Week 13 Power Rankings

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1. Cowboys (10-1; last week No. 1): The biggest threat to the No. 1 seed resides in their own division.

2. Raiders (9-2; No. 2): Playing down to the level of the competition could make Oakland a one-and-done playoff participant, if they’re not careful.

3. Patriots (9-2; No. 4): Avocado ice cream apparently has magical healing powers. Unless it’s the toppings.

4. Giants (8-3; No. 5): The Giants are possibly doing well enough to get Todd Bowles fired.

5. Chiefs (8-3; No. 8): Tyreek Hill could be Dante Hall, Priest Holmes, and Dwayne Bowe rolled into one player.

6. Seahawks (7-3-1; No. 3): If the road to the Super Bowl doesn’t go through Seattle, the Seahawks likely won’t be playing there.

7. Falcons (7-4; No. 7): With the Buccaneers rising, the Falcons’ margin for error is shrinking.

8. Broncos (7-4; No. 6): If the Broncos can’t trust their defense, can any team trust its defense?

9. Lions (7-4; No. 10): With visits to the Saints, Giants, and Cowboys upcoming, those close games could be ending, soon.

10. Dolphins (7-4; No. 11): Has any six-game winning streak ever been more overlooked nationally?

11. Washington (6-4-1; No. 9): They may be better than they were a year ago. Unfortunately, the rest of the division is, too.

12. Bills (6-5; No. 14): The NFL is better when Rex Ryan is in it, and the Bills may be doing enough to ensure that he will be.

13. Buccaneers (6-5; No. 20): It may not happen this year or next year, but the Buccaneers will win a Super Bowl with Jameis Winston at quarterback.

14. Packers (5-6; No. 15): Two games behind the Lions and one game behind the Vikings, the schedule says that the Packers are still the favorites to win the division.

15. Ravens (6-5; No. 17): When the field goal kicker is the best player on the team, that says a lot about the kicker. Or not a lot about the rest of the team.

16. Steelers (6-5; No. 18): All I want for Christmas is a Steelers-Raiders playoff game.

17. Texans (6-5; No. 12): Good news/bad news — they finally broke the cycle of winning the games they should and losing the games they should.

18. Vikings (6-5; No. 13): “Playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game.”

19. Titans (6-6; No. 21): A late bye week gives them extra time to get ready for what would be a signature win over the Broncos.

20. Eagles (5-6; No. 16): The silver lining in their 2-6 slide could be that Jim Schwartz won’t get hired as a head coach elsewhere.

21. Chargers (5-6; No. 25): The worst team in the AFC West continues to prove that it would be the best team in three or four other divisions.

22. Saints (5-6; No. 26): Bounty penalty for the team, a pair of second-round picks. Lost revenue for Sean Payton, more than $7 million. Ramming it sideways up the rear end of Gregg Williams, priceless.

23. Colts (5-6; No. 19): Jim Irsay prefers championships to Star Wars statistics. He now has neither.

24. Bengals (3-7-1; No. 22): “At least we’re the best team in Ohio, if you leave out the Buckeyes.”

25. Cardinals (4-6-1; No. 23): They were supposed to be better. They’re worse. Much, much worse.

26. Panthers (4-7; No. 24): OK, it’s finally time to insert the fork.

27. Rams (4-7; No. 27): Given the scrap with Eric Dickerson, they’re actually 4-8.

28. Jets (3-8; No. 28): Woody Johnson is five weeks away from pressing the reset button, again.

29. Bears (2-9; No. 29): If no one pays attention to their game against the 49ers, will it make a sound?

30. Jaguars (2-9; No. 30): What was supposed to be a big step up from 5-11 has been a major step back.

31. 49ers (1-10; No. 31): The Titans suddenly look very smart for not reuniting Chip Kelly with Marcus Mariota.

32. Browns (0-12; No. 32): The last, best chance to win a game comes when the Bengals visit after the bye.

Week 12 Power Rankings

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1. Cowboys (9-1; last week No. 1): The only thing that could make their Thanksgiving game against Washington better would be the return of Pat Summerall and John Madden to call it.

2. Raiders (8-2; No. 2): The logo should have traded the eye patch for a ski mask, given the way they stole the Monday night game from the Texans.

3. Seahawks (7-2-1; No. 3): From pretending to poop a football to giving his sideline the middle finger, Doug Baldwin is only a mimed urination away from completing the trifecta.

4. Patriots (8-2; No. 4): The Patriots left Jabaal Sheard on the other side of the country; the 49ers would like to send their entire defense to the other side of the planet.

5. Giants (7-3; No. 9): This is the last team the Cowboys want to see in the playoffs.

6. Broncos (7-3; No. 6): This is the last team the Raiders want to see in the playoffs.

7. Falcons (6-4; No. 7): This is a team that may be playing its last game at the Georgia Dome in the playoffs.

8. Chiefs (7-3; No. 5): If this team keeps playing like it did against Tampa, it may not last long in the playoffs.

9. Washington (6-3-1; No. 11): “You like that you like me now.”

10. Lions (6-4; No. 8): Go ahead and complain about the drop, Lions fans, but your team nearly lost to the Jaguars.

11. Dolphins (6-4; No. 12): The last time the Dolphins saw a fourth-quarter comeback like that, they were on the wrong end of the birth of Tebowmania.

12. Texans (6-4; No. 10): They win the games they should, they lose the games they should, lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat.

13. Vikings (6-4; No. 16): That six weeks between victories felt like six years. With six games left, this team can still be dangerous in the postseason — if it gets there.

14. Bills (5-5; No. 17): Rex Ryan thinks the Jaguars are a great two-win team; many would say that the Bills are an average-at-best five-win team.

15. Packers (4-6; No. 13): With 153 points allowed in four games, some Packers employees may soon be gathering their belongings and placing them into luggage and other receptacles for clothing and other personal effects.

16. Eagles (5-5; No. 14): A year ago, 5-5 would have put them in contention for the division title. Now, it puts them firmly in the basement.

17. Ravens (5-5; No. 15): Even Ray Lewis trolling Joe Flacco wasn’t enough to get the Ravens over the hump in Dallas.

18. Steelers (5-5; No. 19): On Thanksgiving night, the Steelers will be giving thanks for not having to face Andrew Luck.

19. Colts (5-5; No. 24): “We Won On Thanksgiving With Scott Tolzien At Quarterback” is likely a banner that won’t be raised in Indianapolis.

