Added to the injury list on Sunday with a sore elbow and described as “questionable” for Sunday’s game, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer will he the team’s No. 3 quarterback against the Browns, according to Adam Schefter of NFLN.
As the No. 3 quarterback, Palmer can enter the game in the fourth quarter without consequence to the team.  If he plays prior to the fourth quarter, none of the other quarterbacks may return.
The starter will be Ryan Fitzpatrick.


  1. that no. 3 quarterback rule is so dumb it doesn’t make any sense. A team can have 3 running backs take carries all game without consequence, 3 tight ends, 5 receivers, etc. what difference does it make how many QBs play?
    Here’s a question. Does a RB taking a direct snap qualify him as a quarterback? This could be relevant for a team like the dolphins who had Henne and Pennington playing in the same game, and the week after had ronnie brown taking snaps.
    I mean, really, what does it matter?

  2. Could only be good news for my Steelers! Not that I would wish injury on anyone (lets take the AWESOME, I mean sad, knee injury to Palmer in the 2005 playoffs as an example)…Go Steelers!

  3. I was under the impression that if the designated number three quarterback came into the game before the fourth quarter, one of the other quarterbacks could return if he was injured. Just to clarify.

  4. I have to work OT Today damn it. I can’t rush out to my bookie/olg retailer to get a bet in on Cleveland. Screw work! I’m outta here!

  5. Also, designating a third quarterback allows a team to carry an extra player on the active roster. It’s a good rule.

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