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Washington openly hoping to play NFC East spoiler

NFL-Washington Redskins at New York Giants Getty Images

When you’re out of it and dysfunctional, you take whatever you can get.

So for Washington outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, the motivation for remaining games with the Cowboys and Eagles is simple.

We have a chance to be spoiler here,” Kerrigan said, via “Both of these teams are vying for the NFC East title and we have a chance to ruin one of their seasons so hopefully we can do that.

“You see these teams twice a year. Our fans don’t like the other teams in the East and we don’t either. This is a chance to take some positive for us by giving a negative to them.”

Dallas could clinch the NFC East this week with a win over the Colts and an Eagles loss at Washington.


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No current contract talks for Randall Cobb, Packers

Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills Getty Images

Before the season started, the Packers locked up wide receiver Jordy Nelson through 2018 before he could become a free agent.

Wide receiver Randall Cobb is also headed for free agency when the year comes to an end, but he didn’t get a new deal from the team. It doesn’t sound like one is forthcoming, either. Cobb said Thursday that there are no current contract talks going on with the team, something that Cobb says “is what it is” while adding that he hasn’t given much thought to what will happen after the season.

He did say that Green Bay is a great place to play and it’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t want to follow up his first 1,000-yard receiving season by catching more passes from Aaron Rodgers. The size of the deal also plays a role, though, and Cobb said before the season that he didn’t think he had done enough on the field to warrant a big deal. Has he done enough to be paid like a top receiver now?

“That’s a question for you,” Cobb said, via the Green Bay Press Gazette. “Am I? I don’t know. I’m trying to be the best Randall I can be. I don’t know what that means, but I’m trying to be the best I can be. I’ll let everybody else decide what.”

Sorting out Cobb’s contract will likely be one of the first things on the Packers’ to-do list when their season comes to an end and quarterback Aaron Rodgers said it’s important that the team hold onto a player who is having his best season as a pro. If they don’t, there will be plenty of other quarterbacks asking their teams to let them replace Rodgers as the man getting Cobb the ball.

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Taped calls show very strong effort to get Peterson to show up for NFL meeting

Peterson AP

Four days ago, the NFL Players Association filed a legal challenge to the suspension of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.  The exhibits to the petition include a pair of recorded phone calls between Peterson and NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent.

PFT has obtained the recorded phone calls.  They create the distinct impression that Vincent was trying aggressively and zealously to persuade Peterson to attend a meeting in the league office on Friday, November 17.

“We’ve gotta make sure you show up on Friday,” Vincent said at one point in the first of two recorded calls.  That first call also had Vincent suggesting very strongly to Peterson that, if he shows up for the meeting, he could learn as early as that night that he would miss only two additional games before returning for the final five games of the season.

“The number that you gave me is real,” Vincent said in reference to a two-game suspension, “but you gotta go through the process.”

Vincent’s words ultimately were used by the NFLPA and Peterson as evidence that the NFL retaliated against Peterson for not showing up at the November 14 meeting, yanking a wink-nod understanding that he’d be suspended two games and hitting him with a harder punishment.  But it was unclear from the two phone calls whether Peterson definitely would be suspended only two games if he showed up at the meeting.  Listening to both tapes, the impression is that Vincent (regardless of motivation) desperately wanted to get Peterson to attend the meeting, and that Vincent (regardless of motivation) came off as a guy who was trying to broker a deal behind the scenes.

There’s no clear guarantee from Vincent that Peterson would have gotten only two games if he had shown up for the meeting.  With Vincent asking Peterson “can I trust you?” and insisting that Peterson not tell anyone about their discussions regarding a two-game suspension, it’s clear Vincent had one clear objective — to get Peterson to show up.

Possibly, Vincent was doing so at the behest of Commissioner Roger Goodell and/or others in the upper echelon of the league office.  Possibly, Vincent was simply acting on his own, thinking that he’d be helping Peterson by getting Peterson to submit to a meeting that was loosely defined and, given the involvement of outside experts, unprecedented.

