Dolphins retain safety Walt Aikens

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The Dolphins already traded Jarvis Landry for a sack of beans, and were reportedly offering Ja'Wuan James in trade.

But they are getting something out of their 2014 draft class.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are re-signing safety Walt Aikens to a two-year deal.

Their fourth-round pick that year, Aikens might be the only one left soon. Seventh-rounder Terrence Fede is also an unrestricted free agent, while the rest of former General Manager Dennis Hickey’s draft class (Billy Turner, Arthur Lynch, Jordan Tripp, Matt Hazel) had previously been released.

While James, their first-rounder that year, is still around, he’s far from secure. And with Landry traded for a 2018 fourth-rounder and a 2018 seventh, it’s easy to see why the Dolphins are stuck on a bit of a treadmill.

6 responses to “Dolphins retain safety Walt Aikens

  1. Landry was a diva me-first player that couldn’t score much and had the league leading number of personal fouls since 2015. Only a slot receiver due to being slow, short and couldn’t gain any separation on the outside against boundary corners. And he wanted top 5 receiver money? No thanks- the Dolphins did well to unload this prim donna.

  2. Who wouldn’t want to have Landry around? Getting a “sack of beans” was masterful. They did not want to just let him walk for nothing. No way was it in the plans to keep him when he turned down a $58M Contract. The Dolphins did what they had to do. If a 4th & 7th is a “sack of beans”, but being on the hook for $15M annually for guy who averages less than 10yds. Then yes, thank you for the beans. The Dolphins are getting Cap healthy. Going 16-16 with Landry and Suh obviously meant nothing in the form of wins. It makes sense.

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