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Database error leads to revision of three compensatory selections

cd0ymzcznguwzdbhnduynddiytjhm2yyzthlmtjjotqwyyznpty0mge5ytk3yti5ntexnmfindazzjywm2i4ogq1ztiz AP

The NFL has revised three compensatory selections after a “database error” led to a need to correct a few of the picks that were awarded to teams earlier this week.

The NFL Management Council revised three compensatory selections belonging to the Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The changes add an additional compensatory pick to the fifth round with one less pick in the sixth round.

Carolina’s sixth-round selection (6-38-213) is now a fifth-round pick (5-38-174).

Denver’s sixth-round selection (6-33-208) is now a seventh-round pick (7-33-250).

Pittsburgh’s seventh-round pick (7-35-252) is now a sixth-round (6-36-212).

Exactly what the error was is unknown. Since the league doesn’t publicize the formula that goes into the awarding of compensatory picks, it’s impossible to figure out what exactly led to the database error. The general formula is based on how many free agents a team lost in the previous offseason with a value assigned based on the size of the contract, performance and awards of the players that left.

The full NFL Draft order has been updated here.

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Jordy Nelson recovering from hip surgery

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Getty Images

Packers receiver Jordy Nelson is recovering from hip surgery.

Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said at the league meeting that Nelson felt hip pain at the Pro Bowl and had surgery after that.

“He had some post-season work done,” McCarthy said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He’ll be fine in a couple of weeks. I’ve seen him. I’m trying to think if it’s six-to-eight weeks, but really he should answer that. But it’s nothing serious.”

It’s not clear whether Nelson’s injury could slow him down during the team’s offseason program, but McCarthy did not sound overly concerned. Nelson has started all 16 games the last two years, and from all indications, Nelson will be good to go long before the start of the season.

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Jeff Fisher admits the Browns called him about Sam Bradford

JeffFisher Getty Images

Jeff Fisher’s already traded Sam Bradford, so he has no need to obfuscate any longer.

Chip Kelly has no such obligation.

The Rams coach admitted Wednesday morning what seemed apparent, that the Browns were a team trying to trade for his former quarterback, though Kelly wouldn’t confirm that the Browns were the mystery team who offered a first-rounder for Bradford.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Fisher said the Browns didn’t offer the 12th overall pick for Bradford (meaning it must have been the 19th), and that other offers were made before he ultimately sent Bradford to the Eagles for Nick Foles and a second-rounder.

There were discussions [with the Browns] late in the process,” Fisher said. “There were never really any concrete offers per se. The misconception is that it started at the combine. It didn’t. I stood up at the combine and said that Sam was our quarterback. This came well after that, several days before we initiated the trade with Nick, but there was a pick involved. There were numerous things that were discussed, different options. The compensation looked different over a period of a couple of days. I’m not going to go onto what it was, but it didn’t involve a player.”

Fisher said he wanted an experienced quarterback, which is why the 12th pick might not have done it.

Kelly, however, said only “I’m never going to discuss who we talk to in trade situations.”

Even if it’s apparent.

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Sean Payton waxes nostalgic about media ethics and Drew Brees


The Saints have done a pretty good job of blowing up their roster, trading away three guys including Jimmy Graham, and cutting other longtime fixtures such as Pierre Thomas and Curtis Lofton.

But coach Sean Payton said he could only laugh at some of the internet chatter this offseason which suggested they might be interested in turning it into a complete fire sale and trading quarterback Drew Brees.

For the sake of accuracy, no one actually reported that they were going to. But when players such as Graham start hitting the door, some took that as a sign that other shoes might be falling, and some corners of the Internet ran with it.

“We can’t control it,” Payton said of the rumors. “What do you do when there’s no truth to any of it? There’s not one iota [of truth]. So if someone’s written something like that, it’s either been taken out of context completely or just fabricated. I think we’re in an age where we’re seeing a lot of speculative reporting, as opposed to a story.

“And then if a fan’s reading it and they don’t understand, then, ‘Holy cow, I heard this is gonna happen.’ So that speculative, whatever you want to call it, reporting can’t affect us.

“There’s no truth to any of that. He’s a part of where we’re going.”

Payton said he didn’t bother going to players with such talk in an effort to do damage control.

“You just wad that up and throw it in the garbage, and hopefully it doesn’t come across your eyes again,” he said. “How do you react to it all? You’d go nuts.”

Likewise, Payton downplayed suggestions that he had problems on his hands with other players, such as when Keenan Lewis initially said he wanted his contract guaranteed or for the team to let him go, a problem that was resolved quickly.

“It’s part of the deal that always existed, but is just visible now,” Payton said. “He was up in my office two days later and that all went away.”

For a guy who has a huge rebuilding job in front of him — and who hasn’t always been a friend of the media — Payton was upbeat and positive.