Vincent’s testimony from the Peterson appeal hearing, a copy of which PFT also has obtained, makes it clear that Vincent was dealing with a diverse group that had developed no consensus as to Peterson’s additional punishment.  The audiotapes don’t convey the same “anything can happen” message to Adrian; instead, Vincent was strongly selling optimism that the final outcome could be two games.

Far more telling than the discussions about a two-game suspension were a couple of other comments that have not been emphasized by another media outlet that obtained the audio.  First, Vincent asked Peterson in the initial call, “If there is more discipline, what should it be?”  This strongly implies that Vincent, contrary to his superiors, believes suspension with pay is discipline.

Second, if there was any doubt about the first comment, Vincent elaborated on that point in the subsequent call.  “You were away from the game,” Vincent said.  “You were not participating, even though it was a paid leave.   You were not participating.  And ballplayers know their shelf life.”

Faced with that language during the Peterson appeal hearing, Vincent offered the following explanation: “Can I tell you why I shared that? Is because inside this group I had people who have no idea what the culture of or what the lifespan is of a National Football League player and they could care less. I was hoping, when this — that they would consider that you have a shelf life, the body has a shelf life as an NFL player. Because there are people in this group, they could care less. I was giving context so they can keep things into consideration.”

That’s the strongest, clearest argument yet against the NFL’s ill-advised position that paid leave for allegations of off-field misconduct isn’t discipline.  And it’s coming from the NFL’s executive vice president of football operations, one of the highest ranking members of the league office.

Regardless of anything else that happens with Peterson’s case, Vincent’s taped comments and testimony should become the centerpiece of a challenge by the NFLPA to the league’s cockeyed notion that putting a player on paid leave harms neither the player nor his team.  Surely, it does.

If there was any doubt, just ask Peterson and the Vikings, who’d likely be a lot better than 6-8 right now if they’d had Peterson available for even half of the season.

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Roy Miller needs knee surgery to repair meniscus injury

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Getty Images

The Jaguars announced a contract extension for defensive tackle Roy Miller earlier this week that will allow them to hold onto Miller without competing for his services with other teams when free agency opens in 2015.

It will also allow Miller to avoid selling his services while coming off of knee surgery.

Miller didn’t play against the Titans on Thursday night after missing practice all this week with a knee injury and Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that Miller will need surgery to repair his meniscus. O’Halloran expects Miller will be placed on injured reserve before the Jaguars season comes to a close against the Texans next weekend.

Miller should be recovered in time to take part in the Jaguars’ offseason program, which will help him make good on the four-year, $16.25 million commitment that the Jaguars made to him this week. Miller’s season comes to a close after 14 starts, 20 tackles and a sack.

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Friday morning one-liners

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Getty Images

Marcus Thigpen has provided a jolt to the Bills special teams.

The Dolphins would like to get RB Lamar Miller 1,000 rushing yards.

Better communication is part of the Patriots’ plan to do a better job against the Jets run game than they did earlier this season.

Jets rookie S Calvin Pryor says he’ll prove his doubters wrong.

Injury ended S Terrence Brooks’s rookie season, but the Ravens still see a bright future.

Bengals T Andrew Whitworth isn’t worrying about making the Pro Bowl.

T Joe Thomas longs for a chance to play in a playoff game with the Browns.

TE Heath Miller’s blocking has been a plus to the Steelers run game.

The Texans expect to have LB Whitney Mercilus back in the lineup this week.

Getting traded to the Colts was a boost to CB Vontae Davis’s career.

The Jaguars may be moving on from WR Cecil Shorts after the season.

Titans RB Leon Washington got to celebrate a touchdown with his son on Thursday night.

The Broncos brought TE Dominique Jones back to the 53-man roster.

WR Jason Avant has made himself at home with the Chiefs.

Raiders rookie G Gabe Jackson brings a mean streak onto the field.

Chargers LB Dwight Freeney says age isn’t the reason for a drop in sacks.

Said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of QB Tony Romo, “It has the potential to be his best season. The factor that would impact the most in my mind would be if we do have the kind of season that we’re all dreaming about here, then it would be his best.”

Former Giants G Chris Snee recounts telling coach and father-in-law Tom Coughlin that he was retiring.

