Browns aren’t raising ticket prices after winless season

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The Browns’ attendance hit a new low along with the team’s win total during the 2017 season and the team won’t be asking the hardy souls who kept coming out for more money in 2018.

The team has sent renewal letters to their season ticket holders and announced that they will not be raising ticket prices for the 2018 season. It’s the ninth time in the last 10 seasons that’s been the case and the team’s dreadful on-field results over that span were referenced by General Manager John Dorsey in his message to fans.

Dorsey wrote, via, that “we need to deliver results to you” and said that work on doing that is underway.

“In 2018 and the years ahead, our goal is to create wins in every area possible each day so that we are ready to accomplish the only goal that matters — winning football games. This is the beginning, and it is time to provide the faithful football fans of Cleveland the winning environment they’ve long desired.”

Until they do that, the Browns would probably be wise to keep prices from going up if they want to have a full stadium watching when and if the team finally gets over the hump.

10 responses to “Browns aren’t raising ticket prices after winless season

  1. You know, there is no law against lowering the prices. Seems to me to be rather appropriate considering the circumstances.

  2. They still averaged over 55,000 people every game. I can not believe that 55,000 people show up week after week to a program that is that bad. Shows how the NFL wins no matter what. 55,000 people….wow!

  3. Glad that they are smart about this. Now I can budget for IPAs and kick up the tailgate food a notch. The Browns aren’t as far off as some think, they blew 6 4th quarter leads. Woof woofs.

  4. I’m surprised the Browns didn’t raise ticket prices. After all, those fans are witnessing history. How many people (well, I guess 55,000 or so) can claim they were witness to the biggest era of futility in all of professional sports. That’s sure something to tell the grand kids someday.

  5. Oh, how nice of the billionaire con-artist to not RAISE prices again. As another poster mentioned, they should be LOWERING prices, and be happy to do it – including concessions. It’s not like the Browns org wouldn’t still be earning profits hand over fist. Moreover, every season ticket holder that paid for the last two seasons should get their 2018 season tickets at no charge at all. After what the Haslams have done to this franchise, it’s the very least they could do.

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