It sounds like a joke, the idea that Matt Millen could finally stop running the Detroit Lions into the ground and then move on to another dysfunctional franchise.
But it might make sense that an owner who gets to work at 4:30 in the afternoon would think that Millen is a good fit.
Our friend Todd Wright of Sporting News Radio reports that people in the know say Raiders owner Al Davis thinks very highly of Millen, who played for the Raiders from 1980 to 1988. In fact, Davis keeps in such close contact with Millen that he actually talks more to Millen than he does to most of the people who work for the Raiders.
Davis is such a loose cannon that it’s impossible to predict what might happen with the Raiders in 2009, other than to say that Lane Kiffin will not be the head coach. But Millen’s job prospects are limited because he would be hard to take seriously as a TV commentator, so if he wants to keep working in football, he might need to find an NFL owner willing to employ him.
And that means Davis and Millen might just be perfect for each other. Which is about as big an insult as you can give to either of them.


  1. As a Raiders fan, I’ve become “accustomed” with Al Davis’ weirdness. But I will seriously take a sabbatical as a fan if Millen joins the team.

  2. if he hires millen as a GM or in any sort of position with power, I’m seriously gonna reconsider being a raider fan. maybe I’ll just stop following sports altogether.

  3. Mr Smith I know you have to be joking about this Millen to the Raiders stuff. For one thing I have been co-hosting a sports show on the Raiders since their return to oakland in 1995 and I am at the practice site in alameda at least twice a week and have seen Mr. Davis at practice way beforew 4:30 PM So if you believe one story I guess you will believe what ever your friend todd has to sell you.
    Try and get some real reliable sources before you start writing all this junk. If you are ever in the bay area just give me a holla and I will be more than happy to take you over to practice with me and I can bet that You have a good chance of seeing Mr. Davis over there way before 4:30 You should take me up on that sometime.

  4. It would be a step up for the Raiders. Although if Millen wants to prove himself without having to take credit for an owners dumbass moves, he might want to steer very clear of Oakland.

  5. There are no “people in the know” in Oakland. The only person that knows is Al Davis. Until it happens, it is all just rumor.

  6. I love how your mediots always report how secretive Al Davis is but yet everyone knows everything he does. Everyone knows he doesnt show up for practice until 4:30 but yet there he was at practice yesterday before noon. Al Davis doesnt talk to anyone but Herrera but there is he calling Millen every day.
    Do you just pull this crap out of your ass or what?

  7. What’s the matter? Could you not find any other way today to bash the Raiders and Al Davis today? Has it been too long without any Raider-trash? Rediculous. Get a life.

  8. Haven’t we heard in the past that Millen didn’t make the final call on Detroit’s first rounders? I’m not defending him for their dismality, but I can’t help but question whether or not it was all Millen’s fault. At any rate, I hate to see someone kicked when they’re down, and it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if Millen got the job, turned the thing around, and then gave the proverbial finger to the entire football world.

  9. Well, all media types who have actually dealt with millen like him. They say he is the kind of guy they would like to have a beer with. I agree, millen would probly be a good beer buddy, out of work.
    I would be afraid to have a drink (or any other contact with) al davis cause I would order a beer and he would bare his fangs and bleed me to death…

  10. I’d rather have Millen come out of retirement and play linebacker for the Raiders than to have him making or having say in any decisions involving the team.
    Maybe Al will hire him as head coach. At least then we’ll know he won’t be making any personnel decisions.

  11. To my expert calculations, albeit with existing technology, there isn’t a GM in this league who would still be working with the record that Al Davis has had since removing any semblance of objectivity from his Loony Tower and naming himself the Un-GM-GM. Believe it or not, Matt Millen’s got a better record since we were poetically and systematically dismantled in the Super Bowl by that guy Davis so benevolently whisked out the back door so he could “coach near his family.”
    Of course Davis would bring Millen in. He’s the last guy left with any real relationship to football who would be dumb enough to come in here – and by default, the only guy Davis can point to with confidence and say: “He did it.”

  12. thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. In other words, it makes perfect sense for oakland. Do it al, please. He’s trying to get raider nation to call for his head it seems

  13. Actually, going to the Raiders would be a step down for Millen. Sure his teams lost a bunch of games while he was GM in Detroit. But not as many games as the Raiders have lost in the past five seasons.

  14. If Davis were to hire Millen and give him control of the football side of things, it would be the most lateral move in the history of the world.

  15. Hot commodity! Maybe this is Al’s attempt to shore up the receiver position.. rumor has it that Millen likes to draft WRs in the first round.

  16. PFT seems to be getting a of of mileage out of this 4:30 thing, but i’ll tell you, if I own my own multi-multi-million dollar business at the age of 79, I’ll show up to work whenever I damn please.

  17. I agree with the comments that only Davis knows. The more you reporters make stuff up that doesn’t come true, the worse you look. I saw Russell at McDonalds ordering the entire menu today. Kiffin isn’t wearing Raider Geranimals. The groundhog saw his shadow. You really know nothing. For a man who says nothing to the media, Davis sure is transparent, and you guys are all psychics.

  18. I thought someone would’a thought of this joke earlier…
    Times are indeed tough..
    But never as tough as F2B (who only shows up on here after an Iggle win, so we’ll see him 6 times this year.) and Chumbolt have it…
    Both ZERO rings…so I understand their hate…Say what you will jealous MOFO’s…Least we have something to look back on..Your teams have ALWAYS been losers.
    The Iggles either choke or get blown out (by Oakland), and the Dolts
    just never get there. Al’s a joke now…No s#!t…but your teams are
    Always something to laugh at..
    Leon Lett meet DeSean Jackson…Welcome to Philly where you’ll
    never get to the endzone in ANY winning way….
    No feelings to get hurt here….Try hard, AAAHAHAHAHAHA…

  19. Al Davis has a long earned reputation for keeping former Raiders players employed with the team. I do not find it at all out of reason to think Al Davis would hire Matt Millen in some capacity. BUT I assure you…. it won’t be as a GM. After all… that is Al Davis’s job. We haven’t had a true GM since Wolfe left. Allen worked in a similar capacity but as always.. Al had the final say. So this rumor is just baseless.

  20. Millen is a good broadcaster. How many Broadcasters could run an NFL team? It should not even factor in.

  21. well millen took an iffy at best team and ran them mostly in to the ground. 26-57 since the raiders got spanked in the super bowl.
    al took what was an old but still fairly talented team and… after the super bowl loss they are now 21-63.
    millen could bag them like another win each year.

  22. Millen wouldn’t be taken seriously as a broadcaster?
    Ummm, have you ever watched NFLN, ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBC . . .
    I think he’d fit in just fine.

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