Free agency is waiting for Eagles LB Brandon Graham after the season.

DE Jason Hatcher may not play again for the Redskins this season.

Bears CB Charles Tillman remains a believer in QB Jay Cutler.

If teams with head coaching vacancies come calling, defensive coordinator Teryl Austin’s stay with the Lions could be a short one.

CB Davon House is making progress in his return from a shoulder injury, but may not play in the final two Packers regular season games.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer wants more toughness from his team late in games.

WR Roddy White says the Falcons will be ready with or without Julio Jones in the lineup.

It’s been a tough sophomore season for Panthers DT Star Lotulelei.

The Saints are moving Corey White to safety.

Buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy is sad to miss a matchup with Aaron Rodgers.

DE Frostee Rucker will see college coach Pete Carroll when the Cardinals meet the Seahawks this weekend.

The Rams secondary will get its first look at Giants WR Odell Beckham.

There will be plenty of backups on defense for the 49ers this Sunday.

Seahawks T Justin Britt will have a lot to deal with against the Cardinals defensive line.

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Eddie Lacy can’t see himself wearing goggles

dickerson Getty Images

Eddie Lacy can’t really see. But he can’t see himself looking like Eric Dickerson either.

The Packers running back is having problems with his contact lenses, and was limited in practice the last two days because of an irritated eye.

Lacy’s eye started bothering him when he wore his contacts past their normal 30-day shelf life, and now he said he can’t read nameplates across the locker room if he closes his right eye. He’s getting glasses soon, but said he didn’t want to have to wear goggles this week.

Otherwise, could goggles be an option?

I refuse,” Lacy said, via Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I don’t want to say I refuse because I might because I think it will be better than wearing contacts, but that’s kind of old-fashioned.”

He said he plans to put his contacts back in this weekend, and coach Mike McCarthy said he didn’t think it would otherwise impact Lacy’s availability for this week’s game.

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Browns still confident Johnny Manziel will make plays soon

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Getty Images

After months of hype and hope and anticipation, one awful start isn’t going to change the way the Browns think about Johnny Manziel.

They’d like to see some results sooner, rather than later, but still see bright potential in the first-rounder who flopped in his starting debut last week.

“I feel the same about Johnny as I always have,” Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Johnny is a playmaker. He’s done that throughout his career. Nobody can argue with that at all. There were a couple times in that game he did make some plays. We weren’t able to capitalize on it. . . .

“Johnny is going to have some growing pains. He’s played a type of football that he’s not going to be able to down in and down out in the NFL, but you still want him to do it at times. He did it at times. You know he’s going to have some bad plays from his lack of experience, and we hope to manage those and not put him in those situations as much.”

It almost has to get better for Manziel, if only because it would be hard to be worse. He threw for 80 yards with two interceptions last week against the Bengals, and only ran 38 plays.

It was a disaster by any measure, but Shanahan thinks Manziel is resilient enough to withstand it.

“I think he is,” said Shanahan. “Johnny is a real impressive guy. I don’t think everybody knows really what Johnny is about, and Johnny is very humble. Johnny is a real dude. He’s not going to sit there and BS me or anything. We all were embarrassed by that game.

“Anytime you don’t put up points – it’s not just Johnny – all of us are extremely embarrassed about that. We want to get back to Sunday, and Sunday couldn’t come quick enough. Monday and Tuesday were real rough. Felt a little better Wednesday getting out and practicing. Felt better today getting our practice in, and we just want to get out there again so we can get that bad taste out of our mouths.”

Of course, if he doesn’t play better the next two weeks, people will be wondering if the familiar taste of Cleveland will ever change.

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Doug Marrone: Blame me, not Nathaniel Hackett, for offensive struggles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Buffalo Bills Getty Images

The Bills have eight wins and one of the best defenses in the league, which makes it pretty obvious where the blame will lie should they fail to find a door into the playoffs over the next two weeks.

It’s the offense, obviously, and head coach Doug Marrone tried to head off criticism of offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett for that unit’s shortcomings on Thursday. Marrone said that blame should be on him for “anything that happens” with the football team and said that Hackett has been dealt a tough hand when asked about what he’d discuss with Hackett after the season.

