Jerry Jones hopeful NFL will clear Randy Gregory to play in 2018

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Jerry Jones is hopeful NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory for the 2018 season. Gregory is in the process of applying for reinstatement after serving a suspension of more than a year.

“I am not confident [in Gregory being reinstated], but I do see where his heart is,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “He is one the smartest people to have played this game. This is a tremendous step. He has had that same IQ since he has had these issues. That’s an issue. This is definitely a medical issue. There is no doubt in my mind about the medical. That is another campaign.

“It’s a pretty circuitous route. It has a lot of discretionary things to determine. There is a lot of subjectiveness. But he is doing very well. He’s got a lot to play for. He has a new baby. He has a lot going for him. He is very astute about knowing that. He has to do what a lot of us have had to do and that is to do better at 24 and 25 than when you were 20.”

Gregory, 25, has not played in the NFL since Week 17 of the 2016 season. The NFL banned him indefinitely for repeated violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.

In 14 games over two seasons, the former second-round pick has one sack and 20 tackles.

“He is really a good person. That goes a long way,” Jones said. “He is smart. That is redeeming. Is there a chance he could get this figured out and be accountable and responsible? There is. Oh, there is one other little thing: He is one helluva football player.”

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  1. I hope he knows that a large part of the American work force is drug tested, and a lot of that work force is making under $15.00 an hour. You will need to be clean for a $600 paycheck equally as much as a $20,000 paycheck.

  2. Yes everyone knows Gregory is an idiot. Cry about Jerry all you want, but he never publicly bashes his players. That’s why you never hear a former player say anything bad about him.

  3. come on Randy, clean up your act, we need you on the opposite side of DeMarcus Lawrence which will be scary duo at defensive end.

  4. Statements that prove Jerry is a delusional geriatric: “He is one the smartest people to have played this game.””He is a really good person.””He is one helluva football player.” I bet Jimmy Johnson reads Jerry Jones interviews and laughs like he’s reading the Sunday comics.

  5. There jerrah is again out there defending one of his “team leaders”. At least this one doesn’t spend his time beating up women….as far as we know anyway.

  6. Rooting for Randy Gregory, he has paid a steep penalty. From many reports, he has worked hard in his time off and absolutely deserves an opportunity to prove himself.

  7. It appears that he has an addiction. If he has been clean for a year, then it is time to reinstate him. Speaking of 2nd chances, it appears that Goodall got a second chance by out legging jerry Jones on his last contract extension.

  8. “He is one the smartest people to have played this game.”

    Wow, this guy actually looks as dumb as he is.

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