Colts safety Bob Sanders, the hard-nosed, helmet-to-the-shins run-stopper who already is out with a high ankle sprain, has undergone arthroscopic knee surgery.
G.M. Bill Polian previously mentioned that Sanders likely would have the procedure, so that the knee could heal while the ankle does.
“The feeling was the high ankle sprain would take longer [to recover from] than the scope,” owner Jim Irsay said.  “I think they just cleaned out a few things [in the knee].”
Usually, the “things” cleaned out of a knee are cartilage that has torn away and is floating around the stuff that makes up the complex web of ligament and bone and muscle that, frankly, should be enough to make even the most devout atheist at least consider the possibility that the human body was formed not randomly but by design. 
And as cartilage disappears from the knee, the chances for chronic problems increases. 
Still, Irsay said that he doesn’t regret giving Sanders a $37.5 million contract last year.

“I knew when we did the contract that he’s such a rare talent that you have to live a little bit with the possible injuries that come up,” Irsay said.  “Bob is so combustible, so physical.  He’s so dynamic and such a rare individual.

“It’s something you knew [was possible], but you know he might get on a lucky streak and go a year or two without having anything.”

But it’s dangerous, in our view, to rely upon luck when operating under a hard salary cap.  Over the past few years, the Colts have put several players at or near the top of the league-wide pay scale for their respective positions (e.g., Sanders, defensive end Dwight Freeney, tight end Dallas Clark, quarterback Peyton Manning, and receivers Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison).  By sinking so much cap space into so few players, less money is available to sign quality backups.

And so when bad luck arises, and guys like Freeney or Sanders or Harrison have extended absences due to injury, the team is forced to rely upon rookies or minimum-salary guys to step in and perform.

In our view, that’s one of the reasons why the Colts are struggling out of the gates this year.


  1. Florio,
    You are writing a football blog. Leave the Intelligent Design drivel out of it. Do you honestly want Florio Jr. going to school and learning faulty Biology from religiously inspired textbooks?
    Who needs all that “Scientific Method” and those pesky “Supporting Facts” when we can just ask Jesus?

  2. Consider the knee was designed?
    Like when the tooth I put under my pillow as a child was replaced by a coin I considered that the tooth fairy did it…Then I thought about it for a while.

  3. Florio are you being serious with this article or just filling up space? You actually think Irsay is supposed to not sign Sanders to a big money deal because he “might” get hurt one day? That is the silliest thing you have ever written. Sanders is an All-Pro caliber talent not some scrub off the street who had one or two good games. You take the risk, thats part of owning and running a pro sports team.

  4. thanks folks for picking up on the intelligent design
    crap.i’m glad you’re out there to keep the discussion
    what florio writes on this blog at times makes me
    wonder if he really is a lawyer.some of the statements
    that he makes are really sophmoric and open to questions
    about his legal knowledge.
    at times his editorial comments reflect his value
    system only,others be damned.

  5. Wow, I can’t wait for the post about some player’s bad Achilles where Florio works in the “fact” that the entire Earth was created in 7 days, cavemen and dinosaurs never existed, and everyone comes from Adam and Eve… ridiculous.

  6. Cmelton,
    The blog is Florios. Until you get your own, why don’t you leave your atheistic “drivel” out of it?
    Man, the guy makes a passing comment on the complexity of the human body and every commie-lib in the world jumps all over him.
    Who needs all the vast amounts Biblical archeology data, hundreds of fulfilled prophecies and eye witness accounts when we can just bury our heads in the sand and pretend that Full Naturalistic Evolution ISN’T simply a made-up theory with absolutely no fossil evidence to support it?

  7. Let’s see, the Colts have had at least 12 wins for the past 6 years. Yeah, I agree with Florio, the way the Colts run their organization is just stoooopid.