“Those are things that I would talk with Nathaniel about,” Marrone said, via “[When] we go through a process after the season, like everybody knows, we’ll sit down and talk. It’s been two years now. We’ve gone through, I don’t know, how many quarterbacks that we’ve played. We’re playing with a quarterback that wasn’t in our training camp. I think all of those things are pretty big challenges when you’re trying to get things going from an offensive standpoint.”

The quarterback issues have been a challenge, although it’s hard to completely separate EJ Manuel’s failure to develop in his second season from the job done by the person in charge of the offense. Even with C.J. Spiller’s injury, it’s also hard to explain how one of the league’s best rushing attacks from last season is now averaging a toothless 97.5 yards per game.

None of that appears to have Hackett on thin ice in Buffalo, but it’s hard to come up with explanations other than the offense for why the Bills’ playoff drought could extend another season.

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Gary Kubiak expects emotional return to Houston

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Getty Images

The Ravens will be in Houston Sunday, which means offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak will be back in town for a game for the first time since being relieved of his duties as Texans head coach last season.

Kubiak said Thursday that he has nothing but “great feelings” for the team and owner Bob McNair after spending eight years as the team’s coach. Things got ugly at the end, but Kubiak took the Texans to their first playoff appearance and victory during a run that left Kubiak “very proud” of the work that was done. As a result of those feelings, Kubiak thinks there will be some emotion come Sunday even though he’s spending the week focused on other matters.

“It’s a big game for our team and it is the next game,” Kubiak said, via the Baltimore Sun. “I’m sure it will be somewhat emotional for me. Come Sunday, it will be a little bit different, but right now, I’ve got my hands full trying to figure out how to block [J.J. Watt] and for us to move the ball.”

If the Ravens score 24 points on Sunday, they’ll set a new franchise record for points in a season. That speaks well of the job that Kubiak has done this season and could help him make his way into consideration for head coaching openings again in the future. Any thoughts of that will also have to wait until after he faces Watt, but there’s little doubt that landing on his feet makes it easier for Kubiak to return to Houston without much bitterness for the way things ended.

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Jimmy Clausen as surprised as anyone he’s starting

Chicago Bears v Carolina Panthers Getty Images

Some Bears players were miffed at learning of Jay Cutler’s benching via social media.

But no one could have been more surprised than the guy who’s starting in his spot.

Former backup Jimmy Clausen said he was stunned at being named starter in this week’s bombshell move by coach Marc Trestman.

I didn’t see it coming at all,” Clausen said, via John Mullin of “It was quite a surprise to me that they wanted to go with me this week. But it’s a great opportunity for me and the team to go out there on Sunday and put our best effort out there and hopefully get a ‘W.’”

Of course, why would Clausen see it coming. He’s the owner of one NFL win, and hasn’t started a game since 2010.

That might be why guard Kyle Long said he was stunned to read about the decision on Twitter.

“I was surprised,” Long said. “But it’s the NFL.”

Almost, anyway.

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Philip Rivers ready to go after “outstanding” day in practice

Philip Rivers AP

Quarterback Philip Rivers doesn’t miss practices often, so his absence from the field earlier this week and reports of a severe back injury led some to wonder if he might actually miss Saturday night’s game against the 49ers.

Rivers’s return to practice on Thursday quieted much of that concern. Coach Mike McCoy’s assessment of Rivers’s work in practice likely put any lingering worry to bed.

“Philip had an outstanding day,” McCoy said, via the team’s website. “A ball did not hit the ground in all of the throws he made today, so Philip was Philip.  He’ll be ready to roll.”

Neither McCoy nor Rivers provided a lot of insight into the nature of Rivers’s injury, although Rivers said that sitting out practice was “the only choice to make” to get him ready to play in a game the Chargers have to win if they’re going to continue pushing for the playoffs through the final week of the regular season. It won’t be easy without wide receiver Keenan Allen while facing a strong defense after two down weeks on offense, but  it’s a better prospect than playing with Kellen Clemens by a pretty wide margin.

