Jaguars grab lead, Bills lose Micah Hyde

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The Jaguars offense picked up 84 yards during the first half of the game, but they found more success on a scoring drive in the third quarter.

Blake Bortles hit tight end Ben Koyack with a one-yard touchdown pass on fourth down to cap an 86-yard drive and give the Jaguars the first touchdown of the game. The 10-3 lead also represents the first time they’ve been in front all day.

Leonard Fournette ran for 33 yards and had a 12-yard catch on the way to the end zone and Blake Bortles continued to make plays as a runner by picking up 19 more yards on the ground.

It looks like the Bills defense will have to hold the fort without one of its top players for the rest of the afternoon. Safety Micah Hyde went for a concussion evaluation in the blue tent on the sideline at the end of the first Jaguars possession of the half, returned to the game and then left for the locker room during Jacksonville’s scoring drive.

CBS cameras showed him squirting water toward the stands on his way off the field, but the Bills will have to come up with a better answer offensively if they are going to avoid a loss on Sunday.

22 responses to “Jaguars grab lead, Bills lose Micah Hyde

  1. Tireiron Taylor is doing a good job of evading the rush but he’s been running for his life all day.

  2. Wow – is Tyrod Taylor a fraud – all he can do is run – he is incompetent as a passer and is yet another fake QB who is really a running back wearing a QB Halloween costume.

    We must remove these fake QB’s from the game so that we can replace them with conventional pro style QB’s who can actually beat a blitz by passing instead of running —> pointing to the Danish Ham in Dallas.

  3. 1976pinto says:
    January 7, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    Jags D is tightening up forcing Tierod to throw those two yard passes which he excels at

    You can say that again.

  4. Tyrod is a great comeback QB, NOT!

    The Bills only hope is to get lucky and complete a long ball, that’s it.

  5. NFL has become the WWE. Fixed sports meant to rake in advert and gambling cash. Watching Tyrod get choked out with no flag is a disgrace to the league.

    I don’t care about either of these teams but this game screams of “Makes sure Jags win because we need them in London”

  6. Jags win
    Good for them
    Bills should have never made the playoffs
    stole the Chargers spot.

    and no, i dont care about the complex tie breakers – we beat the hell out of them, they should have stayed home.
    now they will stay home 🙂

  7. Well done Jacksonville.

    I do think that last “interception” hit the ground and was moving; so that was a bad call – but no excuses. I don’t think the Bills were gonna win it at that point anyways…

    Y’all won that fair and square. Congrats!

  8. Games like this are why ratings are down. Both quarterbacks are trash. Neither one can even hit an open receiver who is only five yards away. It is nice to have new blood in the playoffs but neither of these teams had a chance in heII going anywhere.
    The Browns could have whipped either one of them today. Can’t wait to see what the point spread will be next week. My guess is Pitt -18

  9. All I can hope for now is Jags or Titans pull a 2012 Ravens and knock off these coddled franchises on the way to an upset. You want parity, NFL? Then make it happen.

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