Report: Judge issues warrant for Aldon Smith’s arrest

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Aldon Smith failed to show in court Thursday, violating a protective order stemming from an alleged domestic violence incident, TMZ Sports reports. A judge in San Francisco issued a bench warrant for Smith’s arrest.

Smith’s attorney argued Smith had never missed a court date and told him he planned to attend, per TMZ.

The former Raiders and 49ers linebacker was arrested last week for violating a court order to stay away from the victim in a domestic violence case.

His fiancee accused him of biting her wrists earlier this month, leading to charges of domestic violence, assault with force likely to produce bodily injury, false imprisonment and vandalism.

10 responses to “Report: Judge issues warrant for Aldon Smith’s arrest

  1. I have a bad feeling about this guy. As in if he doesn’t get his act together he’s going to be another Lawrence Phillips. He feels as if he can do anything without repercussions and so far he’s been right. Now that he’s no longer in the NFL he may start getting some jail/prison time. If the light doesn’t come on after that it never will.

  2. If this guy is capable of this then the light has already been off. These types of guys never change. It’s who they are. But won’t ever take on a man. The nfl needs to start recognizing not only breast cancer awareness but also domestic violence. Not just bc it should not tolerate it in players but bc young boys idolize these player. They won’t change the world but they should be trying to make a difference

  3. Which is more sad and pathetic: the guaranteed millions of dollars some of these guys burn through and end up broke before they turn 30?
    Or the millions that could have been guaranteed, that some like Aldon Smith never earn as a result of their own stupid, destructive behavior?

  4. So he allegedly bit his girlfriend’s wrist. The local courts are treating it a lot more serious than the case in Sacramento, where 2 cops shot an unarmed men 20 times.

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