Bears signing kicker Cody Parkey

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The Bears continued their aggressive early work in free agency, and they just have to hope it works out better than last year’s.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Bears are signing Dolphins kicker Cody Parkey.

The Bears finished up last year with Mike Nugent, but only after they plowed through a number of other alternatives.

In Parkey, they found a young (26) and accurate (21-of-23 field goals last year) kicker, which could offer some stability.

The Bears have also struck deals with wide receiver Allen Robinson and tight end Trey Burton, which seems encouraging. But after General Manager Ryan Pace struck out last year with Mike Glennon and Markus Wheaton, he needs to be right this offseason or he won’t get to make many more splurges.

14 responses to “Bears signing kicker Cody Parkey

  1. Robbie Gould made the most field goals in the NFL last year, hit 95% and more than 20 in a row. We let him go why? My Bears are lousy judges of talent.

  2. Just another dumb move by the Dolphins. Ugh, they make it so hard to be optimistic. It’s just a kicker, but it’s the Dolphins. I swear they enjoy imploding.

  3. About kickers, the Chargers blew out Josh Lambo who was 17 of 18 last year and in whom they had huge equity. They got Koo, the trick kicker, followed by a few others who couldn’t get it done. This massive screw-up cost the Chargers the playoffs. Telesco says ‘he’ll fix the kicking game this year.’ He better do it.

  4. Robbie Gould got way too expensive. I love Robbie, but at the time with our cap space, we just couldn’t afford to spend that on a kicker. Robbie was getting $3.75 Million guaranteed the year we cut him, ended up signing Barth (ugh) for $600,000. Sometimes things are simply money decisions.

  5. Robbie Gould was missing chip shots. Being or next to being the league’s highest paid kicker you can’t be missing chip shots. Gould failed with other teams after leaving the Bear. The Niners offense is atrocious and Robbie made his kicks. IF the Bear had a competent offense and coaches he wouldn’t have a chance and the bear would have shut gould out.

  6. The Bears need to get that kicking situation solved once and for all. The parade of losers they have trotted out since they dumped Robbie Gould is embarrassing.

  7. Kicking FG’s in Miami’s 80 degree weather is a lot different than kicking FG’s in 20 degree weather in the windy city. Lets see how he does.

  8. I think part of the reason they let Parkey go was his very low kickoff touchback percentage. Dolphins were 29th in the league at about 42%. For comparison, Carolina led the the league with 85%

  9. Robbie was expensive and was missing. Went to the Giants and fizzled out. Went back to work on his craft and doing well in San Fran. Great player and person, sometimes a change of scenery is good. As for the Bears…

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