  8. Regarding his “sophomoric statements,” as a lawyer myself, I can tell you that it DOES indicate that he’s an attorney. We’re known for making silly arguments without thinking of any form of intellectual accountability; in fact, many times we get paid to do so, since our clients put us in situations forcing some childish complaining and idiotic arguments to advance their interests.
    As for my own silly argument, here’s one that is really saved for another blog. I believe that science is the method, God is the means, regarding us being here. That being said, I’m not going to pay enough attention to these comments to defend it, just putting it out there.

  9. “Like when the tooth I put under my pillow as a child was replaced by a coin I considered that the tooth fairy did it…Then I thought about it for a while. ”
    And determined that the coin sprang from nothing!
    Or a parent put it there.
    Or the tooth evolved into a coin, perhaps?
    Maybe you better think again…

  10. My point was/is that even if folks out there don’t subsribe to the phrase printed on every coin in an American’s pocket, the complicated workings of the human knee should at least prompt them to consider whether they might be wrong. And even if many species have evolved over time (and I firmly believe that they have), the reality is that there’s either a higher power overseeing the ongoing development of these complex organisms, or there isn’t.
    The scary thing is that many of the folks who don’t believe in God are just as close-minded as many of those who do.

  11. This is Florio’s blog the last time I checked.
    He speaks the truth as he sees it and often does.
    He is informed, intelligent and just plain comical at times.
    Thank you Florio.
    Keep up the good work.
    Interesting fact:
    According to evolutionary standards of time, this planet is billions of years old. The Sun is burning up and is getting smaller as time goes on. If you calculate the how much bigger it was, within a few million years the planet we live on would have been inside the Sun
    If evolution has to do with natural selection and natural selection has to do with survival of the fittest why would a single cell amiba have to evolve when it survives on its own?

  12. truefan,
    I am all for freedom of religion. I have an issue with Intelligent Design and it’s advocates because they are pushing their beliefs on other peoples children. If you are going to teach a child to believe God did something that should occur in a church or religious school, not in a public classroom. This kind of back door evangelism is a slippery slope if it is allowed anywhere.
    Kansas and Louisiana are doing their children a disservice by teaching this in public school.

  13. Don’t you think an owner should know exactly what his star safety had done on his knee, instead of…I think they did some stuff to clean out some things?
    As an agnostic, I don’t give a crap about the atheist comment, and it doesn’t even make sense anyway. I don’t think any atheist would believe the human body was formed randomly (creationism), I can pretty much guarantee they all believe in evolution.

  14. Florio’s right. It is absurd to think that we can understand all the complexities of life. Humans don’t have an infinite capability to learn, we have only a certain # of neurons. Yes, a lot more than other animals, but still finite.
    It’s also ridiculous to try to characterize a “higher power” as a god. No, “higher power” is simply the stuff humans cannot understand.
    That is why agnosticism makes sense. I accept that I cannot understand it all.

    Basically what Mike is trying to say is that Bob Sanders will not be the same as he was before this last injury. Plus throw in the fact that he has been hurt for the last three years during with major foot and knee injuries. The fact is the human body was design only to take so much abuse or punishment. Bob 9 lives clock is down to about 3 or 4 left!
    I have to said he is a Winner & Warrior in my eyes!!

  16. I think this is the first time I saw Florio post a comment in response to his own drivel.
    I’ll forgive you your politics, Mike, but leave the ID out of it. I’m tired of stoopid people.

  17. “I am all for freedom of religion.”
    Religious freedom survives another day! Thank you! Dodged that bullet…
    “I have an issue with Intelligent Design and it’s advocates because they are pushing their beliefs on other peoples children.”
    You ever heard of “global warming”? You think ridiculous beliefs aren’t being pushed on other peoples’ children all the time?