20. Buccaneers (5-5; No. 23): If this team could play at home like it plays on the road, it would be running away with the division.

21. Titans (5-6; No. 18): If this team could play in the division like it plays out of the division, it would be running away with the division.

22. Bengals (3-6-1; No. 20): The easiest way to not lose in the playoffs is to not play in the playoffs.

23. Cardinals (4-5-1; No. 22): “Next on Season Two of All or Nothing, more nothing.”

24. Panthers (4-6; No. 27): The Black Hole is both the next place the Panthers will play and a fitting description for the current location of the version of the team that went 15-1 a year ago.

25. Chargers (4-6; No. 25): The only major item left on the docket is to avoid becoming the only team to lose to the Browns.

26. Saints (4-6; No. 21): Of all the teams in the division, this is the one that could go the deepest into the postseason — if it can get there.

27. Rams (4-6; No. 26): Well, at least they won’t be 7-9 again.

28. Jets (3-7; No. 28): Ryan Fitzpatrick remains the starting quarterback. They must really hate him.

29. Bears (2-8; No. 29): Charles Barkley would be a better option at quarterback.

30. Jaguars (2-8; No. 30): It feels like Gus Bradley is a blowout away from being blown out of his job.

31. 49ers (1-9; No. 31): Patriots fans have somehow figured out how to deal with those traffic problems in Santa Clara.

32. Browns (0-11; No. 32): They say they’re not focused on wins and losses. It’s probably safe to go ahead and focus on losses.

Week 11 Power Rankings

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1. Cowboys (8-1; No. 2): It’s only a matter of time before Rob Lowe reports that Tony Romo plans to retire.

2. Raiders (7-2; No. 3): What would have been an excellent bye-week Sunday collapsed quickly, when the Broncos and Chiefs stole late victories.

3. Seahawks (6-2-1; No. 7): They weathered the injury storm while winning. Now, they’ll make their run at the No. 1 seed.

4. Patriots (7-2; last week No. 1): With a pair of home losses this season, maybe they shouldn’t want the top seed in the AFC.

5. Chiefs (7-2; No. 5): The most underrated team in football is 17-2 in its last 19 regular-season games.

6. Broncos (7-3; No. 6): The newest offensive captain may be Captain Clipboard if he doesn’t turn it around.

7. Falcons (6-4; No. 4): Championship-caliber teams find ways to win on the road against non-championship-caliber teams.

8. Lions (5-4; No. 9): The Lions would like to take more Sundays off, if it means watching the other three teams in their division lose.

9. Giants (6-3; No. 12): If they get to the playoffs, they can get to the Super Bowl. Especially with strong line play on both sides of the ball.

10. Texans (6-3; No. 10): The win-the-ones-they-should, lose-the-ones-they-should formula continues.

11. Washington (5-3-1; No. 11): Kirk Cousins has a new catch phrase. Like most sequels, it stinks.

12. Dolphins (5-4; No. 15): The Dolphins are winning just enough games to spark unrealistic expectations for 2017.

13. Packers (4-5; No. 8): I’d be a highly successful coach, too, if I fell into a team that had Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers on the roster.

14. Eagles (5-4; No. 16): The worst team in the best division in football is still the worst team in the division.

15. Ravens (5-4; No. 20): The best team in the worst division in football is still the best team in the division.

16. Vikings (5-4; No. 13): Cutting a kicker who can’t make kicks means the Vikings will soon be losing games by fewer points.

17. Bills (4-5; No. 17): The Bills need to start a new winning streak soon, or Rex Ryan will again be in danger of losing his job.

18. Titans (5-5; No. 25): If they keep improving, the Titans could not only win the division but also a couple of playoff games.

19. Steelers (4-5; No. 14): It’s easy to have only three coaches since 1969 when fan expectations are met far more often than not. It’s harder to keep it going when the team begins to consistently underachieve.

20. Bengals (3-5-1; No. 18): Before putting Marvin Lewis on the hot seat, keep in mind that he’s done very well over the years — and that owner Mike Brown doesn’t like to pay people to not work for him.

21. Saints (4-5; No. 19): They’ll keep scratching and clawing in a division that remains relatively wide open, but Thursday night’s visit to Carolina feels like an elimination game.

22. Cardinals (4-4-1; No. 21): Barely beating the 49ers in the first game after the bye doesn’t bode well for these birds.

23. Buccaneers (4-5; No. 23): This team is simply a little consistency, maturity, and continuity away from becoming a contender.

24. Colts (4-5; No. 24): That “defining” game seems a little looser and flabbier now that the Packers gave up 47 in Tennessee.

25. Chargers (4-6; No. 22): The way the season has gone, it would have been more appropriate for the stadium vote to prevail until the last precinct’s ballots were counted.

26. Rams (4-5; No. 27): The L.A. Rams are doing their best to mimic the L.A. Kings, on the scoreboard.

27. Panthers (3-6; No. 26): I’m still not ready to put a fork in them. Frankly, it could be time to insert all available cutlery.

28. Jets (3-7; No. 28): Get ready for Woody Johnson to start issuing votes of confidence.

29. Bears (2-7; No. 29): If Alshon Jeffery was indeed using PEDs, his stats suggest they weren’t working.

30. Jaguars (2-7; No. 30): Blake Bortles has gotten so adept at throwing interceptions, he would win a game of interception H-O-R-S-E.

31. 49ers (1-8; No. 31): It’s a good thing the 49ers aren’t facing an elite team with a chip on its shoulder this weekend. Oh wait.

32. Browns (0-10; No. 32): The Browns say Hue Jackson will return next year. Which means that, if the Browns lose their next six games, he’ll be the first coach in NFL history to go 0-17.

Week 10 Power Rankings

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1. Patriots (7-1; last week No. 1): Making New England Dominant Again.

