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Tuesday morning one-liners

Bills RB C.J. Spiller thinks teams will try to follow the Jets’ defensive blueprint against them in the future. The Dolphins have some things to fix in their pass protection. Said Patriots DE Rob Ninkovich of CB Aqib Talib, “He’s an amazing player, and I’m happy that he’s here. I’m happy that Tampa decided to [more]

Wednesday morning one-liners

Said Bills S Jim Leonhard of the team’s secondary, “We’ve got a group that’ll fight and will go out there and compete every single play. That’s good for your team. That’s going to allow you to have success.” The Dolphins are helping an 8-year-old fan who’s fighting brain cancer. Said Patriots DT Vince Wilfork of [more]

New York Super Bowl committee wants free labor

The most expensive city in America is looking for free help. Good luck with that. According to Peggy McGlone of the Newark Star-Ledger, the Super Bowl XLVIII host committee wants 15,000 to 25,000 volunteers to help put on the event.  Workers must attend a training session, submit to a background check, and serve at least [more]

Week One power rankings

[Editor’s note:  Every Tuesday morning, we’ll post a consensus ranking based on an average of the five rankings from the five PFT writers.  So if you disagree with any of these, don’t blame me.  Who am I kidding?  You’d blame me even if I didn’t cast a ballot at all.] 1. Patriots (1-0; No. 2 [more]

Welcome back to work

We hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend, including some time with your family, some time eating some hamburgers and/or the pink missile-shaped packages of ground-up pig or cow parts that can’t otherwise be sold (but that are nevertheless delicious), and most importantly some time reflecting on the millions of young men and women [more]

Beckum way ahead of Ballard in recovery from torn ACLs

Not that it’s a race to get back on the field, but of the Giants’ two tight ends who suffered torn ACLs in the Super Bowl, Travis Beckum is way ahead of Jake Ballard. Beckum is hopeful that he can fully recover in seven months and play in Week One. Ballard, who needed microfracture surgery, [more]

Special Monday 10-pack: The Rams-Redskins trade

Every Monday during the regular season, I stay up late and/or get up early and bang out a 2,000-or-so-word item that offers up 10 takes on the Sunday that was. It’s been more than two months since I’ve had one of those late nights/early mornings, and with the free agency frenzy ramping up and the [more]

Week 17 power rankings

1.  Packers (No. 1; 15-1):  Biggest concern for the defending champs?  They finished the regular season with the worst total defense in the league, and the worst pass defense. 2. Patriots (No. 2; 13-3):  Four years since their last playoff win and seven since their last Super Bowl victory, the Patriots seem primed for another [more]

Colts suck just enough for Luck

The Colts entered Sunday’s game needing to lose in order to win.  And they did. With a 19-13 defeat in Jacksonville, the Colts have locked up the first overall pick in the 2012 draft, via a 2-14 record.  Which means that they’ll have dibs on Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. The victory for the Jaguars, which [more]

Week 17 flex decision will come by Monday night

Since 2006, the league has been using a flexible schedule on Sunday nights to ensure that a competitive and interesting game always will occupy the prime-time slot.  In most weeks of flex scheduling, the decision comes at least 12 days before the games are played.  For Week 17, the decision usually is made after the [more]

Colts flirt with blowing the Luck pick

Though it would be fitting for a kid named “Luck” to play for a team with a horseshoe on its helmet, the Colts are experiencing an unlikely late-season surge that could cost the team that had presumably locked up the first overall pick a clear shot at their franchise quarterback of the future. Thanks to [more]

Andrew Luck says he’s “absolutely” ready for the NFL

As if there was any doubt, Andrew Luck says he’s ready to leave college after Stanford plays in the Fiesta Bowl. Luck said on ESPN that he considers himself “absolutely” prepared to leave college and enter the NFL draft. Luck does have one remaining season of NCAA eligibility and could play at Stanford in 2012 [more]

Kravitz calls for Irsay to start over

Once upon a time, there was a perception that the Indianapolis media kowtowed to the Colts. Not anymore. Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star, whose recent critique of the father-son exercise in front-office nepotism prompted Bill Polian to indirectly call Kravitz a rat (and Bob adjusted his Twitter avatar accordingly), has now called for owner [more]

PFT’s Week 12 picks

The bad news is that I gained no ground on Rosenthal last week in the picks contest. The good news?  I lost no ground, either. We matched our records in Week 11 with 10-4 efforts; he picked the Dolphins when I foolishly trusted the Bills.  Fortunately, Rosenthal sided with the Jaguars while a scored a [more]

Plenty of teams could block Bears’ effort to get Orton

It’s a nice, feel-good Thanksgiving week story.  Bears quarterback Jay Cutler breaks a thumb.  The Broncos have cut a former Bears quarterback who’d like to play in Chicago again.  And there’s nothing more natural than a homecoming on the fourth Thursday in November. The only problem?  At least 22 teams can provide the flight delay [more]