Tim Tebow hits home run in first Double-A at bat


Regardless of the sport, Tim Tebow has a flair for the dramatic.

The 2010 first-round pick whose NFL career ended despite a memorable playoff run and postseason victory in 2011 continues to make the climb toward the Major Leagues. Despite batting 0.056 in spring training with the Mets, Tebow hit a home run in his first Double-A at bat.

It was also the first pitch in his first at bat.

Tebow is playing for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, and Thursday’s game lured Mets COO Jeff Wilpon to witness Tebowmania personally.

“He did well last year in A ball,” Wilpon said, via the Associated Press. “Now, he’s got to prove himself here and probably have to go to Triple-A at some point. “He’s a hard worker. He’ll do whatever he has to do to succeed.”

Mets G.M. Sandy Alderson has said that he believes Tebow eventually will play in the Major Leagues.

16 responses to “Tim Tebow hits home run in first Double-A at bat

  1. Thats amazing!

    Hate all you want, the kid is a hard worker, he has ambition, focus, and an incredible work ethic. Not to mention natural freakish athletic ability.

    Some would say he is taking a spot from a more deserved kid but, thats pretty ageist and also would clearly come from someone who understands little to nothing in regards to the economic climate of sports, in particular Minor League Baseball, and how their business is constantly struggling to survive, and how they shift and pivot in order to make payroll usually, and many fold.

    Its brilliant. If you cant see it? You are likely a no collar type of worker(which is ok, its just tough to discuss issues of gravity with those types).

  2. @Booth Review, I have some ocean front property in Missouri to sell you if you are buying all these PR moves. Baseball isn’t about one at bat and he was awful last year.

  3. jam11163 says:
    April 5, 2018 at 8:56 pm
    The fence is only 225ft.

    You can thumb it down but the fact is double-A ball means he is facing 3rd rate pitchers people who will likely never make the big leagues. And he’s right – it isn’t a major league ball park either. Sorry Tebow fans.

  4. No hate for Tebow and I always wish him well. I just don’t worship him or let some of his positive attributes overshadow other specific skillsets needed to succeed in narrow scopes.

  5. Good for Tebow, I hope it works out for him. As far as ” taking the spot of someone more deserving ” If you ever go to minor league baseball games ( particularly Single A and Double A) it is pretty obvious which players have major league ability . There are only a couple on each team and the rest are filler. Why not have a guy who fills up the stadium on the team with one of those spots ?

  6. I hope it works out for him, but … sometimes they throw a player a meatball for his first at-bat. I’ve seen it happen in MLB. I’ve got no way of knowing whether that’s what happened with Tebow. The real test is how many times he can do it again.

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