Sam Darnold says not throwing at combine was “best decision for me”

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Scouts may or may not learn something new about the quarterbacks who are throwing today. They will learn nothing new about Sam Darnold because he’s not throwing.

The USC quarterback, who drew criticism from NFL Network’s Mike Mayock for his decision, explained it as the “best decision” for him.

“I just felt it was the best decision for me,” Darnold said. “Obviously I’m going to throw at my Pro Day. I think that’s a good opportunity for teams to be able to look at how I can spin it. I’m going to be throwing to guys I’ve played with. I think given all the information I had, I thought that was the best decision.”

The one thing scouts need to learn about Darnold they won’t learn by him throwing against air.

He had 22 interceptions and 21 fumbles in 27 starts at USC.

“In regards to turning the ball over, the No. 1 priority of a quarterback is to protect the football,” Darnold said. “I’m aware of that, and I’m aware how much I turn the ball over and that it’s not OK. I’ve been addressing it this offseason. I’ve been working on keeping two hands [on the ball] in the pocket at all times. The only time I let go of the ball is to throw it. That’s something I’ve really been working on. And also keeping it tight whenever I tuck it and run.”

8 responses to “Sam Darnold says not throwing at combine was “best decision for me”

  1. I don’t get why any player chooses to even show up to the combine or personal workouts. Teams aren’t going to not draft a top player because of it. There’s little upside.

  2. Anybody else feel like the NFL really just holds its late winter meetings in Indy and 95% of the stuff that gets done, has nothing to do with the ‘free athletic strippers brought in as entertainment’?

  3. May have been the “best decision for him,” but it wasn’t a good decision. That said, I don’t think the combine is going to alleviate 27 starts, 22 INTs and 21 fumbles – hurt it or help it either way. In the scheme of things I think it is the tape that does that, and I remain unconvinced this guy is a starting talent in the NFL. Plus isn’t he the guy who said he didn’t want to change anything? Those kind of numbers you might want to think about changing something.

    Start with your attitude.

  4. I think Darnold is the top QB in this draft class but this decision is weak and could cause him to slide a couple spots.

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