Bradley Chubb happy to play with Von Miller, but Miller is even happier

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Bradley Chubb said he expected his family back home to be “going crazy” after the Broncos made him the fifth overall pick. The North Carolina State pass rusher hadn’t seen Von Miller‘s reaction when he said that.

No one went crazier over the Broncos’ selection of Chubb than Miller, who had a video posted on social media of him running and jumping around, screaming in delight while watching the draft in Las Vegas.

The Broncos passed on quarterbacks Josh Allen and Josh Rosen to pair Chubb with Miller.

“I feel like he’s one of the best,” Chubb said. “Being a rookie coming in there, I feel like it’ll be good to go in there and start something on your own. But for me, coming in there and watching what he does and seeing his routine, seeing how he operates and seeing what made him so good, I feel like that’s going to help me and take my game to a whole other level than me just going into a situation who had the guy right now. I’m glad I have this experience and I’m going to take full advantage of it for sure.”

Many, perhaps even Chubb, thought the Browns would use the fourth choice on Chubb. Instead, Cleveland picked Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward. That left Chubb for the Broncos.

“I wasn’t too surprised, just because I know at the draft anything can happen,” Chubb said of the Browns taking Ward. “My agent told me right before we went out, ‘Don’t be surprised about anything.’ So I wasn’t surprised when that happened. It would have been great opportunity there as well, but I’m glad I stayed around, and I’m going to learn from the best now.”

Jerry Jones: Cowboys aren’t desperate for safety help

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The Cowboys could use another safety after moving Byron Jones to cornerback, but they entertained no thoughts of moving up for Florida State safety Derwin James as he slipped.

James ended up going 17th to the Chargers.

The Cowboys likewise don’t feel a pressing need to trade for Earl Thomas or to draft a safety.

“We like the position to address in this draft, but I don’t think we’re compelled to draft a safety,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t think there is any position that we have to have when we come out of this draft.”

Back to Thomas, the Cowboys do have interest in the Seahawks safety, and the Seahawks safety has made public his interest in the Cowboys. But Seattle will have to lower its asking price for Dallas to make a move.

Jones misspoke when asked if the Cowboys had any conversations about trading for Thomas, saying, “I’m not going to get into that. That’s part of the deal. I mean not deal, but . . . we have no deal.”

Jones laughed, clarifying he misused the word “deal.”

“It’d be a mess up to go off that, I’ll tell you,” Jones added.

Seattle doesn’t have a second-round pick. Its first choice Friday is No. 76 overall.

Baker Mayfield understands his role as backup but has mindset to compete


Baker Mayfield said at the NFL Scouting Combine that he wasn’t “going to settle for a backup job.” After he was drafted No. 1 overall, the Browns informed him Tyrod Taylor would begin the season as the Browns’ starter.

“I know exactly what they said, and exactly why they said that,” Mayfield said, via quotes distributed by the team. “That is a veteran that has been in the league, a guy that I can sit behind and learn from. When I say those types of things, it is because I am competitive. If I came in with the mindset of just being happy that I got drafted and just to settle for a backup job, that wouldn’t be myself. I am going to come in and compete but also with the hunger to learn from a guy that has been in the league that has seen things that I haven’t seen.

“I have said multiple times that the best things that happened to me throughout the process at Oklahoma was sitting the year after I transferred. It was a great year for me to be on scout team, to learn from going up against great defensive coaches in coach Mike and Bob Stoops every day in practice. I was able to develop things that I needed to with my body and my mind.”

The Browns have had 28 starting quarterbacks since returning as an expansion team in 1999. Taylor will become the 29th, and at some point, Mayfield the 30th.

Cleveland has learned to live with the adage: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try and try and try again. . . .

The Heisman Trophy winner is the fifth quarterback the Browns have drafted in the first round since 1999. They passed on others, including Carson Wentz.

Mayfield hopes to put an end to the team’s quarterback carousel.

“It is a mentality,” Mayfield said. “You come in and think about the past, so that you can focus on the present and work for the future. For Cleveland right now, we are making the right moves. Tyrod and I, we are going to put an end to that list of the QB names on the back of the jersey.”

Josh Rosen: Nine “mistakes” made ahead of me, and they will rue the day

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Three quarterbacks went in the top seven, and Josh Rosen wasn’t one of them. So yes, he was “pissed off.”

The UCLA quarterback also vows to make the Browns, Giants, Jets, Broncos, Colts, Bills, Bears and 49ers pay for not drafting him. (The Browns also had the fourth overall choice.)

“There were nine mistakes made ahead of me, and I’m going to make sure, over the next decade or so, that they know they made a mistake,” Rosen said, all but dropping the mic on his final answer of the night.

The Browns selected Baker Mayfield No. 1; Sam Darnold went to the Jets at No. 3; and the Bills took Josh Allen at No. 7. The Cardinals traded up to get Rosen at No. 10.

