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Christian Kirksey: Browns players were “praying over the country” with anthem gesture

Seventeen members of the Cleveland Browns combined to make the largest group gesture during the national anthem since Colin Kaepernick first sat last preseason. Twelve Browns players knelt to the ground in a prayer circle while five more circled around with arms on shoulders prior to Cleveland’s game against the New York Giants on Monday [more]

Cowboys haven’t considered veteran quarterbacks, yet

Monday’s PFT Live, which marked the official debut of Chris Simms, included plenty of talk about backup quarterbacks. It was inspired by what remains a troubling backup quarterback situation in Dallas. Clarence E. Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who reported over the weekend that the Cowboys will be discussing whether veteran journeyman Kellen Moore [more]

Michael Bennett: It was “emotional” to get support from Justin Britt

When Michael Bennett said the national anthem protests of certain players would only gain traction if white players were with them, he couldn’t have known it would trigger a bit of a movement of its own. First, Eagles defensive end Chris Long put his arm around the shoulder of teammate Malcolm Jenkins, while Jenkins held [more]

Calls for NFL boycott emerging from Colin Kaepernick’s unemployment

The crowdsourcing effort by teams like the Ravens to determine whether Colin Kaepernick should have a job now has another factor to consider: Fans who believe Kaepernick is being unfairly shunned may shun pro football. In addition to online petitions that have lingered for the past few weeks, the Atlanta NAACP announced on Friday a [more]

McCloughan: Jags should be patient with QBs they have

Former San Francisco and Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan made his first visit to PFT Live (as a non-G.M.) on Monday, and I had a project for him. I pretended to be Tom Coughlin (Scot even called five minutes early), and I asked him to pretend to be G.M. Dave Caldwell. We then tried to identify [more]

Kaepernick makes plenty of sense for Jacksonville

Forget about last year’s anthem protests, which Colin Kaepernick has made clear through intermediaries he won’t repeat. Focus only on his skills, and how they would fit with a team that hopes build an offense around running the football. That’s what the Jaguars want to do. And Kaepernick, who averaged 6.8 yards per attempt a [more]

John Elway is fine with protests, within reason and with action

Broncos executive John Elway doesn’t mind his players exercising their right to protest, as long as they satisfy a few conditions. First, he wants to make sure their primary focus is on football. But he also wants anyone who does to make their protests meaningful by following up with action, the way Broncos linebacker Brandon [more]

Chris Long on show of support for Malcolm Jenkins: “I just told Malcolm, ‘I’m here for you.'”

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins has been raising a fist in the air during the national anthem since last season as a symbol of protest. Thursday night against the Buffalo Bills, Jenkins was joined in a show of unity as defensive end Chris Long stood adjacent with his arm draped on Jenkins’ shoulders. The events of [more]

Marshawn Lynch addresses media, says nothing about national anthem

When Colin Kaepernick sat out the national anthem last year, he spoke repeatedly about his reasons for doing so. Marshawn Lynch is taking a different approach. Lynch, the Raiders running back who sat out the anthem last week before his first game back from a one-year retirement, addressed reporters today but said nothing about his [more]

Thursday morning one-liners

Philadelphia is just another business trip for Bills coach Sean McDermott now. The Dolphins took a look at some veteran LB depth. The Patriots got a chance to catch up with old friend Mike Vrabel during their workouts with the Texans. Jets LB Darron Lee gained nine pounds this offseason to play with more “physicality.” [more]

Michael Bennett: Protest for equality needs a few white faces

Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett has been the most outspoken of late, among the players protesting during the national anthem by sitting or raising a fist. And he’d like to have a little more help in the effort — specifically from a white player. “It would take a white player to really get things changed,” [more]

John Lynch respects players’ reasons for kneeling during anthem but says it’s “divisive”

Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick became the face of the national anthem protests last season. Two of his teammates, Eli Harold and Eric Reid, later joined him. While Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett and Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat during the anthem in games over the weekend, every 49ers player, including Harold and Reid, [more]

Doug Baldwin: Fans wear hats, cuss, yell at players during anthem

During a Tuesday press conference that produced many thoughtful and intelligent observations from Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin, Baldwin raised a point that often gets lost in the anger that gets directed to players who don’t stand silently at attention during the national anthem: Plenty of the fans chastising players who choose not to stand at [more]

Pete Carroll supports Michael Bennett but adds “we should all stand” for national anthem

Michael Bennett’s decision to sit during the national anthem Sunday took Pete Carroll by surprise. The two have visited since, and while the Seahawks coach supports the defensive end, he added his belief that everyone should stand for the national anthem. “Michael has really dedicated the last few years of his life to try to [more]

McCloughan: Kaepernick is good enough to be a starter

For months, General Managers in the media who think they know football because they cover it were happy to declare that quarterback Colin Kaepernick was unemployed based solely on merit. Those voices have become somewhat muted in the weeks since Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti made it clear that football reasons aren’t the only reasons for [more]