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NFL announces initiative publicizing community work by players

After meetings between team owners, league officials and current and retired players last year, the NFL agreed to fund causes focused on social justice supported by players and the league announced an initiative related to that effort on Tuesday. The “Let’s Listen Together” initiative will publicize joint efforts “among players, owners, law enforcement, and civic [more]

Former linebacker Monty Grow on trial for healthcare fraud

We already suspected Monty Grow might not be the best caretaker — since he was arrested for leaving a 3-year-old in a car in a strip-club parking lot in 2013. But now, the former Chiefs and Jaguars linebacker is on trial for medical fraud, after he was charged with swindling $20 million from a federal [more]

Report: Richie Incognito won’t be punished for alleged racial slurs

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue accused Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito of making racial slurs during a playoff game between the two teams earlier this month. While the NFL said they would look into the matter, it appears as though no discipline will be levied against Incognito over the alleged incident. According to Vic [more]

Church’s hit on Gronkowski was textbook illegal, avoidable

A debate emerged on Sunday regarding whether Jaguars safety Barry Church could have avoided applying an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit on Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Church, without question, could have. This wasn’t the kind of play about which Steelers safety Mike Mitchell complained during the regular season, with a low throw forcing the receiver to [more]

Conference championship ratings down, but not dramatically

NFL ratings continue to drop in relation to recent years, but the NFL will say that the ratings continue to drop to a smaller extent than TV viewership is dropping across the board. Via SportsBusiness Journal, the AFC title game drew a 27.3 in the mid-afternoon window, down 0.1 from last year’s Packers-Falcons game on [more]

Blake Bortles “would be thrilled” to stay in Jacksonville

While speaking to reporters on Monday, Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles reflected on this year’s success and said “we have an opportunity to build on that and try to make it a consistent-year-in-year-out thing.” Bortles isn’t exactly guaranteed to be back for the next year of Jaguars football, however. The team exercised an option on Bortles’ [more]

Doug Marrone: “Risk and reward” why Jaguars ran out clock in first half

The Jaguars had a four-point lead, two timeouts, 55 seconds on the clock and were in need of only 39 yards for a 54-yard field goal attempt. So what did Jacksonville do? It took a knee twice and headed to the locker room. Later in the NFC Championship Game, the Eagles drove 60 yards and [more]

Matt Patricia enjoys his final home game with the Patriots

The stadium finally cleared two hours after the Patriots’ victory, with only a handful of people milling about the field. In the quiet, Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia laid down in the confetti on the 50-yard line as one of his sons climbed on his stomach. “He hasn’t really been to a lot of games. [more]

Yannick Ngakoue, Telvin Smith will go to Pro Bowl

The Jaguars defense fueled the team’s run to the AFC Championship Game and two members of the unit were added to the AFC Pro Bowl roster on Monday. Defensive end Yannick Ngakoue and linebacker Telvin Smith are the new members of the squad. Ngakoue will be replacing teammate Calais Campbell, who withdrew from the game, [more]

Jaguars have $19 million decision to make, fairly soon

Now that the 2017 season has ended for the Jaguars, a critical decision has moved immediately to the top of the to-do list. What to do with quarterback Blake Bortles? As a top-10 pick in 2014, Bortles is entitled to a fully-guaranteed fifth-year option of $19 million for 2018. The Jaguars can avoid that only [more]

Quick whistle may have robbed Myles Jack of a fumble recovery touchdown

Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack made a sensational play in the AFC Championship Game when he ran down Patriots running back Dion Lewis, forced a fumble and recovered it. But did the officials rob Jack of an even more sensational play? After recovering the ball on the ground, Jack got up and started sprinting down the [more]

Jaguars go from run of top-five picks to 29th

The Jaguars are going to have to scout differently this year. With yesterday’s loss to the Patriots, the Jaguars will pick 29th in the 2018 NFL Draft, the lowest they’ve picked in the first round since 2000, when they burned the 29th pick on R. Jay Soward. But the draft status also shows how far [more]

Tom Brady trying to not sound “arrogant” about injury

The thumb was a pretty big deal. But after advancing to yet another Super Bowl, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady didn’t want to sound like a jerk. “I think it kind of sounds arrogant to say, ‘Oh, yeah, it bothered me,’ when you have a pretty good game. So I won’t say it,” Brady said, via Rich [more]

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are like no pair ever, and other championship game thoughts

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are a pairing the likes of which we’ve never seen. If you’re a Patriots hater, you’re not alone. Millions of football fans across America hate the Patriots. That’s fine. Hating the other team is part of sports fandom. But I hope even a Patriots hater can agree that what we’re [more]

Jaguars not happy with discrepancy in penalties

The Jaguars had six penalties for 98 yards. The Patriots had one for 10 yards, a hold on a kickoff. According to NFL Research, it was the fewest penalties called on one team in a playoff game since the 2011 AFC Championship when the Patriots had one penalty against the Ravens. The Jaguars were not [more]

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