Killing the “speculative reporting” can only make it easier.

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Detailing the 43 trades (so far) of 2015 draft selections

Jimmy Graham AP

As we detailed earlier today, the 2015 NFL Draft order is now officially set following the doling out of compensatory draft picks at the league meetings on Monday. However, that order is still subject to change barring any further trades of draft choices between now and the start of the draft in late April.

In fact, teams have already traded 2015 draft selections 43 times up to this point with countless more deals likely to occur during the draft itself.

Only two first-round picks have been traded and only three picks in the first three rounds have changed hands so far. Most of the trades have involved picks on the final day of the draft. There have been no trades involving second-round selections.

Here is the list of every draft pick that has been traded so far.

(Round – Pick in Round – Overall Pick)

1-19-19 Cleveland from Buffalo
4-16-115 Cleveland from Buffalo

Traded from Buffalo to Cleveland as part of deal for the Bills to move up to select receiver Sammy Watkins in the 2014 draft.

1-31-31 New Orleans from Seattle
4-13-112 Seattle from New Orleans

Picks swapped as part of Jimmy Graham-Max Unger trade.

3-14-78 New Orleans from Miami

Traded along with linebacker Dannell Ellerbe to New Orleans to acquire receiver Kenny Stills.

4-2-101 New England from Tampa Bay

Traded along with tight end Tim Wright to New England to acquire guard Logan Mankins.

4-10-109 Tampa Bay from St. Louis
6-8-183 Tampa Bay from St. Louis

Traded to Tampa Bay from St. Louis in exchange for safety Mark Barron.

4-14-113 Philadelphia from San Francisco through Buffalo

Traded from San Francisco to Buffalo in exchange for receiver Stevie Johnson. Then traded to Philadelphia in exchange for running back Bryce Brown.

4-20-119 St. Louis from Philadelphia
5-9-145 Philadelphia from St. Louis

Picks swapped as part of Sam Bradford-Nick Foles trade.

4-23-122 Baltimore from Detroit
5-22-158 Baltimore from Detroit
7-14-231 Detroit from Miami through Baltimore

Picks swapped as part of Haloti Ngata trade. Baltimore acquired the seventh-round pick from Miami in exchange for tackle Bryant McKinnie.

4-27-126 San Francisco from Denver

Part of 2014 draft day trade package. The 49ers acquired this pick along with a 2014 second-round pick (No. 63) and fifth-round pick (No. 171) – both later dealt to Miami (Jarvis Landry, Jordan Tripp)– in exchange for a 2014 second-round pick (No. 56 – Cody Latimer) and a seventh-round pick (No. 242 – Corey Nelson). The 49ers traded both picks acquired from Denver to Miami to move up and select running back Carlos Hyde.

5-1-137 Minnesota from Tampa Bay through Buffalo
6-12-187 Buffalo from Minnesota

Picks swapped in exchange for quarterback Matt Cassel. Tampa Bay originally dealt the fifth-round pick to Buffalo in a 2014 draft day swap. The Buccaneers acquired a 2014 fifth-round pick (No.149 – Kevin Pamphile) in exchange for a 2014 seventh-round pick (No. 221 – Randall Johnson) and this selection.

5-6-142 Chicago from New York Jets
7-7-224 New York Jets from Chicago

Picks swapped in the trade of receiver Brandon Marshall.

5-7-143 Denver from Chicago

Pick acquired in 2014 draft day trade. Denver received this pick along with a 2014 fifth-round pick (No. 156 – Lamin Barrow) in exchange for a 2014 fourth-round pick (No. 131 – Brock Vereen) and a seventh-round pick (No. 246 – Charles Leno Jr.).

5-13-149 Miami from Minnesota
7-15-232 Minnesota from San Francisco through Miami

Picks swapped as part of Minnesota’s trade for receiver Mike Wallace. The seventh-round pick was initially acquired by Miami from San Francisco in exchange for Jonathan Martin.

5-18-154 New Orleans from Kansas City

Pick acquired from Kansas City in exchange for guard Ben Grubbs.

5-26-162 Tampa Bay from Baltimore

Pick acquired from Baltimore in exchange for center Jeremy Zuttah.

5-32-168 Tampa Bay from New England
6-2-177 New England from Tampa Bay

Picks swapped as part of New England’s trade for linebacker Jonathan Casillas.

6-5-180 Seattle from New York Jets

Pick acquired from the Jets in exchange for receiver Percy Harvin.

6-26-201 Cleveland from Baltimore

Pick acquired from Baltimore in exchange for 2014 seventh-round pick (No. 218 – Michael Campanaro).

6-28-203 Baltimore from Dallas
7-26-243 Dallas from Baltimore

Picks swapped as part of Dallas’ trade for linebacker Rolando McClain.

