Report: Sebastian Janikowski not in Raiders’ 2018 plans

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The Raiders are moving on from Sebastian Janikowski. They have informed the kicker that they do not plan to bring him back for the 2018 season, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Janikowski’s future has been in doubt since the Raiders placed him on injured reserve with a back injury on September 9. He had lowered his 2017 base salary from $4.505 million to $3 million fully guaranteed to remain with the team.

He will become a free agent in March with his career in Oakland over.

Janikowski, who turns 40 next month, spent 18 seasons with the Raiders and is the franchise’s all-time leading scorer.

Giorgio Tavecchio replaced Janikowski as the team’s kicker last season. The Raiders are expected to tender Tavecchio, who becomes an exclusive rights free agent.

46 responses to “Report: Sebastian Janikowski not in Raiders’ 2018 plans

  1. Janikowski was a beast.

    Too bad they never could put any players around him besides Lechler and Condo.

    I don’t expect to see him kicking on Sundays any longer.

    Good luck in retirement, SeaBass.

  2. How many teams have regretted moving on from their veteran kickers. He’ll do well elsewhere for a few years yet.

  3. Would not be surprised if we draft a kicker. Del Rio only had Travicchio attempt 4 kicks over 50 yards- Thank you SeaBass -wish you the best in the future.

    Go Raiders!

  4. Using anything higher than a sixth round pick on a kicker is usually a disaster. Janikowski was a first round pick — and yet it’s hard to say he was unworthy of the pick. 18 years of not worrying about the kicker? You can do much worse in the first round. Many teams and players have proven that.

  5. I remember a bunch of people shocked the Raiders selected a kicker in the first round. Honestly, if that draft were held today, odds are he would still be a first round pick

  6. Too bad they were so horrible for most of his career, otherwise he would be a shoe-in hall of famer. I bet he goes somewhere else for a couple more years. Any dome teams need a kicker?

  7. So many Raider fans couldn’t face this fact last year when I posted that this past season was the last season for Seabass with the Raiders unless he took league minimum.

    Most kickers are good from the mid 50’s now a days and they don’t cost 4-5 million a year.

  8. Game Leader for so many years. So many games where Seabass was the top scorer. Distance leader a couple of times. See you in the HoF, sir.

  9. I love how Al Davis was laughed at when he drafted this kid.
    18 years and one of the most dominant legs in the league for pretty much the entire time.
    Nobody did things like Al Davis did.

    Pryor was his last pick, but Seabass is the last AD pick still on the team.

  10. I’ve been a Raiders fan my whole life… but some of you guys need to get a clue. Sebas had some great years, but overall was not all that great. He’s 44th all time in field goal percentage with 22 active kickers ahead of him. Yes he has a cannon for a leg, and yes he made a lot of 50+ field goals… but he also missed a lot (only 55% conversion). HOF? No way. Worth a 1st round pick? 18 years later it’s still no. I love him as a long time Raider, but stop with the madness.

  11. Some team will give Janikowski a shot….even if as a temporary replacement for an injured kicker. What he’s got going against him is his age. Teams won’t build future plans around him being their long-term kicker.

  12. An OK kicker, nothing outstanding.

    He’s 44th on the list of most accurate kickers in the history of the league. There are 22 current, active field goal kickers in the league with a higher made FG% than him.

    Dude is barely over 80% accurate for his career.

    Many on here are saying it’s too bad he was on a bad team and that they didn’t put other good players around him.

    Had they done that, he might not have been retained as long as he was.

    80.39% accuracy for his career.

    Not many teams would keep an 80% accurate kicker around for a couple of decades…

  13. I also remember Jerry Porter showing up to camp wearing a #1 jersey saying how he should of been picked #1 instead of Janakowski. Gruden took one look at him and benched him.

  14. Welcome to Seattle Seabass. We’d be happy to give the Raiders a younger fella named Walsh. He’s a proven one…anything under pressure and he’ll happily prove he can fold like a bad hand of poker. In the meantime we’d love to have you kicking for us until you’re 50 if you can keep that leg of yours strong and healthy. And let’s face it, you’d fit right in with Pete’s crazies…the 12’s would love ya too.

  15. He’s the reason the NFL invented the “K” ball. HOF players are guys that changed the game and that change was put in place to stop him from kicking 70 yarders. He’s a 1st ballot HOF’r. Get it done voters.

  16. It’s almost a straw-man argument to point out that active kickers have a better FG percentage than Janikowski. Of course they do. FG% has trended upward consistently for decades. These active kickers also mostly haven’t kicked into their 30s yet where their percentage is likely to become diminished. And finally, remember that Janikowski was called upon to kick LONG field goals perhaps more frequently than any kicker ever — he’s the all-time leader in made field goals of 50+.

  17. The 2000 NFL Draft was one heckuva draft for special teams. In addition to Janikowski (1-17), All-Pro punter Shane Lechler (5-142) and All-Pro kick returner Dante Hall (5-153) were drafted. That draft also included Pro-Bowl Kicker Neil Rackers (6-169), longtime kicker Paul Edinger (6-174), Pro Bowl long snapper Brian Jennings (7-230) and pretty decent return man Chad Morton (5-166).

    Courtney Brown (1-1), Peter Warrick (1-4), Travis Taylor (1-10) and Ron Dayne (1-11) were among the high picks that proved less valuable than those special teamers.

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