  18. Evolution is a convenient excuse for non-belief in a creator. Since the only alternative to evolution is a creator, no amount of hard evidence will disprove the theory in the mind of the Atheist.
    Talking to Atheists who later become Christians, you discover that belief in evolution is quickly abandoned after conversion. Why? Quite frankly, evolution was merely their excuse for not believing in God; even though deep in the back of their minds evolution they knew it was scientifically absurd.
    Evolution is a bio-chemical event and is taught in just about every biology class at every academic level. However, no biochemist in the world can give you a correct explanation of exactly why or how evolution occurs. There are only theories that they peddle as fact.
    Just to be clear, there is a significant difference between micro and macro-evolution. Micro-evolution can be empirically verified and is embraced by everyone from scientists to conservative theologians. Micro-evolution is fact, plain and simple. Macro-evolution is fairy tail.
    Good post Florio.

  19. “The scary thing is that many of the folks who don’t believe in God are just as close-minded as many of those who do.” Well put Florio.

  20. Hold on cmelton,
    Evolution is nothing more then a theory and takes just as much faith to believe as any religion does. I look at evolution as a religion. So, in accordance with your statement, why not leave that out of classrooms as well?
    Intelligent design is a view that can be scientifically justified and taught in that manner just as well as evolution.
    There is no room for bias in the classroom.
    Teaching strictly one way or another doesn’t give kids much exposure to choice. That’s why they should both be taught so children can make an intelligent decision.
    But this is a football forum and I seriously doubt that you can facilitate an act of congress, simply judging by the obtuse nature of your statements.

  21. haha yeah throw that global warming hocus pocus into the fire with the “homosexuals are born that way” thing. ^5 Gillicus!

  22. Oh come on, we all know that nothing exploded and became something 😉 Is teaching children that God exists in school any different than teaching them that he doesn’t exist? Florio has a point on Sanders. I don’t care how good he is and the guy is really GOOD, but if he cannot stay healthy I cannot see justifying the money they are paying him. Everyone has seen how it affects the Colts when he is not playing. Florio is being realistic and the Colts are praying to ‘evolution’ that he doesn’t get hurt.

  23. Do Christians want their children learning about Sharia Law during social studies? Or how about instead of hearing the story of Genesis they hear about how Brahma split the lotus flower to create heaven and earth? Maybe you would prefer the Norse version of the universe being created from the body of a giant? Want to really throw the kids for a loop? Espouse the Buddhist view that your thoughts and actions determine the experience that you have in life and the world is comprised of the thoughts and actions of all things…
    There is an entire world outside of your beliefs and no public agency such as a school system should push anything based on religion.

  24. So it begins for the Colts, the downward spiral. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving douche bag organization . Love the piped in music.

  25. to me it seems like evolution would be the ideal “designer” – trial and error through mutation, what works well enough continues, what doesn’t for whatever reason – disappears in time. Doesn’t preclude a belief in God. Pretty random to interject such comments on the blog, but as many others have said, it’s your show…

  26. This guy is the new “Fragile” Freddy Taylor, between him and the Bears Mike Brown do they have enough collective time served to be considered verterans?

  27. All this talk reminds me of the Family Guy episode when some d-bag was video taping a bag in the breeze (a la American Beauty) and commented on how it was so amazing.
    Pan up to God yelling “It’s just some trash blowing in the breeze! Do you have any idea how complicated your circulatory system is!!”
    Anyways, back to football. IMO, Bob is overrated. A good player, but ESPN bills him up to be the best defense player that has ever lived. The Colts had a bad rush D before he went out, and they’ll still have a bad rush D when he comes back. They’re a soft team that only pass rushes.

  28. What is your training/academic background for those of you who disagree with evolution? I love how there is mention of fossils and biology, but do you have a background in those fields? If you do, and you talk against evolution I might buy what you’re selling. If you are slamming those fields based on the fact you were raised a Christian and you get “your” scientific fact from church or some anti-evolution website then I beg to differ. The last I checked religion doesn’t employ the scientific method, but rather depends on the recall from memory of humans.

