Jim Kelly to be released from the hospital soon

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Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly will soon be released from the hospital, more than two weeks after spending 12 hours in surgery for a recurrence of oral cancer.

Via the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Kelly is now eating on his own, and he eventually will be able to eat and speak without complication or pain.

Kelly’s situation also serves as a message to others who may or will develop oral cancer.

“Jim’s health situation points to the need for people to be aware of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer and to get checked out immediately if something seems abnormal,” Jim Kelly’s wife, Jill, said in a statement. “We are so thankful that Jim continues to make progress every day. His recovery will take time and patience. We all look forward to being out of the hospital soon. Please keep us in your prayers and thank you for such incredible support.”

24 responses to “Jim Kelly to be released from the hospital soon

  1. This man has had a rough go of it, have to admire how he keeps getting up after getting knocked down…

  2. anybody that thumbs down positive postings ,well wishes and positive thoughts is a POS! Weather a fan of Kelly or Not..Kelly HOFamer and Tough as Nails….Stay strong Mr Kellly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah I am with David on the thumbs down. Seriously? The guy is battling cancer. Get some class. Or a soul.

    Beyond that he is a major historical figure in the NFL. A good man, good husband and father. Wishing well for you Jim Kelly.

  4. I needed to add to my post…I Don’t understand someone that would thumbs down a post wishing someone positive ‘Wishes & thoughts” when their fighting Cancer..NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOTBALL..I’M DISGUTED BY YOUR THUMBS DOWN !!! YOUR LIFE MUST BE PATHEIC !!!..BEST TO THE KELLY’S !!!!!!..JIMBO !!!!!!

  5. I hope this is the rare instance when all this surgery and treatment keeps this cancer in remission. I fear the worst.

  6. anybody that hit’s the thumb’s down for wishing the Kelly Family best wishes is admitting to being a Loser !!!!! is it joey from Toronto…??? SAD !!!!

  7. Some people are truly evil at their core. They will hurt and instigate people with pure joy. They personally live their lives as vengeful nasty people who have nothing to show for their lives. They find one who is just like them and feed off each other. I’ve learned the best thing to do is ignore these types of people. They feed off attention and drama and always will. Acknowledging their lack of basic human decency and morals just fuels their repulsive behavior. Who cares about people like this…my guess is if you knew them personally you’d find they pretty much ruined their lives and are so lonely they need to settle for bottom feeders as friends.

  8. David is right and he puts his name on his posts, not like those who tap the thumbs-down. There’s no need to thumb-down well wishes for a guy who was an excellent QB and is now fighting what can only be a painful fight. Best wishes to Jim Kelly.

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