2. Cowboys (7-1; No. 2): Making Jerry Find Gloryhole Again.

3. Raiders (7-2; No. 4): Making The Silver And Black Relevant Again.

4. Falcons (6-3; No. 5): Making Matt Ryan A Franchise Quarterback Again.

5. Chiefs (6-2; No. 6): Making Alex Smith Have A Concussion Unless He Doesn’t Again.

6. Broncos (6-3; No. 3): Making The Broncos Passing Game Mediocre Again.

7. Seahawks (5-2-1; No. 9): Making Russell Wilson Mobile Again.

8. Packers (4-4; No. 7): Making Aaron Rodgers Salty Again.

9. Lions (5-4; No. 15): Making Matt Millen Look Incompetent Again.

10. Texans (5-3; No. 11): Making The Super Bowl Host Team Curse Work Again.

11. Washington (4-3-1; No. 12): Making Josh Norman’s Pockets Lighter Again.

12. Giants (5-3; No. 14): Making The Defense Work Again.

13. Vikings (5-3; No. 10): Making Blair Walsh Miss Again.

14. Steelers (4-4; No. 8): Making Onside Kicks Fun Again.

15. Dolphins (4-4; No. 20): Making An Aqua Uniform With A Marine Mammal On The Helmet Intimidating Again.

16. Eagles (4-4; No. 13): Making Carson Wentz Look Like A Rookie Again.

17. Bills (4-5; No. 16): Making 47-Yard Field Goal Attempts Interesting Again.

18. Bengals (3-4-1; No. 18): Making The Playoffs And Exiting Quickly Again.

19. Saints (4-4; No. 22): Making The Postseason Attainable Again.

20. Ravens (4-4; No. 24): Making Mike Wallace Mike Wallace Again.

21. Cardinals (3-4-1; No. 21): Making Carson Palmer Kevin Kolb Again.

22. Chargers (4-5; No. 23): Making Threats Of Moving Again.

23. Buccaneers (3-5; No. 17): Making Home Fans Leave Early Again.

24. Colts (4-5; No. 27): Making Banners To Hang At The Home Stadium Again.

25. Titans (4-5; No. 19): Making Fans Believe They Can Become A Contender Again.

26. Panthers (3-5; No. 26): Making An Unexpected Run After Being Written Off By Everyone Again.

27. Rams (3-5; No. 25): Making It To 7-9 Again. If They’re Lucky.

28. Jets (3-6; No. 28): Making It Hard To Sell Tickets And PSLs Again.

29. Bears (2-6; No. 29): Making Chicagoans Watch Game Seven Of The World Series Again.

30. Jaguars (2-6; No. 30): Making Some Wish For Tom Coughlin Again.

31. 49ers (1-7; No. 31): Making A Mutual Parting Likely Again.

32. Browns (0-9; No. 32): Making Sadness In The Factory Again.

Week Nine Power Rankings

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1. Patriots (7-1; last week No. 1): If the offense is capable of scoring 41 points per game, they can trade Jamie Collins. And anyone else on the defense.

2. Cowboys (6-1; No. 2): The smartest thing the Cowboys ever did was focus on building a quality offensive line.

3. Broncos (6-2; No. 6): They’re far from dominant, but they’re good enough to be in the right place at the right time to qualify for another Super Bowl.

4. Raiders (6-2; No. 10): If they want to be taken seriously, they need a signature win. The next chance for one comes on Sunday night.

5. Falcons (5-3; No. 7): The Second Annual Midseason Swoon ended early.

6. Chiefs (5-2; No. 9): Alex Smith has a concussion. Unless he doesn’t. Unless he does. Unless he doesn’t.

7. Packers (4-3; No. 5): Every NFC contender should hope that the Packers don’t make it to the playoffs.

8. Steelers (4-3; No. 8): They need to get Ben back, sooner than later.

9. Seahawks (4-2-1; No. 4): The Seahawks should be thinking about giving Russell Wilson a week or two off in order to get him healthy for the playoff run. Or there won’t be one.

10. Vikings (5-2; No. 3): But for the presence of plenty of mediocre teams below them, the Vikings would have fallen on this list like a rock tied to an anchor in a sack full of cement blocks.

11. Texans (5-3; No. 16): They continue to win the ones they should, and lose the ones they should.

12. Washington (4-3-1; No. 12): They may be better than they were a year ago. The only problem is that the rest of the division is a lot better.

13. Eagles (4-3; No. 13): They’re better than expected, but still not nearly good enough.

14. Giants (4-3; No. 14): They’re better than expected, but still not nearly good enough.

15. Lions (4-4; No. 11): Two games in 18 days against Minnesota will go a long way toward determining whether the Lions really are any better than they’ve been.

16. Bills (4-4; No. 15): Sure, they lost. But Sunday’s game could be the moment on which a new trend emerged regarding the ritual of throwing specific things onto the field.

17. Buccaneers (3-4; No. 18): All those fans who didn’t sell their tickets to Raiders fans surely wish they did.

18. Bengals (3-4-1; No. 19): Years of free-agency losses and coaching promotions have caught up with the Bengals.

19. Titans (4-4; No. 23): Of all the teams in the AFC South, this is the one that could be best built to thrive in January.

20. Dolphins (3-4; No. 20): Check the schedule. This percolating team could be getting very hot, quickly.

21. Cardinals (3-4-1; No. 17): The window by all appearances has slammed shut.

22. Saints (3-4; No. 26): Quietly, the Saints are racking up victories and becoming more and more relevant.

23. Chargers (3-5; No. 21): The Chargers would be leading three or four other divisions.

24. Ravens (3-4; No. 24): If the Ravens ever are going to wake up, it needs to happen now.

25. Rams (3-4; No. 25): A division title isn’t out of the question, given how bad their division suddenly is.

26. Panthers (2-5; No. 27): At a time when they’ve been trying to turn the page on 2015, a back-to-the-future moment against Arizona may have down the trick.

27. Colts (3-5; No. 22): Chuck Pagano says Sunday’s game at Green Bay is a “defining moment” for the team. But we already know the definition of the term “crappy underachievers.”

28. Jets (3-5; No. 29): Maybe the offense should consist of a direct snap to Matt Forte on every play.

29. Bears (2-6; No. 31): Jay Cutler definitely wasn’t who Bears fans thought he was.

30. Jaguars (2-5; No. 28): “So I get paid for the rest of the year and I no longer have to run this crappy offense? Thanks!”

31. 49ers (1-6; No. 30): With a bizarre dispute emerging in Santa Clara, the 49ers somehow managed to lose in the bye week, too.

32. Browns (0-8; No. 32): There aren’t many/any obvious chances to win at least one game in the second half of the season.

Week Eight Power Rankings

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1. Patriots (6-1; last week No. 2): They may be here for a while, especially if they can avenge their only loss of the season to date.

2. Cowboys (5-1; No. 4): A return to glory is entirely possible.

3. Vikings (5-1; No. 1): They weren’t going to win them all. On Sunday, they wouldn’t have won against anyone.

4. Seahawks (4-1-1; No. 3): There’s a sense that the wheels could come off at any point for this team. There’s also a sense they’ll eventually mash on the gas pedal. It remains to be seen which one happens first.

