DeAndre Hopkins: Deshaun Watson and I will be “best duo” in NFL

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Quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s rise was halted by a torn ACL last season, but Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins expects his teammate to pick up right where he left off.

Hopkins caught seven touchdowns from Watson in the first seven games of the 2017 season and told the media Tuesday that he has spent some time thinking about what the two of them can accomplish over a full season.

“I expect us to be the best duo in the NFL,” Hopkins said, via the team’s website. “He wants to be great. I want to be great. If two people want to be great and they’re pushing each other, the sky’s the limit.”

Hopkins continued to put up strong numbers even after Watson was injured and has proven adept at playing with some of the inept quarterbacks the Texans have employed during his time with the team. Avoiding those players in the future will take continued health for Watson, who said Tuesday that he is “very confident” that his current rehab path will have him back to form this year.

7 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins: Deshaun Watson and I will be “best duo” in NFL

  1. Hopkins is the most UNDERrated WR in years.

    What he has done with ‘pedestrian’ speed and with 20 different journeymen (aka lousy) QB’s, is nothing short of amazing. Imagine him in New Orleans? He’d be 1/3rd the way to the HOF. Still might be.

    PS: I’m not a homer. Giants’ fan and I’d trade a certain someone for him straight up.

  2. I don’t see a decline from Ben and AB. AB had a chance to break the all time season reception record last year before getting injured against NE.

    Let me know when this duo goes for 100 receptions once – let alone 5 consecutive seasons.

  3. The hatred is strong here. Baylor and Texans fan here. Watson is nothing like RG3.RG3 couldn’t read a d that well and was more interested in being a superstar than winning and being more of a celebrity than a QB. Add that to the fact that he perpetually whined about everything and you have someone who is nothing like Watson.
    DHop is every bit as good as Brown and the other top receivers in the league. Give him Roethlisberger and give Brown: Osweiler, Schaub, Mallett, Hoyer, Weeden, Yates, Savage, etc and see how he would do.

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