Chiefs make Eric Bieniemy’s hiring official

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The Chiefs made it official, promoting running backs coach Eric Bieniemy to offensive coordinator.

“I’ve known Eric a long time, both as a player and a coach,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said, via quotes distributed by the team. “He’s done a phenomenal job with our running backs and has been involved in every aspect of our offense over the last five years. He’s a great teacher and has earned this opportunity. I know he will do a good job.”

Bieniemy replaces Matt Nagy, who became the Bears’ new head coach this week.

Rookie running back Kareem Hunt led the league in rushing this season, Bieniemy’s fifth as the team’s running backs coach.

Bieniemy’s only experience as an offensive coordinator came at the University of Colorado in 2011-12.

13 responses to “Chiefs make Eric Bieniemy’s hiring official

  1. I remember when he played in college with a broken leg for multiple games. They put screws in it and a huge cast that ended above the ankle so he could run. It was crazy.

  2. Don’t anyone even think that Bieniemy will be calling plays next year for the Chiefs. Not saying he won’t do a good job as OC. If you look at Andy Reid’s history, we has just refused to give up play calling duties. Last year, it was thought that Pederson called some games mid season. Yeah, ok. This year, Matt Nagy called the last four regular season games, after the offense went into the tank mid season. That resulted in the Chiefs scoring an average of over 28 pts. per game. Then, in the meltdown vs the Titans, after leading 21-3 at the half, the Chiefs did not score another point. That second half had Andy Reid’s finger prints all over it. Andy comically said post game that “Nagy call the good plays, and I called the bad ones”. BS. Reid called that second half. He followed his history of taking his foot off the gas with a lead. That ain’t changing. If the fans, and more so Eric Bieniemy, think this is gonna change, you are sadly mistaken.

  3. Andy promotes someone from within. Normally that is a good thing but with Andy its just because he wants a yes man.

  4. Hmmm… Reid didn’t give his buddy Chilly the OC job? Guess he figured having Brad get coffee and donuts for him every morning is more important…

  5. For the longest time i thought he was Eric The Enemy. That’s what it always sounded like when the announcers said his name. And I wondered why they always used his nick name.

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