5. Packers (4-2; No. 7): As long as they play inferior opponents, the offense will look just fine.

6. Broncos (5-2; No. 9): “This one’s for Brock.”

7. Falcons (4-3; No. 5): The Second Annual Collapse has begun. How long will it last?

8. Steelers (4-3; No. 8): Linebacker Ryan Shazier says the team is “garbage” right now. Plenty of teams would love to smell that bad.

9. Chiefs (4-2; No. 12): This may be the one team no one wants to play in January.

10. Raiders (5-2; No. 13): Maybe they should start their home games at 10:00 a.m. PT, too.

11. Lions (4-3; No. 18): Maybe Matthew Stafford will start getting the credit he deserves.

12. Washington (4-3; No. 6): The closest this team will come to No. 1 happened on the sideline of Sunday’s game in Detroit.

13. Eagles (4-2; No. 15): Shrugging off a couple of losses and three first-quarter turnovers from  Carson Wentz, the Eagles have re-established themselves as an unlikely postseason contender.

14. Giants (4-3; No. 17): Based on his interception return for a touchdown against the Rams, maybe Landon Collins should play running back.

15. Bills (4-3; No. 10): The Bills last swept the Patriots in the same year the Bills last went to the playoffs. Ending one streak on Sunday would go a long way toward ending the other one.

16. Texans (4-3; No. 11): They could have won the division and made a quick exit from the playoffs by spending a lot less than $18 million per year on a quarterback.

17. Cardinals (3-3-1; No. 14): They get a chance to exorcise their lingering 2015 demons with a trip back to Charlotte. And if the Cardinals lose this one, it could be over.

18. Buccaneers (3-3; No. 20): The next two games will tell us plenty about whether this team is ready to contend.

19. Bengals (3-4; No. 21): They’ll fly a long way to try to extend the winning streak against former Bengals offensive coordinators to two.

20. Dolphins (3-4; No. 25): At a time when plenty of NFL players are the last ones to realize it’s over, Arian Foster deserves credit for being quick to admit it.

21. Chargers (3-4; No. 26): Could this be the best team in the division?

22. Colts (3-4; No. 28): Could this be the best team in the division?

23. Titans (3-4; No. 16): This could have been the best team in the division.

24. Ravens (3-4; No. 19): This could be a problem for John Harbaugh, eventually.

25. Rams (3-4; No. 22): This could be the formula for 7-9.

26. Saints (2-4; No. 23): This could be a little awkward when Jimmy Graham returns to New Orleans on Sunday.

27. Panthers (1-5; No. 27): This could be the first step in a slow climb out of the basement.

28. Jaguars (2-4; No. 24): If they don’t win in the Star Trek uniforms, Gus Bradley could be teleported to a new job.

29. Jets (2-5; No. 29): “How dare you react to the fact that I wasn’t good at my job.”

30. 49ers (1-6; No. 30): Those “traffic problems” in Santa Clara that made the stadium seem sparsely attended for a Thursday night game are here to stay.

31. Bears (1-6; No. 31): The Cubs are providing the Bears with the cover they need to keep stinking.

32. Browns (0-7; No. 32): The Indians are providing the Browns with the cover they need to keep stinking.

Week Seven Power Rankings

1. Vikings (5-0; last week No. 1): This weekend on FOX, the Vikings and Sammy Bradfridgewater visit the Eagles.

2. Patriots (5-1; No. 2): They weren’t necessarily crisp or dominant, and they still beat the Bengals by 18. In other words, it could be time to clear another spot in the trophy case.

3. Seahawks (4-1; No. 3): They haven’t been necessarily crisp or dominant all year, and they still keep winning. In other words, it could be time to secure the No. 1 seed in the NFC, again.

4. Cowboys (5-1; No. 10): America’s Team faces a decision almost as difficult as the one America faces.

5. Falcons (4-2; No. 6): A game-deciding non-call could end up deciding the fate of a team that now may be more likely to have to go back to Seattle in the playoffs.

6. Washington (4-2; No. 11): Where did the “Kirk Cousins can’t win without Jordan Reed” crowd go?

7. Packers (3-2; No. 3): Good news . . . the Packers traded for Knile Davis. Bad news . . . he doesn’t play quarterback.

8. Steelers (4-2; No. 5): A potentially special season is going to be derailed by an inability to beat not-so-special teams on the road.

9. Broncos (4-2; No. 7): The defense is somehow better. The offense is somehow worse.

10. Bills (4-2; No. 14): Are the Bills for real? They next two games (at Miami, vs. New England) will provide the answer.

11. Texans (4-2; No. 12): Winning games they should win will get them to the playoffs. Winning games they shouldn’t will get them to the Super Bowl.

12. Chiefs (3-2; No. 15): “Hungry Pig Right” isn’t just a barnyard warning.

13. Raiders (4-2; No. 8): Every time it looks like the Raiders are ready to be the Raiders again, they remind us that they’re not.

14. Cardinals (3-3; No. 18): David Johnson will soon be the best running back in the NFL. And by soon I mean right now.

15. Eagles (3-2; No. 9): The bye week was the equivalent of Samson getting a flattop.

16. Titans (3-3; No. 21): Kendall Wright has given the passing game a new dynamic, and the Titans are moving toward relevance, and the playoffs.

17. Giants (3-3; No. 22): With Odell Beckham Jr., the good outweighs the bad. But the corny outweighs both.

18. Lions (3-3; No. 23): The fact that the offense hasn’t missed a beat without Calvin Johnson needs to be remembered when it’s time to consider him for the Hall of Fame.

19. Ravens (3-3; No. 13): They’re performing well despite plenty of injuries, but the injuries are doing just enough to keep them from winning.

20. Buccaneers (2-3; No. 19): With three straight home games on the horizon and an 0-2 record in Tampa, the stands may soon be more full during a lightning delay.

21. Bengals (2-4; No. 16): Hue Jackson returns to Cincinnati with a team sufficiently talented to drop the Bengals even farther down this list.

22. Rams (3-3; No. 17): With the Rams in London, blue and yellow spotlights will be directed at Big Ben each night this week between the hours of 7-9.

