Bruce Irvin tweets he’s asked for, received, permission to play punt return against Marquette King

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Now that he’s no longer teammates with new Denver Broncos kicker Marquette King, Oakland Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin seems fired up about the chance to play against his former colleague.

King was released by the Raiders on March 30 and he signed a deal to join Oakland’s AFC rival less than a week later. Irvin, who spent the last two years as King’s teammate with the Raiders, tweeted out on Tuesday that he asked for permission to play on Oakland’s punt return team when the two teams play this season. That would put Irvin on the field when King is punting for the Broncos.

Irvin seemingly wants to make sure he gets his chance to hit King on the field for a change.

Irvin appeared to tweet a reference to King’s signing with the Broncos in the first place saying “Y’all knew that’s where he wanted to b all along.” King did say he was excited to kick in Denver’s altitude and he’s been incredibly successful kicking at elevation during his time with the Raiders.

Irvin certainly doesn’t seem to be lamenting King’s departure from the Raiders.

17 responses to “Bruce Irvin tweets he’s asked for, received, permission to play punt return against Marquette King

  1. Can’t wait to see him give King the Hines Ward treatment. He’s a punter, and needs to be reminded of that.

  2. Looks like Marquette King annoyed some of his teammates as well.

    Perhaps it’s for the better he is gone.

    We will miss something of his great kicks.

    But our “punter” was not what made us finish 6-10.

    If the whole team can step up this year…

    Im sure we will not be talking about whether Marquette King was the missing link to success in 2018.

  3. Irvin is a loudmouth and blowhard. I wasn’t enthused when the Raiders acquired him a few years ago although he was tolerable because his performance has been decent – although the truth is that his numbers look good mainly because of other teams devoting multiple players to contain Khalil Mack on the other side.

    It does however look like Irvin has secured his spot with the 2018 Raiders by ingratiating himself to the “coaching legend”.

  4. Irvin said he has “fine money” which is confirmation of a premeditated plan to injure King. The NFL needs to threaten a suspension at the very least.

  5. Maybe he should focus on playing defense, considering they were not very good but hey Jon Gruden will fix everything right? I mean he did win 1 superbowl

  6. Bruce Irvin wants to do harm to a 195lb punter! WOW! What a big man. He had better worry about what the Bronco are going to do to him on offense. King was cut by Gruden which was his choice to do. King is an excellent punter who will put an average offense in poor field position.

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