The Cleveland Browns’ DiMaggian streak of consecutive bacterial illnesses officially has ended.  Though the 49ers did their best to keep the truth under wraps, it has been reported that receiver Josh Morgan has been suffering from a staph infection.
Morgan admitted his condition to Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat; the team previously had not disclosed the illness.  FOX’s Brian Billick learned during a production meeting prior to last weekend’s Lions-Niners game that Morgan had lost 15 pounds due to the illness, and Billick mentioned what he’d learned during the broadcast of the game.
And, even more amazingly, people were actually watching the game and heard what Billick said. 
Here’s the transcript of Maiocco’s interview:
Maiocco:  “Brian Billick, on TV, said you lost 15 pounds.”
Morgan:  “I don’t know how that got out.”
Maiocco:  “Is that true?”
Morgan:  “Yes, sir.  How did that get out?  That wasn’t supposed to get out.”
Maiocco:  “Did that set back your development?”
Morgan:  “It kind of did.  It’s in God’s plan.  Everything’s in God’s plan I looked at it as a minor setback for a major comeback.  But I’m feeling a lot like myself again.  Last week was the first time I was feeling like myself again.  In God’s time, it’ll be there for me.”
Maiocco:  “Did you have a staph infection?”
Morgan:  “Yes, sir.”
Maiocco:  “Do you know when you got the infection?”
Morgan:  “Everybody said it was from the first [exhibition] game, the Oakland game.
Maiocco:  “Is that because of the infield dirt?”
Morgan:  “Yes, sir.”
Maiocco:  “What did it do to you?”
Morgan:  “Pretty much, it eats away at your skin.  If you don’t get it early, it could do a lot of damage to you.”
Maiocco:  “Did you have it on your knees or elbows?”
Morgan:  “I had it a couple of different places.”
We’ve never previously heard that infield dirt harbors bacteria that otherwise doesn’t cling to outfield grass, and we think that the Niners are blaming the field in Oakland in order to avoid the perception that San Fran training facility and/or practice field and/or home field is teeming with germs that can maim and/or kill.
Though Morgan might have gotten the abrasion that became infected by landing on the infield dirt at the stadium in Oakland, the infection could have been picked up anywhere.  And since we’ve never heard of any other player getting a staph infection after skinning an elbow, a knee, or some other body part on the areas that normally surrounds first, second, and third base for the A’s, we’re not prepared to declare that playing in the Black Hole could ultimately make a guy turn blue.
For the Niners, one staph infection is no big deal.  It’s the second and third one that can cause real problems for the team’s reputation.


  1. Um, I hate to rat out my own team, but Josh Morgan was one of TWO players with a staph infection as of the latest rumors. Keith Lewis, our backup strong safety, was out at the same time as Morgan, also with an “undisclosed illness.”
    The better point, here, is that Morgan was a preseason phenom (yes, I know that’s not worth much) before his infection. He’s regain some of his weight back, but we’re hoping for a quick recovery, since his blend of size, speed, route-running, and catching is remarkable for a rookie, particularly a sixth rounder. We’re hoping he’s a big player for us in a few years.

  2. Just goes to show how dirty that city really is. better hope the wind does not change direction adn blow that shit to the “city of champions” (and for all you jackass cleveland,bungles and eagles fans who dont know that city is PITTSBURGH!!)
    Yea we got beat by philly, i will admit that. But i am not going to sit here and make excuses and cry (like PATS fans do when they loose a game)…but you still suck and aint going to make ti to the playoffs.

  3. @ I C light pounder,
    You just don’t quit do you, man? You admitted your defeat in Philly but still end it with a comment that we suck and aren’t going to the playoffs? If we suck, then what the hell does that make Pittsburgh? [Sniff..Sniff] I smell BITCH.

  4. Any puncture or abrasion can start a staph infection, all that’s required is a staph germ at the site. Treating a spider bite now involves assuming a MRSA infection. During Katrina, an infection control technique from World War I – amputation – was used to control staph infections. I had the flesh-eating variety start to colonize my face after a abrasion on my chin almost 15 years ago. The abrasion was caused by wiping the sweat from my face with my T-shirt sleeve, and the sleeve had concrete dust on it from the sledgehammer
    demolition work I was doing at an elementary school at the time. This was not MRSA, thankfully. IV Vancomycin has been the silver bullet for treating MRSA, but as we over-medicate our population with antibiotics, we have grown new Vanc resistant super bugs. I hear that now that more people in the US die from staph than AIDS.

  5. Since nobody wants to work for the Raiders (or is due to be relieved of their duties any day now), Al Davis is doing what he can to put together his coaching staph for the rest of the year. [rimshot]

  6. ARiebel check, you’ll like it. And IC light pounder keep up the good work someone has to add some class to this website. Good luck getting past the Giants and Cowboys.

  7. “Just goes to show how dirty that city really is. better hope the wind does not change direction adn blow that shit to the “city of champions” (and for all you jackass cleveland,bungles and eagles fans who dont know that city is PITTSBURGH!!)
    Yea we got beat by philly, i will admit that. But i am not going to sit here and make excuses and cry (like PATS fans do when they loose a game)…but you still suck and aint going to make ti to the playoffs.”
    @I C light pounder
    How did a staph infection by a SF WR turn into a slam against the cities near your beloved Pittsburgh?
    And you may not be crying over a loss, but you certainly aren’t accepting it well.
    As for the ‘city of champions’, a 2-5 record in the AFC Championship Game (and 1-1 SB record) since 1980 does not exactly lend any credibility to that title.
    I think that what I and a few other people are trying to do, mainly for the benefit of the great Steeler fans (the overwhelming majority) out there, is say, for all of us, please shut the hell up.