6-31-206 Indianapolis from Seattle

Pick acquired from Seattle in exchange for cornerback Marcus Burley.

6-32-207 Tennessee from New England
7-2-219 New England from Tennessee

Picks swapped as part of New England’s trade for linebacker Akeem Ayers.

7-19-236 Dallas from San Diego

Pick acquired from San Diego in exchange for defensive tackle Sean Lissemore.

7-27-244 Indianapolis from Dallas

Pick acquired from Dallas in exchange for defensive lineman Caesar Rayford.

7-28-245 New York Giants from Denver

Pick acquired from Denver in exchange for kicker Brandon McManus.

7-29-246 San Francisco from Indianapolis

Pick acquired from Indianapolis in exchange for linebacker Cam Johnson.

7-32-249 Atlanta from New England through St. Louis

Pick acquired from St. Louis as part of 2013 draft day trade with Atlanta. St. Louis acquired pick from New England in exchange for receiver Greg Salas.

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Joel Glazer says Buccaneers are “comfortable” with Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith said in February the organization is comfortable with the off-field issues of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

Buccaneers owner Joel Glazer furthered those comments at the NFL owner’s meetings on Tuesday.

“You know, we spent a lot of time with Jameis. We spent a lot of time with Marcus Mariota. There are other potential players that could be up there with the first pick. But yes, we as an organization are comfortable. We’re comfortable with Jameis,” Glazer said, via

“We found both Jameis and Marcus to be impressive young men when we spent our time with them. Great success in college. Both academically very successful. Unbelievable amount of work on both players and other potential players in this draft. We as an organization are comfortable.”

With the Buccaneers potentially having concerns over Mariota’s demeanor, it certainly seems as though Winston should get comfortable with the idea of staying in the state of Florida to begin his professional career.

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Pegula wouldn’t oppose an NFL franchise in Toronto

Pegula AP

When Terry and Kim Pegula bought the Bills and expressed a clear intent to keep the team in Buffalo, the door presumably was slammed on the placement of an NFL franchise in Toronto.  It’s not, as far as Terry Pegula is concerned.

Via John Kryk of the Toronto Sun, Pegula said he wouldn’t be opposed to the placement of a team in Toronto, the Canadian metropolis that failed miserably in its attempt to become a secondary market for the Bills.

“I believe I was asked that question when I was approved as an owner, and it was an affirmative answer to the league.  I said I would support it if Toronto had a franchise,” Pegula said.  “There are a lot of people there.”

There also are a lot of people between Buffalo and Toronto.  As Kryk notes, more than three million people live between Buffalo and Toronto, with another 8.5 million in the greater Toronto area.

Currently, little or no momentum exists for the relocation of a team to Toronto.  But that could change; with three teams trying to get to L.A. and one of them destined to not make it, other options will potentially be explored.  And as other teams inevitably will need new stadiums in their current locations, a new stadium in Toronto could become a possibility.

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Vikings add LB Casey Matthews

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Getty Images

The Vikings have bolstered their linebacking depth, reaching a deal with Eagles reserve Casey Matthews, the club said Tuesday.

Matthews, 26, started 11-of-16 games at inside linebacker for Philadelphia in 2014, notching 53 tackles and 1.5 sacks. His starts came in place of the injured Mychal Kendricks (three) and DeMeco Ryans (eight).

Matthews (6-1, 245) could vie for playing time at middle linebacker for Minnesota. Jasper Brinkley, an 11-game starter in the middle last season, signed with Dallas earlier this month. Matthews could also be asked to contribute on special teams.

A fifth-year pro from Oregon, Matthews has appeared in 64 regular season games, notching 112 tackles and 2.5 sacks.

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50-yard line markers will be gold all year for Super Bowl 50


The 50s on the field will be painted gold throughout the 2015 season as the NFL prepares for Super Bowl 50.

The league said today that it wants to spend the entire season celebrating the 50th Super Bowl, which will take place on February 7 at the 49ers’ new stadium in the San Francisco Bay Area. Painting the 50-yard line markers gold will be perhaps the most noticeable part of that celebration.

The NFL also plans to do special promotions with 2015 games that are rematches of Super Bowls past, starting with the Vikings taking on the Steelers in the Hall of Fame Game and also including 19 regular-season games that will be Super Bowl rematches.

Teams that have been to Super Bowls in the past also plan Super Bowl homecomings, bringing back their Super Bowl teams to be recognized at games this year. And the 43 men who have been Super Bowl MVP will get special honors during the 2015 season, and the NFL hopes to have all of them at the Super Bowl in February.

The NFL won’t use Roman numerals for the 50th Super Bowl. Instead, the emphasis will be on the number 50, including the 50s on the field.

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Reports: Mason Foster agrees to deal with Bears

Mason Foster Getty Images

The Chicago Bears may have found their replacement for Lance Briggs.

