Broncos “counting on” Carlos Henderson after lost rookie season

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There was some speculation that the Broncos might part ways with Emmanuel Sanders and/or Demaryius Thomas this offseason, but both veteran wide receivers remain on the roster.

That doesn’t mean the Broncos have everything they want at the position. Finding a consistent third option has been among the team’s offensive issues over the last couple of seasons, which is why they drafted Carlos Henderson in the third round of last year’s draft.

Henderson didn’t provide any help, however, because he missed the entire regular season with a torn ligament in his thumb. Coach Vance Joseph said this week that the team is looking for Henderson to hit the ground running this year.

“We’re counting on that kid to come in and play for us, especially in the slot,” Joseph said, via the Denver Post. “Or even [Sanders] goes to the slot and [Henderson] goes outside. Someone has to go into the slot and win the one-on-ones so we can get fair coverages on third downs.”

The Broncos are short on other options to join Sanders and Thomas in the lineup, so they may go back to the well in this year’s draft to increase their chances of hitting on the right offensive mix.

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  1. It’s starting to scare me how every single position is getting mentioned by the Broncos except for the most pressing: Offensive line. They’re talking about QBs, receivers, running backs, defensive players…. But without significant improvement to their O-line none of the rest of it will matter.

  2. As long as VJ is the head coach, the Broncos have very little chance of contending for anything.

  3. As long as John Elway thinks he can stock the roster through osmosis, despite a poor record of drafting, and an unwillingness to engage in so much as the second-wave of UFA, the arrow will continue to plummet.

    Smartest guy in the NFL, he’s pretty sure

  4. I thought this kid looked good coming out of college last year. I’m really excited to see what he can do with the ball in his hands.

  5. Patricia had the 30th ranked pass defense with the Patriots (and got lit up again in the Super Bowl) and he stil got the Lions job. What’s your point?

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