  8. PurpleNGold says:
    “I had the flesh-eating variety start to colonize my face after a abrasion on my chin almost 15 years ago. ”
    Dude, that’s not a haiku. Glad you’re OK though.

  9. I have been a Steelers fan for almost 34 years, which is my age. I can not think of any bigger fan of the team than the Rooney’s. I personally love what they have done for the NFL and to date that has made it the true “American past time”. They carry themselves with pride and love for the city of Pittsburgh.
    As for ClevelandSucks and I C light pounder, you two should take note of how a real fan carries themselves. You act like pubescent boys with a hormonal imbalance that afflicts your ability to reason and think logically. I don’t like calling out Steeler fans, but you have joined the ranks with Slappy as dumba$$ fans.

  10. @ ClevelandSucks
    I’ll check it out when I get a chance. In the meantime, why don’t you check out and take a look at your Browns’ record and the stats of your QB whose 15 minutes of fame clock reads 14:59.

  11. “Pack Fan In Maine”
    Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl in 1980. That would make them 2-1 since that time.
    Either way, are you taking a shot at the Steelers for having a 1-1 Superbowl record in the last 25 years?
    Because I do believe the Packers record in the big game is the same thing over that time span.

  12. Just out of curiosity, how do the various teams compare with staph infection instances. With all the cases in Cleveland, you’d think that someone would look at how the Browns compare to the other teams.

  13. kwsbrother,
    wow man you are a disgrace to the steeler nation, calling out a fellow steeler fan like that. a true steeler fan hates the browns, the bungles, and eagirls check your fanhood…son. Don’t be hating on me just because i rep my city and my team to the fullest!
    I put you in the same catagory of all the other chuds on this site(DC bengals fan, chrisfromphilly ect..)

  14. How did a topic about staph infections get to be about how many Super Bowls the Steelers won? Who gives a $hit? It’s in the past.
    Back to the topic…
    If it happened during a game, wouldn’t it stand to reason that more than one or two players would have gotten the infections?

  15. He was always a very polite man at Virginia Tech. Make the Hokie Nation Proud Josh. “Minor Setback for a Major Comeback”. Just like last year with Tech lose to LSU, come back and WIN THE ACC

  16. ARiebel
    Are you reading the same posts we are? Cleary its been established that am NOT, repeat am NOT a Browns fan. Steelers fans chief. Doesn’t my name give it way moron. So before you check, check your eyes. Good job embarassing yourself jackass. Keep up the good work!

  17. Is anyone surprised to hear that Josh Morgan losing 15 pounds was part of God’s plan? Could God please include my wife in that plan?

  18. The second day in a row whereby an NFL player stated that an injury was “God’s plan”. God must really hate NFL players!

  19. Actually, getting a staph infection in abrasions from infilled (not infield) artificial turf is a concern.
    Dallas Morning News had an article last December regarding this:
    However, the healthy and safety experts here in the consulting business where I work suggest it is more likely that you could get the staph infection from unhygienic locker-room conditions at the stadium, rather than from the crumb rubber infill.
    This is a pretty common concern though, I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of it. There are even products marketed that supposedly are anti-bacterial replacements for crumb rubber, etc. Google “staph infill” or “artificial turf staph” and you can read more about it.

  20. @Pea Tear Griffin
    You’re correct (I was looking at seasons, so it is 2-1). As far as GB having a recent 1-1 SB record, you’re also correct, but I neither refer to GB as Titletown (for the same reason) or the Packers as America’s Team (which fans hijacked, albeit briefly, from Dallas during the mid-90s).
    While I’m a fan of neither the Celtics, Red Sox, nor Patriots, if any city currently has the right to call themselves city of champions, it’s Boston (and it works out well for them, and me, because there aren’t any “ahhhhhhs” in City of Champions). 2 wins and a 2nd is better than any city can hope for.
    Hope that clears up any confusion.

  21. @Pack Fan In Maine
    Just makin’ sure you got your stats straight.
    I’d agree with you anyway. Titletown USA (as of right now) is Boston.

  22. LOL, brauneyz. OK, let’s see how many four syllable
    words I can cram together to make a coherent thought…
    I don’t want any
    Methacillin resistant
    Staphlococcus bug.
    Staph likes areas
    Where tissue is decaying,
    Like a spider bite.
    I’m susceptible.
    I’ve had impetigo once.
    And mersa once, too.
    Staph germs lie dormant –
    Waiting for an opening –
    On everyone’s skin.
    Cleanse your scrapes quickly.
    Wash your clothes in hot water,
    Using detergent.
    Let puncture wounds bleed
    For as long as possible.
    Then see a doctor.

  23. Bravo, haiku dude! You are a poet and a medico. Maybe you can revive your Vikings. I still don’t like their chances, but what do I know? As a Pats fan, I’m already looking at next year. SIGH!
    Now, get back to work before you get fired.

  24. PurpleNGold and brauneyz should get a room.
    Blogging about Vikes
    Intertwined here forever
    P F T found Love
    lol, I think that’s right..

  25. brauneyz, you’re too late, they punted me in May capping my
    experience with their “Our Lady Of Perpetual Reoganization”
    festival. Another one bites the dust, hey hey! If there was
    anything I could do well for the team other than write haiku,
    I’d be on it. Pats will be OK, they should make the playoffs.
    LOL, Pea Tear Griffin, good haiku.

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