Manziel’s camp gives Hamilton until January 31 to “work out a fair deal”

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In order to preserve contractual rights that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have held for years, the Tiger-Cats officially have offered a contract to Manziel. Whether it will be accepted remains to be seen.

“Despite much speculation and several comments from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and CFL, Johnny and I have remained silent and continued to focus on his training and preparation,” Manziel’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, said in a statement issued Monday.

Burkhardt broke his silence with a lengthy press release, pointing out that the CFL has an “archaic and restrictive rule” allowing teams to claim a player’s rights “and essentially hold those rights into perpetuity, without any consideration or compensation for the player.” As to Manziel, the Tiger-Cats squatted on the player six years ago, when he was a freshman at Texas A&M.

Burkhardt explains that he has given the Tiger-Cats until January 31 to “work out a fair deal” with Manziel. Burkhardt describes a “fair deal” to mean a contract “on par with what Hamilton has paid their QB in recent years, despite not having much on-field success.” [Editor’s note: Savage.]

Absent a deal with the Tiger-Cats by January 31, Burkhardt says that he and Manziel “will turn our focus to several other professional options readily available to us.”

Burkhardt mentions a potential trade to another CFL team, and that possibly is one of the other options. For now, Manziel has no options in the NFL. If he goes to the CFL and plays well there, Manziel eventually may have an option south of the Canadian border.

19 responses to “Manziel’s camp gives Hamilton until January 31 to “work out a fair deal”

  1. The nerve of Manziel and his greedy agent asking for a contract worth $500 thousand per year which would make him the highest paid player in the CFL without even playing a down of CFL football. This is the same Manziel that has been out of football for a few years now because he was a knuckle-head off the field and really didn’t show much in his brief NFL career.

    Come up and show us what you got on and off the field and if all goes well then you can ask for a “fair deal”, you have shown absolutely nothing that would justify getting half a million bucks right off the bat & by using your name from the past going back to your Texas A&M days is not good enough.

    Manziel and his agent should thank the Tiger Cats for showing interest and trying to resurrect his career, smarten up Johnny football!

  2. Really doesn’t want to be in Hamilton, that’s pretty clear. The other team that he met with didn’t give him the answer he wanted to hear, and that was likely Sask and he had to go back to Hamilton as his only choice.

    But crapping on the CFL rules, wanting another team to take him, then pointing out the team that does want him and likely made June Jones the coach to placate him in the first place, is terrible, and he wants $500k before proving a thing, is really brutal.

    XFL is his only other option and this may well be a play for that.

  3. Hamilton’s not so bad, Johnny. Just think, when you want to let loose, you can always drive over to Buffalo for the nightlife!

  4. Play well and you can make it back with one TV commercial. Play great and the options will really open up.

    To build a brand you need to play. To play, you need to accept that this is your only real chance and the money is way more than whatever 2nd option you have in life.

    If you want to play, then accept and play. If you play well, you will get paid one way or another. Ultimatums don’t work in the real world. It puts people in fight or flight mode and most people flee.

  5. I am not sure how Manziel will go down with the blue collar fans in steeltown Hamilton but he may fit in better in Lotusland Vancouver which is a bigger version of Portlandia.

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