“I was pretty pissed off when I fell and one, two and three went by, and I was really angry teams were passing on me,” Rosen said. “I was honestly expecting to get picked at some point and have to fake a smile and pretend to be happy. But for some reason when I got picked all of that went away and it just went to straight to excitement and relief. The biggest thing was definitely motivation, and I feel determined. . . . I’m just more motivated than ever.”

Rosen did not expect to be the fourth quarterback selected, and he was asked why he thought so many quarterback-needy teams passed on him.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care,” Rosen said. “I’m happy it happened. I’m really happy it happened. I’m glad I’m at 10. I’m glad the Cardinals came up and got me. I really think it’s a match made in heaven. I wouldn’t [change anything]. You guys might call B.S. on me, but complete honest from the bottom of my heart, there’s not another team I’d rather go to.”

While the Cardinals were happy to get Rosen, the Cardinals’ beat writers were even happier. Rosen is a gold mine, already ranking as one of the best quotes in the league.

John Elway: Bradley Chubb kept him from trading pick to Bills

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The Bills were obviously eager to make the move to draft a quarterback.

And even though Broncos boss John Elway was thinking about it, he couldn’t bypass what he saw as a special talent.

According to Jeff Legwold of, Elway said after the first round that he had discussed a possible deal with the Bills for the fifth pick, but those talks were shelved when he had the opportunity to draft N.C. State defensive end Bradley Chubb.

“We just felt that where we were and with Bradley staring at us, we couldn’t pass him up. As I said, he can rush the pass as well as what he can do defensively. He’s a great fit, he’s a hard-worker and he plays 120 percent all the time. He’s a great addition to the Broncos.”

The Bills ended up moving up from 12 to seven with the Buccaneers, and taking quarterback Josh Allen. But for Elway, the priority was finding someone who could chase quarterbacks, to add to a stable of pass-rushers.

Elway also said he had no discussions today with the Giants about the second pick, despite reports he was plotting a move up for a quarterback.

Ravens trade up to take Lamar Jackson with last pick of first round

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Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson became the fifth quarterback to be selected in the first round on Thursday night as the Baltimore Ravens moved up in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles to select Jackson with the final pick of day one.

The Ravens were one of a few teams that hosted Jackson for a visit during the draft process and he serves as a possible successor to Joe Flacco eventually.

Jackson joins Baker Mayfield (No. 1, Cleveland), Sam Darnold (No. 3 NY Jets), Josh Allen (No. 7, Buffalo) and Josh Rosen (No.10, Arizona) as the quarterbacks to be picked in the first round. Getting Jackson in the first round will allow Baltimore to have a fifth-year option on Jackson, which the team wouldn’t have had outside the first round.

The Ravens sent the 52nd overall pick in the second round, 125th pick in the fourth round and a 2019 second-round pick to the Eagles to move up 20 spots and grab Jackson. Baltimore also received a fourth-round pick, No. 132 overall, back from Philadelphia in the swap.

Derrius Guice among players still available after first round

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Shaquem Griffin probably wasn’t expecting to go in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, but most of the other players who went unpicked while in attendance on Thursday night likely thought they’d be giving NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a hug.

Running back Derrius Guice is part of that group. The LSU alum was left on the board after the Ravens selected Lamar Jackson to close out the first round.

Three running backs — Saquon Barkley, Rashaad Penny and Sony Michel — did get drafted in the first 32 picks. Guice will be available when the second round gets underway on Friday night instead and any teams interested in getting him will have all day to offer trades to the Browns for that pick if they are so inclined.

Cornerback Josh Jackson and tackle Connor Williams joined Guice and Griffin in Dallas on Thursday and join them in remaining available for selection in the second round.

Defensive end Harold Landry, guard Will Hernandez, safety Justin Reid, defensive tackle Maurice Hurst, tight end Mike Gesicki, cornerback Isaiah Oliver and quarterback Mason Rudolph are some of the other notable names still on the board with the first round in the book.

Patriots take Sony Michel at 31

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The Patriots wanted to add a running back in the draft, and they did in on the first night.

With the 31st overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Patriots have selected Georgia running back Sony Michel.

A thin and speedy runner, Michel is a big-play threat who’s also surprisingly good at pass blocking for a man his size, which should endear him to Tom Brady. At Georgia last year, Michel averaged a whopping 7.9 yards per carry, picking up 1,227 yards on 156 carries.

The Patriots’ leading rusher last year, Dion Lewis, is now a Titan. Michel may take Lewis’s place in New England’s offense.

Josh Allen: Somebody knew what they were doing in releasing old tweets


The Bills were the only team to speak to Josh Allen directly before the draft to ask him about his offensive tweets from high school. It was probably a good sign Buffalo would be the team to draft the Wyoming quarterback, though other teams called his agent.

