Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported during today’s Notre Dame halftime show on NBC that if the Rams lose to the Bills on Sunday, Rams coach Scott Linehan is likely to be fired.
King’s report is not on the Sports Illustrated web site or the NBC Sports web site, but it has been reported on the Bills’ official web site. That has to be the first time in NFL history that a team has posted an article on its site saying, essentially, “If we win tomorrow, the other team’s coach gets canned.”
Linehan faces a locker room revolt after benching quarterback Marc Bulger this week. High-profile players including running back Steven Jackson and wide receiver Torry Holt have indicated they have no confidence in Linehan’s ability to lead the team, which is off to an 0-3 start and hasn’t even been close in any game this year.


  1. Peter King is also the guy who predicted an upset for the Rams.
    Let’s see, 3-0 versus 0-3. One team actively wants their coach fired and not playing well could seal the deal. It’s makes sense they’ll play their best game of the season there Peter.
    I love how writers will take the underdog route so they can chime on about how they are smarter than everyone if an upset happens. Of course, if the Bills destroy the Rams I’m sure PK will remind us of how much he’s an idiot.

  2. We need more games like this.
    Like the Cincinnati – Cleveland game this week, should have some storyline that the losing coach will get fired.
    or at the end of the season if Kiffin lasts that long, they should change the schedule to have:
    Oakland V Kansas City
    Losing coach gets canned. It would make some of these pointless games so much more interesting, especially to see how the players react.

  3. The players quit on Linehan a long time ago. They don’t respect him. If the players get the sense that they merely have to lose another game (something that they have been especially proficient at in Linehan’s tenure)to get their coach canned, they will roll over. They might even play in their pajamas.

  4. Peter Jing is the second smartest man in the country, right behind Joe Bidden. Just ask either one of them.

  5. The loser of the Cinci/Cleveland game should be banished from the NFL. With those stakes, and Gus Johnson, who’s probably calling the game anyway, how could you not watch?

  6. every sports team needs a plan to to continue winning or to turn it around. and when a team is getting rid of coaches every couple of seasons it is obvious there is no plan or concern for a lack of one.

  7. Linehan is Cam Cameron and Mike Mularkey reincarnated: an “offensive genius” as offensive coordinator in Minnesota (Cameron at San Diego and Mularkey at Pittsburgh) who had great players to make them look good who gets promoted to the top job and the players revolt and disrespect him because he’s a joke.

  8. Memo to Linehan: Please trade Holt before you’re fired. I heard he wants to be reunited with Bruce and Martz in SF to form what would be one of the better WR corps in the league: Holt, Bruce, B-Johnson, Arnaz Battle, and Josh Morgan. With Delanie Walker and Vernon Davis @ TE and Frank Gore + DeShaun Foster @ HB. Now only if Vernon Davis would get rid of those stone hands.

  9. If he goes, the only question left is why did it take so long? If he doesn’t, the Rams are officially in the race for worse ownership in the NFL. The only punishment suitable for this idiot is making him play a whole game as QB behind that O line. Wait, that’s cruel and unusual, not allowed to do that.

  10. Linehan is the prime example of Coaches can coach all they want, but if the players don’t play, the team won’t win.
    Linehan does need to get fired simply because the players are refusing to play. They don’t have respect for him. The plays are there, Bulger was not performing, Jackson was not performing up to his contract, and the defense is not doing good at all.
    I never looked at Linehan as an offensive genius, but I did look at him as an individual who knows what he is doing. It’s sad to see a team like the Rams give up.
    Personally, I wouldn’t shed a tear if they don’t win a game this year. Send them back to LA.

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