23. Saints (2-3; No. 25): However this season turns out, Drew Brees is cementing his case for Canton.

24. Jaguars (2-3; No. 26): When the Raiders come to town, Jack Del Rio finally will get a chance to take a swim in a Jacksonville pool without paying the water bill.

25. Dolphins (2-4; No. 28): Most quarterbacks will perform well with good blocking, and most won’t without it.

26. Chargers (2-4; No. 31): Mike McCoy may have saved his job on Thursday night, but with games at Atlanta and Denver coming, the reprieve may be temporary.

27. Panthers (1-5; No. 20): A 10-game season starts after the bye, and the Panthers are still good enough to win most of them.

28. Colts (2-4; No. 24): Coach Chuck Pagano is “encouraged” by the team’s performance on Sunday night, which makes sense only if he’s hoping for a three-year buyout.

29. Jets (1-5; No. 27): If the Jets are going to use Geno Smith as a relief pitcher, they should consider firing up the bullpen before it’s 28-3.

30. 49ers (1-5; No. 29): Has any franchise gone from perennial contender to perennial laughingstock more quickly?

31. Bears (1-5; No. 30): Another week, another one-win team heads to prime-time.

32. Browns (0-6; No. 32): The Cavs and Indians have given the Browns perfect cover for a full-season tank.

Week Six Power Rankings

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1. Vikings (5-0; last week No. 2): They’re averaging one win per injured offensive starter.

2. Patriots (4-1; No. 4): If #Tommy throws for 406 yards when he’s rusty, what will he do when he’s not?

3. Packers (3-1; No. 3): Defensive improvements are making up for an inconsistent offense.

4. Seahawks (3-1; No. 6): Soon, they’ll be vying for the top spot.

5. Steelers (4-1; No. 7): Soon, they’ll be vying for the top spot.

6. Falcons (4-1; No. 8): Soon, they’ll be vying for the top spot.

7. Broncos (4-1; No. 1): Soon, they could be in third place in their own division.

8. Raiders (4-1; No. 11): Soon, they could be holding another Super Bowl trophy.

9. Eagles (3-1; No. 5): The next hurdle for the new-look Eagles will be to learn how to win close games.

10. Cowboys (4-1; No. 12): Dak or Romo? With Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys arguably can’t go wrong.

11. Washington (3-2; No. 17): Those two losses to start the season got everyone to write them off, which is when they tend to play their best.

12. Texans (3-2; No. 10): Another year, another postseason berth with an early exit.

13. Ravens (3-2; No. 13): If you’re a failed former NFC North coach, you may be on the short list to be the next offensive coordinator.

14. Bills (3-2; No. 21): With wins over Arizona and L.A., the Bills may be the best team in the NFC West.

15. Chiefs (2-2; No. 16): Andy Reid takes his excellent post-bye record to Oakland for a revival of one of the great rivalries in the NFL.

16. Bengals (2-3; No. 14): Being the best team in Ohio will take the Bengals only so far.

17. Rams (3-2; No. 15): “Maybe we should have announced the double-secret Jeff Fisher extension before the Bills game.”

18. Cardinals (2-3; No. 19): It’s not over, but it still feels like it hasn’t gotten started.

19. Buccaneers (2-3; No. 23): 4-for-8 is acceptable for Roberto — but only if his last name was Clemente.

20. Panthers (1-4; No. 9): It’s officially time to panic.

21. Titans (2-3; No. 24): Don’t go to sleep on the Titans, even though watching their games may put you there.

22. Giants (2-3; No. 18): Yep, it was all Tom Coughlin’s fault.

23. Lions (2-3; No. 30): A much-needed win for Jim Caldwell could be the spark of confidence this team needs. To get to 7-9.

24. Colts (2-3; No. 28): Sunday’s win delays the inevitable implosion, and when it happens it will be everyone’s fault except the front office’s.

25. Saints (1-3; No. 25): Not long ago, they fought the Panthers for division supremacy. Now, they’ll be battling with them for the basement.

26. Jaguars (1-3; No. 26): Another post-London surge won’t be easy, with five of the next seven games on the road.

27. Jets (1-4; No. 20): How long until Woody Johnson hits the reset button, again?

28. Dolphins (1-4; No. 22): At least those new chairs in the refurbished stadium won’t be absorbing much wear and tear.

29. 49ers (1-4; No. 27): “Traffic problems” will plague the first quarter of every home game. And the second. And the third. And the fourth.

30. Bears (1-4; No. 29): The Bears have no plan at quarterback. Or at any other level or aspect of the organization.

31. Chargers (1-4; No. 31): With a stadium election looming, the Chargers are doing their best to attract the pity demographic.

32. Browns (0-5; No. 32): They’re gradually proving Brian Billick right.

Week Five Power Rankings

Getty Images

1. Broncos (4-0; last week No. 1): A perfect opportunity for a Paxton Lynch test drive has fallen into Denver’s lap.

2. Vikings (4-0; No. 3): When Blair Walsh misses a key field goal in the postseason, I’ll try not to say, “I told you so.”

3. Packers (2-1; No. 5): If there ever was a perfect time for presidential candidates to say something dumb about Wisconsin, Sunday night’s debate will be it.

4. Patriots (3-1; No. 2): Bye bye #Jimmy and #Jacoby; #Tommy is back.

5. Eagles (3-0; No. 6): How much will a too-early bye week disrupt the team’s momentum?

6. Seahawks (3-1; No. 8): By Thanksgiving if not sooner, this team could be No. 1.

7. Steelers (3-1; No. 9): Ben Roethlisberger is putting the finishing touches on his Hall of Fame credentials.

8. Falcons (3-1; No. 13): With no Roddy White around to disrupt the locker room by complaining about his lack of touches, maybe there won’t be a midseason swoon this year.

9. Panthers (1-3; No. 4): The time to panic is arriving.

10. Texans (3-1; No. 10): With a trip to Minnesota looming, Brock Osweiler could be walking into another buzzsaw this weekend.

11. Raiders (3-1; No. 15): Michael Crabtree has finally found a Bay Area quarterback who can get him the football in the end zone.

12. Cowboys (3-1; No. 12): Things are setting up nicely for Tony Romo’s return in Week Eight. And Dak Prescott’s inevitable return in Week Nine.

