Rams coach Scott Linehan benched quarterback Marc Bulger this week in a desperate attempt to turn things around for the worst team in the league.
But not everyone in the Rams’ locker room thinks Linehan made the right move in going with Trent Green.
Rams running back Steven Jackson said in a radio appearance Thursday that benching Bulger was the “wrong decision.”
“He’s our general,” said Jackson, who added that he has nothing against Green — he just doesn’t think you give a quarterback like Bulger a $60 million contract, as the Rams did last year, to sit him on the bench.
And, in perhaps the worst news of all for Linehan, Jackson said he thinks Bulger is so mad that even if Linehan were to change his mind again, Bulger might simply be unwilling to play. Jackson added that he knows he has teammates who agree with him that Linehan has botched the quarterback situation.
“I’m not the only one who feels this way,” Jackson said.
The situation in St. Louis is a mess.


  1. Jackson may be wrong to say it out loud, but he’s right about the benching. Like it was Bulger’s fault he never had a second to throw? What is Green gonna do behind that cluster of an o-line?

  2. I personally like the move, I hate when teams are tied to players because of money. Make the tough decisions, fans want change, give it to them. Maybe Green isn’t the answer, but Bulger is certaintly not getting it done. Sit him for a game or two if need be, maybe some time on the bench will wake him up, it sometimes works for MLB pitchers.

  3. My thoughts exactly! The line is terrible! You could have Brady, one of the Manning boys or whoever as your QB. If your line’s not doing their job, your QB is screwed, end of story!

  4. “What is Green gonna do behind that cluster of an o-line? ”
    Probably get another concussion. He’s crazy for even playing after two serious concussions in two seasons.

  5. Jackson should shut up and play football.
    Trent Green might not be the answer but maybe being on the sideline will keep Bulger from getting killed until the OLine comes together.

  6. As an Oaklnd fan, I would like to thank the Rams personally for their valiant attempts to wrest the Crown of Dysfunction from the Raiders.

  7. We’ll see how Bulger does this weekend. I think the betting is even money on Trent Green getting knocked out of the game with a bad hit. I wish that dude would retire, for his own health.
    Yeah, the only way to fix this problem is to fire the coach. No way this team gets any better with him there.

  8. Jackson said what most people are thinking. If Green gets tagged, he’ll be getting coloring books for Christmas…..dumb move on Linehan’s part. He’s putting his own job security ahead of Green’s health in my opiniom.

  9. This is not going to last very long, Green will have a concussion about three plays into the game with the O-line employing the Matador technique…

  10. Hey, I’ll take $60 mil to sit on the bench and not get the snot knocked out of me every week because of a pathetic O-Line.

  11. We have a lot more issues that Bulger here in STL, like not being able to draft. Donnie Avery as the first receiver taken? Was he even in the top 10 on anyone’s board?

  12. That’s very classy of a player so mad that he’ll refuse to play, even after signing a $60 million contract like Jackson said. yet another argument against players getting guaranteed contracts. I love the NFL, but these players, who proclaim themselves to be the toughest of any sport are by far the biggest bitches of them all.

  13. If there really is a football God, the schedule magically will change and it will put St. Louis against Kansas City for the rest of the year every week. Nobody is going to watch either of them play, so why not just have them play each other.
    Still not sure which team is worse…..

  14. If Jackson wanted to be heard… he should have shown up for camp and participated with his teammates.
    Steven you got your money now STFU and try to get me double-digit fantasy points for just ONE week… please.

  15. The Rams are going to go 1-15, and so are Detroit. That means unless some teams go 15-1/14-2, 10-6 might not be enough to get you into the NFC playoffs.

  16. Why is it that all of us losers on here feel free to criticize crazy decisions (like starting Trent Green) but when Jackson, who’s not just some fan but an actual teammate who’s actually affected by that decision, criticizes that crazy decision, half the guys on here say “shut the fok up and play.” I guess fans have the First Amendment but players don’t?

  17. Who knows…
    sometimes teams play UP with a ‘spark’ like Linehan is lighting.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the O linemen play the best they have this season, just to prove it’s Bulger and not them that sucks.

  18. “As an Oaklnd fan, I would like to thank the Rams personally for their valiant attempts to wrest the Crown of Dysfunction from the Raiders. ”
    Let’s not get carried away. As long as Al is able to draw one more breath, the crown is not in danger.
    Bulger is too overrated for the money he makes. If he wants to cry and refuse to go in the game, he’ll be in violation of his contract so I doubt he’s going to pass on that big paycheck that no one else will give him. If the team is losing and can’t score points, it’s time to change. If anything, Bulger needs to tell his overrated RB to STFU. It’s Jackson putting him behind the 8-ball.

  19. Turns out Kurt Warner getting the shaft from Martz back in the day was teh best thing that’s ever happened to him. He’s gotta be glad to be out of there. Now he’s looking pretty good as the starting QB of a promising young team with probably the best recieving duo in the league.

  20. over under on how many games the Rams win, 2. what does PFT Planet think?
    Sept. 28 BUFFALO BILLS
    Oct. 5 BYE
    Oct. 12 at Washington Redskins
    Oct. 26 at New England Patriots
    Nov. 9 at New York Jets
    Nov. 16 at San Francisco
    Dec. 7 at Arizona Cardinals
    Dec. 28 at Atlanta Falcons

  21. The real question to ask here is can two NFL Teams fight to for the first pick of the draft for 2009.
    Maybe there will have to be a coin toss for the pick even???
    2009 draft order( know it’s early but what the hell!
    1) Lions.1-15
    2) Rams 1-15
    3) Chiefs 2-14
    4) Bengals 3-13
    5) Raiders 3-13

  22. This is actually a great decision. The fans want a change and they are about to get it. The switch to Green was done by Linehan to expediate his own firing and get someone competent calling the shots. In Japan, they call this Seppuku and it’s a very honorable way of dying.

  23. All I know is it’s going to be really tough to swallow if Trent Green, Donnie Avery and Tye Hill hand the Bills their first loss of the season….

  24. I have to agree with mjbudenz, how much to you have to pay a guy to make him shut up and do his job? Jackson is another prime example! He should’ve been in training camp. Why even sign contracts if you are not going to live up to the terms of them? If you sign a contract for two years you show up and give your all for those two years. You can still practice during negotiations and show that you have some class and a sense of responsibility. Don’t get me wrong Jackson is a great player and I don’t want to lose him but he should’ve been in practice. If I don’t go to work I don’t get paid!!!

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