Tom Brady tells story of night he was bitten by military dog at Gillette Stadium

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Tom Brady was asked about being bitten by a dog at practice during training camp a few years ago. Adhering to “The Patriot Way,” the story had never surfaced until the Patriots quarterback was asked about it during his press conference Wednesday, and he seemed surprised at the question.

“Wow! Yeah,” Brady said, pausing. “I was bitten by two dogs. One when I was little in Minnesota at my grandpa’s farm here. I gave the dog a bone and then went down to give the dog a kiss. I was young, and he bit right through my lip. It was pretty rough. Then, the second dog bite, we were in the stadium. I don’t know how many years ago.”

Patriots owner Robert Kraft had allowed military training at Gillette Stadium, and Brady, Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork joined the Krafts in watching the night exercise. Afterward, the Patriots went onto the field to greet the troops.

“Some guys were kind of excited to see us walk out, so I kind of got close to all the guys, and I didn’t realize there were dogs,” Brady said. “Obviously those weren’t like Labrador [Retrievers]. These were like tough dogs. I raised my arms up over my head, and right when I raised my arms up, the dog jumped up, and I guess was going for my neck and the guy grabbed the dog back down and the dog got my thigh on the way down. I was standing there with a bunch of tough guys, and they all saw it. They’re like, ‘Are you OK?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, of course I’m OK,’ but I could feel the cut.’ . . . I’m with the toughest guys in the world, so I just sucked it up for like an hour after we said hi to all the guys.”

Brady returned to the training room afterward to get stitched up.

“I have a nice little scar on my quad thanks to that night,” he said. “I learned a very valuable lesson.”

15 responses to “Tom Brady tells story of night he was bitten by military dog at Gillette Stadium

  1. wideright91 says:
    January 31, 2018 at 6:41 pm

    Dogs are smart. You cannot trust someone that dogs do not like!

    Some people are smart enough to understand that not all dogs are smart. Perhaps that understanding would be a challenge for those who are not as smart as any dogs.

  2. You can’t trust dogs. Owners will always say “my dog wouldn’t do that”. After a dog chases or bites somebody, the first words from the dog owner is “I never thought my dog would do that”. Too late.

  3. Brady would be a pretty likable guy if he didn’t come from such a tradition of cheaters, and he himself leading the cheating way.

  4. Two things, did he say my lab is not tough?

    Second, for all of you who are saying the dogs are not trained properly, you have no idea what stage int he training process they were in. It could have been their first training session and chances are your dogs are ill behaved. It is always the ones who think they have well behaved dogs that are the worst.

  5. Tough dogs = loaded gun

    They’re not necessarily bad, but must be treated like they could to off and remain cautious and vigilant.

    Even the most wonderful tough dogs… are animals and should not be humanized. I have one.

    When people ask – Does your dog bite? The answer is always ‘YES… so approach with care/slowly.’ EVERY dog bites and tough dogs can misread situations just like humans do and react wrongly.

  6. Some doge bark and some dogs bite…

    A dog won’t bark before it bites you, it’s mind is already made up.

    We got two dogs going at it this Sunday, we’ll see which one does the biting.

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