13. Ravens (3-1; No. 7): There’s a fine line between finding ways to win and finding ways to lose.

14. Bengals (2-2; No. 17): They may get a chance to lose another playoff game, after all.

15. Rams (3-1; No. 19): They may that seventh win a lot earlier than usual.

16. Chiefs (2-2; No. 11): “Thanks for waking up the giant, Doug.”

17. Washington (2-2; No. 24): Josh Norman would be even better if he used actual bows and arrows during games.

18. Giants (2-2; No. 14): OBJ’s fuse is getting shorter than . . . we all know where I’m going with this, right?

19. Cardinals (1-3; No. 16): From All or Nothing to Nothing and Nothing.

20. Jets (1-3; No. 18): Brandon Marshall is going down with the boat. The name of the boat is The Orca.

21. Bills (2-2; No. 25): Rex Ryan is still a better coach than reporter.

22. Dolphins (1-3; No. 20): Good news, Dolphins, you have four straight home games. Bad news, Dolphins fans, they have four straight home games.

23. Buccaneers (1-3; No. 21): Jameis Winston isn’t regressing; the rest of the league is improving.

24. Titans (1-3; No. 22): They’re keeping games close, which definitely represents progress.

26. Saints (1-3; No. 29): Could Drew Brees be the NFL’s first MVP from a team with a losing record?

28. Jaguars (1-3; No. 30): The Jaguars typically get better after playing in London; they can’t get much worse.

27. 49ers (1-3; No. 26): When they have seven months to get ready for a game, they’re unbeatable.

28. Colts (1-3; No. 23): With no help around him, Andrew Luck is aging faster than a president.

29. Bears (1-3; No. 32): The Bears’ next franchise quarterback is in college. Or in high school. Or in diapers.

30. Lions (1-3; No. 27): Golden Tate wasn’t benched; he was promoted to non-playing status.

31. Chargers (1-3; No. 28): The best way to win the stadium-funding vote in San Diego could be to find another team to play there.

32. Browns (0-4; No. 31): The Browns found out the hard way that they apparently are using the little-known two-football rule in Washington.

Week Four Power Rankings


1. Broncos (3-0; last week No. 1): Maybe they shouldn’t have drafted Paxton Lynch, after all.

2. Patriots (3-0; No. 2): Maybe they should have drafted Paxton Lynch (if they’d had a first-round pick).

3. Vikings (3-0; No. 6): Defense and coaching are great, offense is good enough. But here’s hoping they don’t need a field goal in the playoffs. Or an extra point.

4. Panthers (1-2; No. 3): Sure, no team with a losing record has ever landed this high. But no elite team has faced defenses like Denver’s and Minnesota’s in the first three games of a season.

5. Packers (2-1; No. 8): The offense is fixed. As long as they play the Lions every week.

6. Eagles (3-0; No. 19): That “they haven’t beaten anybody” excuse went out the window on Sunday.

7. Ravens (3-0; No. 11): Winning ugly is always better than losing pretty.

8. Seahawks (2-1; No. 9): With a return to the place where they won a Super Bowl looming, they finally are looking like the team that did.

9. Steelers (2-1; No. 4): The fact that it has been 27 years since the last 31-point loss won’t make Steelers fans feel much better about Sunday’s debacle.

10. Texans (2-1; No. 7):  The good news? The Patriots didn’t score 40 against the Texans this time. The bad news? The Patriots only needed three to win.

11. Chiefs (2-1; No. 12): If they can avoid another slow start, a strong finish could get them a division title and a bye.

12. Cowboys (2-1; No. 14): Once they put Humpty Dumpty back together again and he falls off the wall (again), things won’t may not be as dire.

13. Falcons (2-1; No. 16): Kyle Shanahan may end up being a head coach, after all.

14. Giants (2-1; No. 13): The kicking net was one unsportsmanlike conduct foul away from being ejected.

15. Raiders (2-1; No. 17): The defense showed up in Nashville, even though the offense almost didn’t.

16. Cardinals (1-2; No. 5): Jake Delhomme says, “Wow, that playoff meltdown has really affected Carson Palmer.”

17. Bengals (1-2; No. 10): It’s impossible to lose in the playoffs for the sixth straight year if you don’t qualify.

18. Jets (1-2; No. 15): The Jets had a come-to-Jesus meeting on Monday. On Sunday against Seattle, their fans could be telling the team to go to hell.

19. Rams (2-1; No. 26): Given Jeff Fisher’s mastery of the Buccaneers, maybe his next job should be in the NFC South.

20. Dolphins (1-2; No. 20): The standings should have a separate category for beating the Browns in overtime, because it doesn’t feel like a win.

21. Buccaneers (1-2; No. 18): The first walk-and-chew-gum test for head coach/playcaller Dirk Koetter didn’t go very well.

22. Titans (1-2; No. 21): There’s a fine line between 3-0 and 1-2, and the Titans are on the wrong side of it.

23. Colts (1-2; No. 25): Win notwithstanding, Andrew Luck is still closer to Archie than Peyton on the Manning scale.

24. Washington (1-2; No. 29): The 2015 version of the team returned, thanks to a cameo appearance from the 2015 version of the Giants.

25. Bills (1-2; No. 31): LeSean McCoy’s hard-charging runs made it clear that he was very happy about the change in coordinators.

26. 49ers (1-2; No. 22): The 49ers are unstoppable, when they have seven months to get ready for a game.

27. Lions (1-2; No. 23): No one expected them to win in Green Bay for a second straight year, but that doesn’t make “1-2” look any better.

28. Chargers (1-2; No. 27): Another week, another season-ending injury to a key player.

29. Saints (0-3; No. 24): If 2017 free agency were to begin right now, the Saints possibly would have a chance to turn things around.

30. Jaguars (0-3; No. 28): “Here are the Jaguars, London. Much earlier than usual. Before they have a really, really bad record.”

31. Browns (0-3; No. 32): Maybe Terrelle Pryor should kick field goals, too.

32. Bears (0-3; No. 30): The Bears aren’t who we thought they were. They’re worse.

Week Three Power Rankings

Getty Images

1. Broncos (2-0; last week No. 1): Does beating the Colts justify hanging a banner? For the Broncos, who had been 1-8 against Indy, it does.

2. Patriots (2-0; No. 2): “Tom Brady isn’t walking through that door, men. Well, at least not for the next 13 days.”

3. Panthers (1-1; No. 3): Scoring 46 is always impressive. Scoring 46 against a team that allowed zero the week before that is even more impressive.

4. Steelers (2-0; No. 5): If Ben Roethlisberger stays healthy, the No. 1 seed isn’t out of the question. (And now I’ve jinxed him.)

