Matt Patricia hopes to give Matthew Stafford a “different perspective”

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The Lions changed head coaches this offseason when they fired Jim Caldwell and hired Matt Patricia, but they didn’t make a change at offensive coordinator when Patricia brought in new assistant coaches.

Jim Bob Cooter’s return and Patricia’s background as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator suggests that the Lions might have a setup that sees the head coach give Cooter a lot of responsibility to run the offense. That may be the case, but Patricia thinks that he can give quarterback Matthew Stafford a boost along the way.

“I would hope that maybe I could come in and give him a little bit different perspective,” Patricia said this week, via the Detroit News. “Maybe something from my point of view from playing against him a couple times, and just certain things that I look at when we’re going against other quarterbacks that might help him out. Maybe some different ways to look at defense, from that standpoint. Try to look at some different alignments or different coverages or different fronts, and then help him from that standpoint.”

Stafford has thrived since Cooter’s promotion in 2015 and his presence should benefit the first-year head coach at least as much as Patricia’s insight might benefit the offense.

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  1. The biggest thing he could do to help Stafford is to have a competent running game and to stick with it.

  2. .
    LSU battering ram Derrius Guice would be a good choice to bolster the Lions toothless running attack.

  3. I’m BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, I turn my attention to the NBA this time of year, but I do stop by here once in awhile.

    The Lions have not made splashy moves in free agency this off-season, but I think they have made some solid moves without compromising too much of their salary cap to build on the great foundation that is Matthew Stafford.

    The running game is the biggest hole we have offensively, and Blount is a start. Still, I’m hoping they draft a RB star in a deep draft to finally give offense the balance they need.

    Then we’ll put the Packers and Vikings in the rear-view mirror, and dominate the North!!


  4. No really just build a half decent offensive line and get a RB so you can have a varsity running game..

  5. Stafford has been in the league since 2008, and has not even won ten games against opponents with winning records-
    they have the third hardest schedule this year
    Bruises and Bumps for Stafford and Patricia this year, last in the division 4-12 record. You heard here first

  6. @In denial
    #1. Stafford has a week record against everyone due to the fact that there were some really bad Lions team since 2008.
    #2. I don’t see how Detroit has the 3rd hardest schedule. I’m going through the schedule, and I sent a potential 10-6 season.
    #3. I’m also seeing a beefed up O line with a legit run game. Week #1…..Blount has 155 yrs and 2 TDs. Mark my words! 10-4!!

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