According to Jen Lada of, the Bears have agreed to terms with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Mason Foster.

Foster has been a starter for each of his four seasons with the Buccaneers after being selected in the third round out of the University of Washington in 2011.

Foster had his least productive season for Tampa Bay last year. He appeared in just 10 games as he battled injuries throughout the year. He recorded just 40 tackles.

For his career, Foster has racked up 343 tackles, six sacks, five interceptions and two forced fumbles in 57 games.

The San Francisco 49ers were also interested in Foster before he elected to sign with Chicago.

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Dean Spanos hopeful he can keep Philip Rivers, Chargers put

philiprivers AP

Chargers owner Dean Spanos said he wanted to make sure Philip Rivers retired a San Diego Charger.

And even though those are two separate issues, Spanos is confident he can make things work with his current city and his current quarterback.

As the league meetings buzzes with news and/or speculation about Los Angeles, Spanos told Jim Corbett of USA Today that his goal was to keep his team where it is

Our goal is to try and stay in San Diego, but we’re waiting to see what happens with the plan the city comes back with,” Spanos said. “They had said they would make some sort of proposal in May.

“San Diego is a great city. I’ve been there over half my life. . . . My kids were raised there. So I hope they come up with something that we can make it work.”

Of course, Raiders owner Mark Davis had similar statements about Oakland yesterday, and those two teams are exploring the possibility of a joint stadium in Carson.

But the Rivers decision is something easier for Spanos to control, as the quarterback has one year left on his contract, and recently said he’s in no hurry to do an extension. That has sparked plenty of speculation that he might be traded, though team officials are doing their best to shoot that down.

Spanos said they “would like to do an extension with him. We want him to be our quarterback. And we want him to retire a San Diego Charger.

“Hopefully, that will all come to fruition at some point in time.”

And if it happens in San Diego, that would be two wins for Spanos at once.

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Report: Taylor Mays agrees to deal with Vikings

Taylor Mays Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are losing one of the core backups in free agency.

According to Josina Anderson of, Mays has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings.

Mays visited the Vikings last week and saw interest from the Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and Washington Redskins as well. Cincinnati also hoped to keep Mays in town.

Instead, Mays will join his former defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer, in Minnesota.

Mays was a second round pick of the San Francisco 49ers in 2010 but was dealt to Cincinnati just a year later. Mays never developed into a starting safety but performed well on special teams and as a hybrid linebacker during his time with the Bengals.

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Letroy Guion reaches plea deal to end his criminal case

letroyguion AP

Letroy Guion didn’t help his case in free agency by getting busted a month before the market opened with a bunch of weed, and a gun and a pile of cash in his car.

But now, the charges against him are gone, and his pursuit of a new contract can begin.

According to Rob Demovsky of, Guion’s criminal case was closed after he reached a plea deal Tuesday that included a $5,000 fine plus court costs. Since he had no prior record, the charges were dismissed without adjudication of guilt.

“Hopefully he learned from his mistake and can continue his NFL career,” captain Barry K. Warren, public information officer for the Starke, Florida, police department said.

Guion was pulled over on Feb. 3 for erratic driving, and cops found a substantial quantity of marijuana, an unloaded gun and $190,028.81 in cash in his truck.

There’s still a civil forfeiture case pending, so he can get his money back.

But now that his record is clear, he may have another way to earn some of it back.

The Packers have shown some interest in bringing him back, but his plea deal could cause others to get into the mix.

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Washington not sure about picking up RG3’s fifth-year option

NFL Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys

Washington coach Jay Gruden might have named Robert Griffin III his starting quarterback going into the 2015 season.

But they’re still deciding what to do with him the year after that.

Via Rich Tandler of, General Manager Scot McCloughan said they hadn’t decided whether to pick up the fifth-year option for 2016 on Griffin’s rookie contract.

“We’ve had some early discussion on it,” McCloughan said. “We’re still talking it through.”

That option would cost them $16 million, and they have until May 3 to make a decision.

While it would have seemed like a no-brainer not long ago, that’s a big number (which is guaranteed for injury) for a player with some health issues and an iffy hold on his starting job.

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Jets add defensive line depth, sign Stephen Bowen

Stephen Bowen AP

The Jets continued to fill in the roster with experienced depth, as new coach Todd Bowles tries to solidify his lines.

According to Rich Cimini of, the Jets have signed former Washington defensive end Stephen Bowen to a one-year deal.

Bowles was a Cowboys assistant coach when the soon-to-be 31-year-old Bowen was a rookie.

The Jets had previously signed Kevin Vickerson for a backup role behind their strong starting unit (Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson and Damon Harrison).

Bowen has been a productive player when well, but he’s still working back from his 2013 microfracture surgery, and started last year on the physically-unable-to-perform list.

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