Andrew Luck expected to be there for Colts offseason program

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Colts coach Frank Reich was in a good mood Wednesday, in his first Scouting Combine press conference as a head coach.

But oddly enough, it was the condition of his quarterback rather than the faces of the assembled media that had him smiling.

Reich said that Andrew Luck was “checking every box,” in his recovery from last year’s shoulder problem, and that the plan was for him to be on hand when the Colts opened their offseason program on April 2.

Reich said Luck was still in California working on rehabbing his problematic right shoulder. And even though he hasn’t thrown a football, he has thrown weighted balls as he tries to rebuild his strength.

“Everything is going according to plan,” Reich said.

Colts General Manager Chris Ballard took it a step further, saying he had no worries about Luck being ready for the regular season.

“Do I have any doubt that he’ll be ready? No, I don’t,” Ballard said.

Luck missed the entire season after previous suggestions by Colts owner Jim Irsay that everything was going according to plan, so it’s reasonable to wonder how he’ll be until we see him throw a thing that is actually a football. But so far, all the indications remain positive.

9 responses to “Andrew Luck expected to be there for Colts offseason program

  1. But so far, all the indications remain positive.


    As in “we are positive the Colts have no idea when Luck may actually chuck the pigskin again.”

  2. ‘Being there’ and being able to participate are two different things. They can trot him around (he can walk at least) but that is not that meaningful. The more I see the Colts trying to make a good show on this the more worried I get he is not going to be able to start the season. The history speaks for itself on that.

  3. I’ve always taken the mindset that you can lie to me but do not lie to yourself. I am not at all offended that the Colts keep taking the “we are being cautious” “we are optimistic” “we are sure he’ll be back” angle when working with the media. For their sake, I hope they are not kidding themselves. He hasn’t thrown a football in a year and we’re still talking about “strengthening” his shoulder. To me, that sounds like a big deal.

    I sincerely hope they are internally discussing other options. His shoulder issues sound like there is a LOT going on.

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