Jets corner Rashard Robinson arrested for pot candy

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Jets coach Todd Bowles was surprised when the team traded for cornerback Rashard Robinson in October.

So imagine his reaction upon learning Robinson was arrested for edible marijuana possession.

Via Darryl Slater of, Robinson was arrested in December for possessing of possessing marijuana-laced candy after he was pulled over for careless driving. According to the police report, his car smelled like marijuana at the time.

“This is a pending legal matter, and we will not have any comment,” a Jets spokesman said.

The Jets acquired the former fourth-round pick from the 49ers in October, in exchange for a fifth-round pick. He played just 20 snaps with the Jets after the deal, and was inactive for the final two games of the season.

He was no stranger to trouble during his time at LSU, when he was suspended for failing a drug test and bad grades. He was also arrested in June 2015 for unauthorized entry into a teammate’s apartment, and didn’t return to the program.

Now he’s subject to possible punishment from the league for a violating of the substance abuse policy.

10 responses to “Jets corner Rashard Robinson arrested for pot candy

  1. Another shining star in the illustrious history of Trent Baalke draft picks. It’s painfully obvious that off field character didn’t factor into setting his big board. On the field Robinson was brutal too. Lead the league in penalties through eight games and threw temper tantrums to coaches on the sideline. Good on Shanahan and Lynch for trading him during the season. Kyle’s motto is “protect the team”. Players like Robinson are the antithesis of that.

  2. He was highly touted as a future star when the season started, but then he got called for a ton of pass interference penalties and he was then traded to the Jets.

  3. I always have sympathy for those that get “busted for pot”, but I have to question the judgement on this one. Edibles can be repackaged in a regular candy bag. If he can’t be bothered to take minimal precautions, I have to question his character.

  4. The Jets gave SF a free 5th round pick. They will probably turn that later round pick into a solid starter a la Trent Taylor (6th round), George Kittle (5th round) and Adrian Colbert (7th round)

  5. He was highly touted as a future star when the season started,

    Sorry; doubt that. Sounds like hindsight hyperbole

  6. So glad SF cut the cord on this guy, penalty machine and low character. Unbelievable that the Jets gave up a 5th round pick for SF’s trash

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