5. Cardinals (1-1; No. 6): Maybe every coach should call out multiple players in the media by name.

6. Vikings (2-0; No. 10): Stefon Diggs should brace himself for constant double teams and press coverage.

7. Texans (2-0; No. 12): Isn’t there supposed to be a Super Bowl host curse?

8. Packers (1-1; No. 7): Maybe Mike McCarthy shouldn’t be calling the plays, after all.

9. Seahawks (1-1; No. 4): Russell Wilson needs more nanobubbles.

10. Bengals (1-1; No. 8): Andy Dalton needs a better chinstrap, especially with Von Miller coming to town.

11. Ravens (2-0; No. 13): Maybe every Browns game should begin with the opposing team spotting them 20.

12. Chiefs (1-1; No. 9): The regular-season winning streak ends at 11. Hopefully, the regular-season losing streak won’t hit five, again.

13. Giants (2-0; No. 16): They’re winning games this year that they would have lost last year.

14. Cowboys (1-1; No. 17): The Cowboys pulled off an Olympics-style feat on Sunday; they win once every four years without Tony Romo.

15. Jets (1-1; No. 20): It won’t be easy to win in Kansas City, especially if Brandon Marshall isn’t as “fine” as his head coach said he is.

16. Falcons (1-1; No. 25): No team changes national perceptions of itself faster than the Falcons.

17. Raiders (1-1; No. 11): The lift from winning a game by going for two late apparently lasts less then seven days.

18. Buccaneers (1-1; No. 15): The Bucs won’t have to worry about falling victim to excessive praise anytime soon.

19. Eagles (2-0; No. 26): Don’t like being No. 19, Philly Bro? Beat the Steelers on Sunday.

20. Dolphins (0-2; No. 19): Three years ago, they started 2-0 and collapsed. This year, they started 0-2 and will get it together.

21. Titans (1-1; No. 28): How does a team become relevant? By stealing road games against supposedly better teams.

22. 49ers (1-1; No. 22): Did anyone really expect them to beat the Panthers?

23. Lions (1-1; No. 21): Calvin Johnson may not be a Hall of Famer. Andre Johnson proved why he is, in Calvin’s NFL hometown.

24. Saints (0-2; No. 23): The defense played well, for a change. The offense didn’t, for a change.

25. Colts (0-2; No. 24): “Made Defending Super Bowl Champions Sweat It Out” will be hanging from the rafters this weekend.

26. Rams (1-1; No. 31): Was the Jeff Fisher contract extension not announced after the win over Seattle because so many people expected it to happen?

27. Chargers (1-1; No. 30): Who’s next in the “gone for the year with a torn ACL” rotation?

28. Jaguars (0-2; No. 18): The bandwagon has emptied faster than the bladder of a nine-year old who drank a two-liter bottle of Sprite just before sleeping 12 hours.

29. Washington (0-2; No. 14): A year after we got it wrong by putting them at No. 32 to start the year, maybe we should have put them at No. 32 to start the year.

30. Bears (0-2; No. 27): The Bears are who we thought they were.

31. Bills (0-2; No. 29): Rex Ryan wasn’t the first mother–cker to get fired, after all.

32. Browns (0-2; No. 32): Does it help that the Browns would probably still be 0-2 if they’d picked Carson Wentz.

Week Two Power Rankings

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1. Broncos (1-0; last week No. 1): How many wins will it take for all of the fans to start spelling and/or pronouncing the quarterback’s name properly?

2. Patriots (1-0; No. 3): If Jimmy G. keeps playing like #Tommy, how long will it be until the head coach is taking J.C.’s name in vain at a press conference, again?

3. Panthers (0-1; No. 2): Based on last week, Cam Newton may not be able to play long enough to ever be old enough to get the calls he still isn’t getting.

4. Seahawks (1-0; No. 4): It sure looked like they missed Marshawn Lynch on Sunday, victory notwithstanding.

5. Steelers (1-0; No. 6): The Steel Curtain has been melted down and transformed into a Ginsu Knife.

6. Cardinals (0-1; No. 5): They could have won it late, but if the Cardinals are truly a Super Bowl contender it shouldn’t have been close.

7. Packers (1-0; No. 7): They should add the “Aaron Rodgers throws while being pulled down from behind” play to the Hail Mary as part of the standard offense.

8. Bengals (1-0; No. 8): Stealing a road win against a playoff-caliber team is the kind of thing that will help the Bengals get back to the playoffs a sixth straight time.

9. Chiefs (1-0; No. 10): Like last year, they won in Week One. The next challenge is to avoid five straight losses for the second straight season.

10. Vikings (1-0; No. 11): If the defense can score two touchdowns every week, the Vikings will be just fine without Teddy Bridgewater.

11. Raiders (1-0; No. 12): One-Eyed Jack Del Rio is the perfect coach for a team whose logo wears an eyepatch.

12. Texans (1-0; No. 13): They already have a one-game lead over the rest of the division, and they may never relinquish it.

13. Ravens (1-0; No. 16): With a 13-7 win, Baltimore remains largely off the radar. And that’s exactly how they like it.

14. Washington (0-1; No. 9): Maybe Josh Norman won’t have a pair of battles with Odell Beckham, Jr. this year, after all.

15. Buccaneers (1-0): The nationwide shrugs of the shoulders regarding the win over the Falcons in Atlanta will yield to another bodily activity starting with “sh” if the Bucs beat the Cardinals in Arizona.

16. Giants (1-0; No. 27): The Giants should just buy the naming rights to AT&T Stadium.

17. Cowboys (0-1; No. 14): The good news is that Dak Prescott won’t miss any film-room time this week because he’s sitting for a bronze bust.

18. Jaguars (0-1; No. 18): Opportunity lost is better than opportunity non-existent, I suppose.

19. Dolphins (0-1; No. 19): See No. 18.

20. Jets (0-1; No. 17): See No. 19.

21. Lions (1-0; No. 23): If Calvin Johnson hadn’t retired, he possibly would have generated 300 receiving yards against the Colts.

22. 49ers (1-0; No. 28): For the second straight year, the 49ers chalked up a big win at home in prime time over a playoff contender. Here’s hoping the rest of 2015 doesn’t get duplicated.

23. Saints (0-1; No. 22): Only four times has a team lost by giving up a two-point conversion in the final minute of a regular-season game. The Saints have done it twice, both times at home.

