Turd Watch

Police Blotter



Everyone in the organization is eligible.  Players, coaches, owners, front-office employees, etc.  If the person works for the team and is arrested, the points will be assigned.  The term “players” includes players on the roster, the practice squad, and any of the various “reserve” lists (with the exception of “reserve-retired”).  The scoring system is simple.  Seven points for a felony arrest, and seven for a conviction.  Three points for a misdemeanor arrest, and three more for a conviction.  If there are multiple charges, the points will stack.

For the purposes of the Turd Watch III scoring, a conviction includes a guilty plea, a plea of no contest, and the entry into a diversion program.

However, if the team cuts the player (or fires the employee) within seven days after an arrest, the points will be removed.


Turd Watch III is a device for tracking and publicizing player arrests and convictions.  Though some might find the name to be unpleasant, NFL scouts, coaches, players, and agents commonly use the term “turd” in reference to guys who are, well, turds.

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