There’s been plenty of talk here (and will be plenty more) regarding the manner in which the Detroit Lions should proceed now that Matt Millen is a former employee of the franchise.
But what about Millen?  There’s a presumption that he’ll return to the broadcast booth, from where he emerged seven-plus years ago to become the CEO of the Lions.
We’re not so sure about that one.  As he clung to that $5 million annual salary long after it was obvious that he was out of his league, Millen’s name lost most of the panache that it ever possessed.
He’s now a laughingstock among many NFL fans, and we’re not so sure that the anyone will lend credence to anything he ever has to say about the sport of football.
That said, he was pretty good as a broadcaster.  So good that he was able to fool the Fords into thinking he could run a team.  So good that he was able to fool himself that he could run a team.
And that means he’ll still be good enough to talk about what happens during a game.  But now that we all know what he’s capable of (or not) when it comes to doing the things about which he’s commenting, it really will be hard to take him seriously.

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  1. MM should get back into broadcasting. He would still have credibility on that level and he was nearly as good as Madden was 10 years ago…I think that he’d probably be better than Madden now (because Madden is getting worse each year). He would be a definite improvement over 98% over the other schmucks who currently spew into a microphone.

  2. I took Patty Millen’s comments that they are now out of “football prison” to mean football generally rather than just the Lions organization. I think Millen will run hard and far away from anything football-related, as he should.

  3. My guess: He’ll be pretty quiet this year, and by 2009 he’ll be back in the broadcast booth. Remember, in today’s ADHD society, we’ll have completely forgotten about this story by next season. So we won’t be subconsciously discrediting his opinion.
    I hope he does get back in the booth, because, to be quite honest, he was terrific. Better than Madden when they were both at Fox.

  4. He can take Kornheiser’s place on MNF. At least he will be a laughingstock that can talk about the actual game being played.

  5. Below the belt Florio. In no defense of his tenure running the Lions, Millen will get offers for what he CAN do, not what he failed to do.
    He could go back to the booth, Al Davis could hire him.
    Matt could also start up an internet pro football information site!

  6. Three words: Monday Night Football. That broadcast has no credibility as it is so they lose nothing there. Kornheiser has got to go. I know all the ex-jocks tend to do the same job in the booth so it might be a bit difficult to fit him and Jaws in. But I remember Millen being good enought at broadcasting to do Kornheiser’s job in his sleep.
    I think a show with Millen replacing Kornheiser might be even more than “watchable” (which would be a big step up in itself), but heaven forbid it might actually be “good” and add something to the viewing experience. I know this is a foreign concept to ESPN, but they might want to take the plunge and just go for it.
    Sadly, I won’t be holding my breath.

  7. I bet he is much more ineresting as a TV guy now, and he was very good at talking a good game, just not planning one.

  8. Matt’s cred has taken a hit. Millen at his best was pretty damned good. He had a tendency to get on “kicks’ that drove ya nuts, but overall, he was OK.
    By ’09 or 10, somebody will take a flyer on him. He seems like definite NFL Network material

  9. Matt Millen’s GM Career dead 2001 – 2008
    Matt Millen’s GM career died expectedly at the ripe age of 8 years old due to complications with achieving success. Matt Millen is best remembered for lacking many of the skills needed in being a good GM.
    While he had his detractors he had his supporters too as quoted by by one Ford Exec “With Matt as the GM we were able to continually produce vehicles that were constantly behind the time, just like Matt. In fact with Matt as GM it was assured that he was the worst product on the Ford line; thank you Matt!”
    “When we hired Matt my wife had her doubts as he wanted to be a caddie for our business. The problem was that we are a putt-putt golf course and though we really didn’t need a caddie for the place Matt sold us on the idea. In the three years he worked for us he never gave a member the wrong clue the whole time, god’s honest truth!”
    Matt Millens’ GM Career Dead 2008

  10. If Marv Albert can make it back after the ass-biting fiasco, Matty should be able to return without a hiccup.

  11. He was great in the booth, hands down the best.
    I’m not just saying that because I live in the Lehigh Valley –
    I always enjoyed the games where he was the analyst.
    MNF – bag Korn and bring in Millen!!

  12. It’s getting incredibly easy to predict which articles are going to have comments containing failed attempts at Al Davis jokes.

  13. Lets see, quick math, 7 years, 5 mill salary… 35 million… I know what I’d do after I made 35 million…

  14. Definitely not MNF. If anything bring back Boomer Esiason. That was one of the best teams ever.
    I don’t want Millen anywhere near MNF. I’d rather have Richard Simmons in the booth than Millen. He’s damaged goods.

  15. I couldn’t disagree more with those who say Matt Millen was good in the broadcast booth. He was horrible. I got so tired of him calling games on TV that I started to mute the sound and listen on the radio.
    I swear he was the worst announcer I ever heard. I wish the Detroilet Lions would have kept him. He was a true gift to the rest of the NFC North.

  16. Millen was a first class analyst in years gone by. He should definitely replace Korn-hole on MNF.
    Because MNF in it’s current state is absolutely unwatchable.
    The Monday Night “FARVE BOWL” was the last straw.
    From now on it’s the radio for my ears and the TV for my eyes.

  17. Personally, I hope the Vikings hire him as the GM. He would be the perfect IQ bookend for their head coach and the Vikings could use a few more WR’s which Millen seems to draft in quantities.

  18. He’ll fit in perfect in any McCain administration position if/when the GOP and Karl Rove figure out how to screw Obama out of office.

  19. Matt Millen has drafted a who’s who of Arena League talent
    since being with the Lions maybe he can contact one
    of the many players he drafted to get him an in.

  20. How about….
    He actually did a 3rd Quarter for a pre-season game when he was with Fox.
    Couldn’t do worse than Ed Hochuli

  21. If guys can fart on the air, show pictures of their package to co-workers, or in the case of many be just plain bad, then someone with talent should be just fine.

  22. MM could definitely land a gig at ESPN. If Emmit Smiff can do it why not give Matt a shot at debackeling the English language for pay

  23. Yeah, Millen should be black-listed. Because I’m sure Joe Buck could lead the Lions to the Superbowl by 2010.

  24. Maybe the Cowgirls can sign him, they have something in common, neither has won a playoff game in 10 years. I don’t what’s worse, never getting there (millen) or getting there a laying a turd (cowgirls)

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