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Titans coach complains about calls against Jaguars

New York Jets v Tennessee Titans Getty Images

When you’re one of the worst teams in the league, and you lose to one of the teams you were tied with for that honor, there has to be a reason.

Naturally, it was the officials who doomed the Titans last night, as they lost to the mighty Jaguars.

Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said it was no coincidence that Jags quarterback Blake Bortles was able to scramble and continue drives, finishing the night with 50 rushing yards.

They were holding the crap out of us on our defensive lineman when the quarterback got out of the pocket and we didn’t get a call,” Whisenhunt said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “That was very frustrating.”

Defensive lineman Jurrell Casey took a more responsible approach.

“There were a couple of times I got held,” Casey said, “but at the end of the day you have to get off the blocks and keep him contained. You have to collapse the pocket and not let him escape.”

When you’re 2-13 and playing out the string with Clipboard Jesus, I suppose it’s the kind of thing you latch onto.

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Stop the presses: Rob Gronkowski is growing up

New England Patriots Practice Getty Images

For a guy who was on a television cooking show making sausage jokes this week, it’s odd to hear people talk about the “mature” Rob Gronkowski.

But teammates and coaches say the fun-loving Gronk might actually be turning into an adult.

He’s grown up a lot over the last five years,” Brady said, via Tom Curran of “It’s been a lot of fun to see it. His football IQ and understanding of what it takes to be a professional and consistently and dependably be that type of player for our offense that he’s become, has been fun to see.”

Fun Gronk we get. Mature Gronk is going to take some getting used to, but Patriots coach Bill Belichick said it takes time to realize.

“If you meet Rob for 10 or 15 minutes, you might get an impression that may or may not be what it’s like to have him in your office, in a classroom and on the field for six, seven hours a day,” Belichick said. “It might be a little bit different potentially.”

Gronkowski said back issues that plagued him in college and injuries at the pro level have taught him perspective.

“Without a doubt,” he said. “It could be taken away anytime. I’ve seen players come in at a young age and leave at a young age. You just gotta be prepared and perform to your best and be ready every day and don’t take anything for granted.”

Yeah, this is going to take some getting used to.

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Frank Gore puts in limited practice Thursday

San Francisco 49ers v Oakland Raiders Getty Images

The 49ers appear set to have at least one of their top two tailbacks in the lineup Saturday night against San Diego.

Veteran Frank Gore (concussion) went through a limited practice on Thursday, according to the injury report. Furthermore, head coach Jim Harbaugh indicated Gore was on schedule to play against the Chargers.

The 49ers’ all-time leading rusher, the 31-year-old Gore needs 229 yards to reach 11,000 for his career. He is an unrestricted free agent at season’s end. Gore paces the Niners (7-7) with 804 rushing yards on 204 carries.

While Gore appears to be progressing, rookie tailback Carlos Hyde (ankle) sat out a second straight practice Thursday. If Hyde were out, Alfonso Smith would be in line to back up Gore, with Phillip Tanner also in reserve.

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With win, Jaguars currently fourth in draft order

Kris Durham, Dwayne Gratz AP

The Titans’ 21-13 loss at Jacksonville puts Tennessee in the lead for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. The outcome also moves the Jaguars down the board to No. 4 overall. Both Jacksonville and Tennessee are guaranteed no worse than a top-six pick in Round One, which will be held April 30 in Chicago.

Here’s how the top 10 picks would look if the season ended today. All non-playoff teams are ordered by record, with each club’s strength of schedule (in parentheses) the first tiebreaker. The 12 playoff teams are seeded based on postseason results and their records.

1. Tennessee (2-13, .483).

2. Tampa Bay (2-12, .467).

3. Oakland (2-12, .571).

4. Jacksonville (3-12, .507).

5. Washington (3-11, .470).

6. N.Y. Jets (3-11, .533).

7. Atlanta (5-9, .495). ***

8. N.Y. Giants (5-9, .505).

9. Chicago (5-9, .513).

10. Carolina (5-8-1, .503). ***

*** — Atlanta and Carolina are still alive in the NFC South race. Neither would pick higher than 21st if the division winner.

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