  29. Vox Veritas says:
    September 26th, 2008 at 9:51 am
    Wow, I never saw so many tree huggers get so upset over an off-the-cuff comment.
    We’ll keep hugging the trees. You keep hugging the root.
    I’m going to sit back and smile while everyone that bitched about Florio not calling Obama a homosexual loving elitist communist now bitches that it’s his blog and he should be able to say whatever he wants. If you think political conversations are toxic, crank up a religious one and watch it go. They are stupid magnets.

  30. Evolution is scientically valid and is backed up by fossil records, carbon dating, etc. It is Darwin’s viewpoint on evolution that is theory.
    Intelligent design cannot be scientifically or statistically justified and is simply a poorly justified theory. I personally won’t deny there may or may not be a higher power, but evolution is a fact.
    Also, Bob Sanders is one hell of a safety.

  31. It’s mildly hilarious to watch a religion debate break out on PFT. I can’t help but wonder if Florio earnestly though it was a good idea to drop an unnecessary religious reference into a post, or he was just trolling his collective readership.

  32. “If you think political conversations are toxic, crank up a religious one and watch it go. They are stupid magnets. ”
    QED. Nailed you, didn’t it?

  33. “The scary thing is that many of the folks who don’t believe in God are just as close-minded as many of those who do.”
    Ha! Yeah, we atheists (I’m agnostic, but who’s keeping score) really shove our beliefs down everyone’s throats. Like those Atheist Crusades, and Atheist Jihads.

  34. Intelligent Design? Wasn’t that Millen’s plan for the Lions? Religion is for weaklings and the Bible is just a bunch of bedtime stories for people who are afraid of death. Don’t worry, Timmy, death isn’t so bad. You get to spend the afterlife hanging out with Jesus!

  35. Vox Veritas says:
    September 26th, 2008 at 1:00 pm
    “If you think political conversations are toxic, crank up a religious one and watch it go. They are stupid magnets. ”
    QED. Nailed you, didn’t it?
    No, QEF
    Congrats on responding with the right screen name, though.

  36. Florio says to Athiests:
    “the complicated workings of the human knee should at least prompt them to consider whether they might be wrong”
    Why should the knee do this?
    I just drank some coffee and you know what?
    I am exhaling it in the form of CO2!!!
    Everything is Wickid Complex, EVERYTHING!
    I think one reason that this post has gotten so mny comments is because of this fact.
    It is so condescending how believers of a Creator will take something that they view today as complex, take that object, then proceed to, in a very parent to child, smart and experienced to dull and immature way, tell the Athiest,”look, pullies and ropes I don’t understand, must be a God out there and your dumb if you can’t understand that.
    And, they the believer, acts as if this is a good argument.
    To the Athiest it never sounds like a good argument.
    It just sounds like some uneducated, condescending, solopsistic egomaniacal statement.

  37. It would actually be wise and respectful to assume that when atheists are told that the cost of their opinion/belief/disbelief could be eternal damnation, that most atheists have at least “considered” the alternatives.
    Just because someone feels differently from you, it doesn’t mean that they’ve never even considered your point of view. What hubris!

  38. The last time I checked I thought it was called freedom of religion. Believe what you want to believe and stop grandstanding about how perfect your position is and how wrong someone else is in their belief.
    Back to the post. How do you justify all that money for someone who has not(and probably never will) play a full 16 game regular season? Freeney got his money because he showed he can do it for a full season, same with Clark and Manning.

  39. See you all in Hell, dummies. Oh wait, no I won’t. And it’s not because you’ll be in Heaven. It’s because religion is a silly fairy tale for keeping the naive, submissive, ignorant sheep in line. How wonderfully the Bible teaches us to understand contradictory evidence and respond to it with blind acceptance (or “faith,” its more popular euphemism). Shouldn’t the “evidence” of how fragile the human knee is suggest imperfect design, or lack of controlled design, both of which should incite second thoughts about how great the Invisible Magic Man in the sky really is? Watch the Wizard of Oz and learn something. Abstracting authority weakens the individual.

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