Attorney for Marty Hurney’s ex-wife says complaint dismissed


The ex-wife of Panthers interim General Manager Marty Hurney has dismissed her complaint, Kelsey Riggs of Charlotte’s WCNC reports.

Jeanne Hurney’s attorney, Jonathan Feit, said in a statement that Marty Hurney’s job should not be affected.

“Ms. Hurney dismissed her complaint,” Feit said. “There is nothing for a court to hear. There is nothing in the complaint that she filed that would have a remote impact on Mr. Hurney’s ability to manage a football team. The Hurneys have trust issues. They are divorced. that doesn’t seem newsworthy.”

The Panthers placed Marty Hurney on paid leave after his ex-wife’s allegations of harassment, the Charlotte Observer reported, and the NFL is investigating under the league’s personal conduct policy. She had filed for a protective order, prompting the investigation.

4 responses to “Attorney for Marty Hurney’s ex-wife says complaint dismissed

  1. Gee that’s nice…after the damage has already been done.

    There’s a good reason she’s an “ex” wife!

  2. Have to say this one seems a bit shaky on the part of the
    accuser. Ex-parte hearing where the alleged defendant
    presents no evidence. Then the Judge denies the request?
    Extremely unusual!!!
    I can’t comment with certainty, but it looks like someone
    made something up or was caught exaggerating. You just
    don’t see many decisions like this!!

  3. Of course she wanted to dismiss her complaint. Once her divorce lawyer called her and told her that her actions would most likely cause him to lose his job and subsequently reduce his alimony payments to her, she realized that this would backfire on her.

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