Colts switching to 4-3 defense

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The Colts, we know, are sticking with the three coaches Josh McDaniels hired before he ultimately turned down the job. It means the team’s new coach won’t get his own defensive coordinator, offensive line coach or defensive line coach.

Indianapolis already hired Matt Eberflus, Dave DeGuglielmo and Mike Phair for those jobs, respectively.

“We will not abandon them,” Colts General Manager Chris Ballard said in his press conference, per Mike Chappell of Indianapolis’ WTTV.

Eberflus seemed to be in line to become the Cowboys’ next defensive coordinator when Rod Marinelli decides to retire. Eberflus spent nine seasons in Dallas as the linebackers coach, adding defensive passing game coordinator to his title in 2016.

But Eberflus perhaps grew tired of waiting for his chance to lead a defense in choosing to head to Indianapolis.

“I got to know Matt Eberflus a few years ago and was blown away,’’ Ballard said. “He’s a coveted coach. Feel very lucky to have Matt Eberflus in the building.”

The Colts will switch from Chuck Pagano’s 3-4 defense to a 4-3, which Ballard said would accentuate the team’s current personnel. Eberflus learned the Tampa 2 under Monte Kiffin and Marinelli, who were assistant coaches on Tony Dungy’s staff in Tampa Bay before reconnecting years later in Dallas. Marinelli replaced Kiffin as the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator in 2014.

7 responses to “Colts switching to 4-3 defense

  1. The Colts did a great job getting Eberflus. He will be a head coach soon
    and he deserves it. He is in a little tough of a position
    not being the next head coaches guy, but the Colts
    organization will soon see he is a great coach.

  2. So they have 3 assistant coaches, and are making key decisions before they have a head coach. Shouldn’t the head coach be part of these decisions? Maybe this is partly the reason McDaniels backed out.

  3. rolf1015

    Pretty sure McDaniels wanted these guys. If the Colts let them go, they would be unemployed. They are doing the right thing. Leslie Frazier seems more and more like the next HC.

  4. You won’t get to choose your own assistant coaches, we’re switching the defensive system, we don’t know when the franchise quarterback will be healthy and you’ll be working for Jim Irsay.

    I’ll bet they’ll have head coaches lining up around the corner for this opportunity.

  5. I’d definitely be trying to get Jim Schwartz. There isn’t a better coach at there, and I’m including all the coaches who recently got hired. If they hire Schwartz, they’ll look back and be thankful McDaniels didn’t take the job.

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