“We had a talk on the phone,” Allen said of the Bills. “They just basically wanted explanations for everything, and I gave them to them. I owned up to my mistakes, told them exactly what happened. They trusted me. They trusted my judgment. I think they did their due diligence in talking to my coaches, talking to teammates. There’s never been a problem with me and my teammates. I love those guys, and I guarantee you they would say some really good things about me.”

Someone leaked the tweets, which included use of the “N” word, to Yahoo. Allen was asked if he knew who or why the tweets were made public.

“I think somebody knew what they were doing,” Allen said. “There were some tweets that were already deleted probably a few months, if a year ago. Somebody knew what they were doing. It’s out there. It’s my fault. I can’t blame anybody else for my own mistakes. Success is the best revenge, . . . and the plan is to win football games and earn my teammates’ respect and my coaches’ respect.”

The question was the last of the night for Allen, with no chance of a follow to ask why somebody wanted to make him look bad.

He earlier said he will address the issue with his new teammates, making sure his black teammates understand “there was no malintent” on his part. Allen said he does not expect an extra layer of scrutiny.

“It happened so long ago. I am who I am today,” he said. “I wasn’t that guy six years ago when I was 15 years old. Obviously, I’ve had to man up, and I have to take it on the chin. What happened was not acceptable, and it’s never going to happen again. I’ve learned. It just reiterates the lessons I’ve learned the past few years being in such a diverse culture in my locker room at Wyoming and at my junior college. I’ve met some special dudes in my life, and none of that is ever going to change.”

Vikings take Mike Hughes with No. 30

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The Vikings have beefed up one of the best defenses in football.

With pick No. 30, UCF cornerback Mike Hughes has joined the Vikings.

There had been plenty of speculation that Minnesota would trade out of round one. Ultimately, they didn’t. (Obviously.)

The pick comes at a time when the Vikings have Xavier Rhodes under contract over the long term and 2015 first-rounder Trae Wayne entering his fourth season. The Vikings must decide whether to exercise his fifth-year option by next Thursday.

Jaguars draft Taven Bryan with the 29th pick

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The Jaguars continued to add pieces to a talented young defense.

With the 29th pick, the Jaguars took Florida defensive tackle Taven Bryan.

Bryan is still a very raw prospect, but the Jaguars had a pretty good line to begin with and he can learn from some veterans such as Calais Campbell.

Bryan gives them the potential for another disruptive interior rusher, as he has rare athletic ability for a player his size, who is still developing as a player since he only started for one year at Florida.

Ryan Shazier announces Terrell Edmunds to Pittsburgh with 28th pick

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The Steelers have added their first player of the 2018 NFL Draft and they did it in memorable fashion on a couple of fronts.

Linebacker Ryan Shazier walked to the podium with the help of his fiance to announce his team’s pick with the 28th overall pick in the draft. Shazier suffered a spinal cord injury last season and is still moving slowly, but it was a heartwarming and inspiring moment given how far he’s come to get to this point.

The Steelers picked safety Terrell Edmunds, which made some history as well. Edmunds was selected 12 picks after his brother Tremaine went to the Bills and they are the first brothers to be selected in the first round of the same draft. Their father Ferrell Edmunds also played in the NFL.

While was the first player Pittsburgh drafted this year, his selection was not their first move of the draft. They traded wide receiver Martavis Bryant to the Raiders for a third-round pick while the first round was going on.

Seahawks take San Diego State running back Rashaad Penny with 27th pick

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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has said repeatedly this offseason that they desperately want to get back to being an offense that can run the football effectively.

Taking San Diego State running back Rashaad Penny with the 27th pick in the first round speaks to that continued focus to improve the rushing attack. Penny becomes the second running back off the board behind Penn State’s Saquon Barkley. Seattle elected to make Penny the selection over other running backs such as Darrius Guice of LSU, Sony Michel and Nick Chubb from Georgia or Ronald Jones of USC.

After getting just a single rushing touchdown from the running back position in 2017, the Seahawks have made running back their top need to address in the draft. Chris Carson, C.J. Prosise and Mike Davis return at the position as well, but injuries were a significant hindrance last season.

The Seahawks traded back from the 18th overall pick in a deal with the Green Bay Packers earlier in the night, picking up a third- and sixth-round pick in the process.

Ravens finally pick, take Hayden Hurst

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After trading down twice in round one, the Ravens finally put a name on the card.

The name is Hayden Hurst.

The South Carolina gives the offense another weapon in the passing game, and he also enhances the running game as a blocker.

At No. 25, the Ravens may have gotten Hurst just before the Falcons took him at No. 26.

Falcons take Calvin Ridley at No. 26

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The Atlanta Falcons have just given Matt Ryan another weapon.

With the 26th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Falcons selected Calvin Ridley, a wide receiver from Alabama.

That adds another playmaker to an already strong offense, and another Alabama wide receiver to a team that already has Julio Jones.

The Falcons were already a playoff team, and now they think they’ve added a player who can make a significant difference, and do so immediately.