Seahawks defensive end Marcus Smith says he played with torn ligament in foot

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Seattle Seahawks defensive end Marcus Smith said in a post on his Twitter account on Monday that he played with a torn ligament in his foot throughout the 2017 season.

A former first-round pick of the Philadelphia Eagles, Smith signed with Seattle on a one-year deal last year. He was listed on the injury report with an ankle injury in weeks 7, 8, 9 and 14 that could refer to the ligament injury Smith said he dealt with.

Smith has 2.5 sacks for Seattle in 14 games played last season with both full sacks resulting in forced fumbles. He recorded 15 total tackles as a rotational pass rusher for the Seahawks.

Smith signed another one-year deal to return to the Seahawks for 2018.

10 responses to “Seahawks defensive end Marcus Smith says he played with torn ligament in foot

  1. I know the Hawks value him. They cut Freeney at the end of last year in favor of holding onto Smith. We got a bunch of guys on prove it deals this year. I expect the Hawks to do a lot of evaluating/retooling this season and make a run for it all again in 2019 Pete and John’s final contract year. Then we got a new guy coaching in 2020 and probably a lock out per the CBA during the offseason 2020-2021.

  2. Is he healthy now and prognosis is it isn’t a long term, reoccurring problem? That would be a good thing to point out.

  3. Terrible draft pick. He trashed the Eagles coaches when he left, then has a subpar season and makes excuses.

    Hes an average backup DE. I don’t know what Chip Kelly was thinking. Probably thinking too fast. He had a real knack for mis-evaluating talent. The Oregon Eagles started off great with Reids guys, but as Chip took over, and got rid of our most talented players, his true colors showed through.

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