24. Colts (0-1; No. 15): If they couldn’t put a good team around Andrew Luck when he was playing under his rookie deal, how will they do it now that he’s the highest-paid player in the game?

25. Falcons (0-1; No. 24): So far, the Pete Carroll coaching tree is looking the twig under which Charlie Brown puts his Christmas presents.

26. Eagles (1-0; No. 31): A win is a win is a win, even when the win comes against a team that some think should be relegated to the CFL.

27. Bears (0-1; No. 25): With the Eagles coming back to town for a Monday night game, some fans may be hoping for a return of the fog, for reasons other than nostalgia.

28. Titans (0-1; No. 26): It’s hard to harmonize “exotic smash mouth” running with “close your eyes and hope for the best” quarterbacking.

29. Bills (0-1; No. 29): The Sammy-Watkins-foot-is-bothering-him-unless-it-isn’t routine sums up the current state of the franchise perfectly.

30. Chargers (0-1; No. 30): Somehow, this is all Joey Bosa’s fault, right?

31. Rams (0-1; No. 21): Jeff Fisher didn’t want to be 7-9 again. He likely won’t be, but not in the way he had hoped.

32. Browns (0-1; No. 32): If you had Week One in the RGIII injury sweepstakes, enjoy the fruits of your even-money wager.

PFT’s Week One Power Rankings

Getty Images

[Editor’s note: Every Tuesday during the season, PFT posts a top-to-bottom list of all teams in the league. This week’s opening effort comes a day early, with yet another money-back guarantee. To all of the fans of the teams in the second half of the rankings, keep two things in mind: (1) someone had to be there; and (2) this list and a dollar will buy you a newspaper, if they actually still sell newspapers.]

1. Broncos (0-0): The defending champion gets two things: A regular-season home opener on Thursday night (unless the local baseball team is in town) and the top spot in the initial PFT power rankings until they lose. Which could happen very, very soon.

2. Panthers (0-0): Three straight division titles, a 15-1 regular season in 2015, the reigning league MVP, and a general sense that the team isn’t getting nearly enough respect.

3. Patriots (0-0): Even without Tom Brady for four weeks and the Broncos clutching the latest Lombardi Trophy, the Patriots are still the team to beat in the AFC.

4. Seahawks (0-0): They got better last year after Marshawn Lynch was injured. Now that he’s gone for good, they may be as good as they were in 2013.

5. Cardinals (0-0): “All or Nothing” ultimately ended up in “nothing” last year. Whether they get the “all” in 2016 depends on whether they get “anything” out of Carson Palmer when it counts.

6. Steelers (0-0): The defense quietly has improved to the point where not having Martavis Bryant for a year or Le’Veon Bell for three weeks doesn’t really matter.

7. Packers (0-0): Yes, they would have been higher if they hadn’t dumped Josh Sitton on Saturday.

8. Bengals (0-0): If Andy Dalton runs his ass to the sideline, the Bengals may be riding to their first playoff win since the week before they destroyed Bo Jackson’s hip.

9. Washington (0-0): Coach Jay Gruden used his team’s placement on this list at No. 32 last year as motivation. This year, he’ll have to find motivation somewhere else.

10. Chiefs (0-0): With all the talk about the Broncos fading and the Raiders rising, the Chiefs get lost in the shuffle. They won’t once the games begin.

11. Vikings (0-0): Whether the Sam Bradford trade becomes Herschel Walker Part II or the Second Coming of Randall Cunningham remains to be seen. The rest of the roster is good enough to keep the team on the fringes of the top 10, for now.

12. Raiders (0-0): Expectations for 2016 may be a bit high, but the Raiders are on the verge of bringing a much-needed Darth Vader vibe back to the NFL, allowing the league office to perhaps stop being the primary villain in the nation’s ultimate reality show.

13. Texans (0-0): The division is tightening up; as long as Brock Osweiler doesn’t, they should win the division.

14. Cowboys (0-0): Dak Prescott will soon learn the difference between preseason and regular-season games.

15. Colts (0-0): Andrew Luck currently is closer to Archie than Peyton on the Manning scale, and Luck can thank the organization for that.

16. Ravens (0-0): If they can stay healthy, they can get back to the playoffs and give the Patriots all they can handle, again.

17. Jets (0-0): The Jets surely hope that, when it’s time for Ryan Fitzpatrick to perform in the clutch, he’ll perform better than their offseason contract offers to him suggest.

18. Jaguars (0-0): How will the franchise respond to the sudden weight of outside expectations and not-so-subtle internal mandates? We’re about to find out when the Packers roll into town.

19. Dolphins (0-0): The Dolphins are on the right track. The question is how long it will take to get to the destination.

20. Buccaneers (0-0): Few teams in the 20s ever have a realistic chance to get all the way to the Super Bowl. This one does.

21. Rams (0-0): The Climb to 7-9 begins, with the latest evidence of the same-old outcome coming from the failure of the No. 1 overall pick to be higher than No. 3 on the depth chart.

22. Saints (0-0): The Saints love being off the radar this year. They definitely are, at least for now. It may not last long.

23. Lions (0-0): If Calvin Johnson truly is a Hall of Famer (he’s not), not having him will be anything but a good thing for the Lions.

24. Falcons (0-0): Someone has to be in the fourth spot in the most wide-open division in football. And the Falcons could still find a way to win the thing.

25. Bears (0-0): The defense will be better in Year Two of the John Fox regime, but it’s hard to think the offense will be as good with Adam Gase and Matt Forte gone.

26. Titans (0-0): To get respect, a team has to earn it. Lately, the Titans haven’t. They have a great chance to starting doing it with the Vikings coming to town to start the season.

27. Giants (0-0): Am I convinced that firing Tom Coughlin, keeping everyone else, and promoting Ben McAdoo will make the team better? The placement of the team says it all.

28. 49ers (0-0): The Colin Kaepernick situation has become a nice distraction from the rest-of-the-roster situation.

29. Bills (0-0): It’s always better to easily overcome a low bar set by someone else that to run under a high bar set by yourself.

30. Chargers (0-0): If you climb out of this hole by November and more people vote for the hotel tax, you can thank us.

31. Eagles (0-0): Fly, Eagles, fly. Right into a window, given the decision to start the season with a former FBS quarterback who already has bad ribs.

32. Browns (0-0): Someone has to be in this spot, even when everyone is 0-0. Some think the Browns secretly hope to be in this spot when the season ends, so that they can land DeShaun Watson.