Ryan Shazier discharged from inpatient rehab

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Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier is heading home.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center announced on Thursday that Shazier has been discharged from their Rehabilitation Institute. Shazier had spinal stabilization surgery in December after being injured while making a tackle in a game against the Bengals.

Shazier will continue to do outpatient therapy at UPMC. He posted a photo to Instagram Thursday that shows him standing next to Ben Roethlisberger with a brace on one leg.

“I’ve had a lot of 1st downs at UPMC, but you know being the defensive guy I am, my mind is on 3 and out. With that being said, I want everyone to know that I’m moving on to the next step of the process. Today’s a big day for me as I’m officially being released from the hospital.”

Shazier made an appearance in a suite at Heinz Field during a December game against the Patriots and visited a Steelers practice in January. He was using a wheelchair in the latter appearance and updates about his condition have been sparse outside of his father saying in December that Shazier has feeling in his legs.

45 responses to “Ryan Shazier discharged from inpatient rehab

  1. So awesome. So, so awesome. Keep getting better, Ryan.

    (Obligatory notice that I am a fan of a different franchise and took the time to virtue signal that I care about people and things from different franchises)

  2. That’s excellent news. Nobody except horrible trolls ever wish serious injury on anyone. I hope he comes back and can continue his career safely. If not I wish him well in whatever endeavor is next for him. Be well!

    -Patriots Fan

  3. Ryan fought through a lot of injuries during his career, and was always able to make it back to the field. I hope he can fully regain the use of his legs…but, for his sake, I hope he never tries to play again…even if he could get a medical clearance.

  4. sounds like positive news. I do find it concerning that there have has been no real description of his actual condition. In any case, this Pats fan is hoping for the best for Shazier

  5. Unless they are just accidental mis-clicks on a phone, which I have done that while trying to rate items, I just don’t understand down-votes for a young guy being able to walk again.

    WHO would really want to see a kid crippled for life? No sane adult.

  6. I’m not just a fan of another team, I personally wish to see the Steelers never win another game and then watch their fans still make excuses for the organization, coaches, players, etc.

    For some good fun, go out to youtube and search for “Steeler fan meltdown”. Gold! Pure Gold!

    That being said, I am happy to see the dude is recovering and best of luck to him.

  7. Good news. An organic exit is always preferred over a forced one. As someone who decided to try barrel rolling a forklift at 22 and crushing a few vertebrae I understand what an injury like that does to not only your body but your spirit. Now, what have you learned about tackling head first? Keep that in mind if you plan on being around a while longer.

  8. This man has turned me from hating the Steelers to now being a fan. One of the greatest stories this season is his recovery.

    I still hate the Stoolers, but glad that Ryan is on the mend. Go Buckeyes!

  9. Awesome news. Is he usually that skinny, or did he lose a lot of weight after the injury? Not sure if he will ever play again, but hopefully he can get back to living a productive life.

  10. streetyson says:
    February 1, 2018 at 2:04 pm
    Much like last year’s excuses, here come the salty Steeler fans to claim if some guy or other hadn’t been injured they’d be playing this week, whilst overlooking that the Pats were then and are now more than twice as banged up.
    The rest of the world is so happy for you. You have accomplished so much. The Patriots would never have won so much if not for you, sitting on your couch, eating nachos, and getting more obese by the minute while you cheer at the TV.

  11. That sure looks like good news. I hope he makes a full recovery with no loss of mobility whatsoever. Best of good luck to him and his family.

    I also hope this sets a never-to-be-forgotten example to every young player coming up that leading with your helmet is just never worth it.

    I am NOT saying Shazier deserved it, because he didn’t. But it just exposes both the tackler and the tackled to too much risk. One little thing goes wrong, and this happens. Not worth it just for a tackle.

  12. Glad to hear he is on the road to recovery. An injury like this rises far above team affiliation. Anyone that considers themselves a fan of the sport, or sports in general, should be hoping he will make as complete a recovery as possible. (If you’re not, then that’s something wrong with you.) Best wishes, Mr. Shazier.

  13. Great news. Another step forward.
    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, Ryan.
    The Steelers D isn’t the same without you flying around.

  14. Pat’s fan here….Ryan, you’ve been through so much, here’s hoping for your full recovery. I wish you the very best, blessings to you and your family.

  15. Great to hear! Hope it continues to go well so our Steeler-Ravens rivalry doesn’t lose any of it’s luster. We need the best players on the field at all times. Best wishes for a continued full recovery!

  16. Amazing news for a fantastic person. As a Steeler fan it’s also great to see such support from fans of bitter rivals as well. We’re all pulling for you Shazier.

  17. This is great news. I would love to see him run again. Throw a football and run after his kids in the back yard is the only football I think he should play, but I want to see the man be at least that healthy. The NFL lost a great talent when he was hurt, it will be fine without him. I hope his recovery continues. Rehab sucks (personal experience), but the results can be very good.

    — Fan of a different AFC franchise.

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