down 10-0….I mean we aren’t built to comeback from too far behind so we’ll see. Key is early discipline and maybe taking advantage of JAX hometown hyped team

  7. I feel bad for Bills fans. Finally get to the playoffs, and their best player is questionable at best.

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