We’ve tried to give Vikings coach Brad Childress every possible benefit of the doubt through two-plus NFL seasons as the man in charge in Minnesota.
But it’s over.  We’re done.  There will be no more leeway for the guy who looks like he should be filling out tax returns, not preparing game plans.
Our epiphany came earlier tonight, when we saw the coach’s explanation for his decision to punt the ball while trailing by two scores with roughly two minutes to play in Tennessee.
The Vikings faced fourth and 13 from their own 18.  We assumed that Childress opted to punt due to fears that the Titans would then try to score another touchdown on a short field.
We were wrong, as usual.
On Monday, Childress explained his decision with this quote:  “Based on the way we were playing defense, I thought we’d have a chance to get it back.”
But the Vikings had zero time outs.  So the Titans took a knee three times, and the game was over.
A good coach can do the math on the fly and realize he’s not getting the ball back.
A good coach knows that, even if he had 10 time outs, giving the ball to the other team with 120 seconds left in the game isn’t the best way to put at least 13 points on the board.
Maybe the truth is that Childress feared backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, who replaced Gus Frerotte after his hand split open and gushed blood like watered-down gravy spilling from a ladle, would convert the long fourth down, and then perhaps would get a few more of them, and then perhaps would lead the team to a touchdown, requiring Childress to then perhaps revisit his decision to bench Jackson.
A good coach is smart enough to realize that a quarterback who regains lost confidence can only help the team, even if it requires the coach to deal with internal or external voices clamoring for another change.
Childress claimed after his press conference that he simply didn’t like the team’s chances at converting fourth down and 13 yards to go.  And thus we wonder how he felt about the Eagles’ chances when facing fourth and 26 during the 2003 playoffs, when Childress was serving as Philly’s offensive coordinator.
So, regardless of the reason for his decision to punt, we’ve concluded that Childress isn’t a good coach.  And we think that, barring a dramatic turnaround, it’s time for him to go.
We don’t spout off opinions like this lightly, and we realize that the removal of a coach profoundly affects a lot of men and their families.  But each NFL team is a private business that thrives on widespread public interest, and the folks in Minnesota deserve much more from their local football franchise. 
Especially if said local football franchise wants the folks in Minnesota to foot a big part of the bill for a new stadium.


  1. “There will be no more leeway for the guy who looks like he should be filling out tax returns, not preparing game plans.”
    You actually would trust him doing your tax returns?!

  2. youre right about him, but problem is there are many other head coachs just as dim witted and making totally illogical decisions each week.

  3. Lets see, good defense, run-oriented team, this team looks tailor-made for Marty-ball. They should can Speilman and Childress and bring on Schottenheimer.

  4. I agree entirely Mike, well put. Childress is a pathetic coach and has proven time after time he doesn’t know how to coach. It’s time for the Vikes to fire this bum and get a real coach in here, lord let it be Bill Cowher!

  5. Lets not forget his childish attacks on Culpepper after the trade to Miami. Whether or not he was right, it was pretty unprofessional to rip the guy after the trade had been completed. A better man would have just said “I’m only going to discuss the players currently on the team.”

  6. Anybody remember when Holmgren forgot what down it was and gave the order to let the Broncos score in XXXII?

  7. About time you realized what Viking fans have known for years already. Thanks for giving us a legitimate voice.

  8. “We don’t spout off opinions like this lightly”
    Then how come half your rants about coaches and their bad calls results in your concluding that they are terrible coaches? It would be one thing for this to be posted and it be the first time you’ve mentioned it. But, considering it’s the same line about bad coaching with different names and different examples, it just means more of the same.
    As your poster boy would say, “Next Question!” or in your case, “Next Topic!”

  9. Brad Childress quit on his team. Plain and Simple.
    Now, Zygi needs to get off his Brokeback “I wish I could quit you” stance and fire Childress.
    Let Leslie Frazier take over for the rest of the season, the defensive guys seem to like playing for him.
    And then in January hire Bill Cowher. Or Mike Martz. Or Stewart Martz (my elderly neighbor. Nice guy.) Anyone but Childress!

    constantly living out playoff dreams through the accomplishments of other teams….4394 and counting

  11. so what are the chances of childress getting fired mid season? marty is out there, bileck is out there, cowher is out there, linnehan is out there, ray rhodes is out there, i think jerry burns is still breathing, denny green is out there, kiffin will be out there soon enough, my cousin stoney is out there, mike tomlin WAS THERE, but now he is over THERE, and childress is still here…LOL, how tragic!

  12. Look, I don’t like to call for a guy’s job either. But it is time. It’s probably unrealistic to think it could happen, but I wonder if $5 million per year could get Cower out of retirement. Zygi has already spent $63 million this year. What’s another $30 million over five or six years? Childress is in way over his head. This is just one example of many. My question is this. Is there no one on his staff that feels comfortable explaining situations to him? He must be one heavy handed manager. The Vikings will not win with him at the head.

  13. Now, if only you could get Mr Wilf to undersand this. My God what a miserable three years we’ve been having. To waste all of our time on a QB that wasn’t isn’t ready to be an NFL caliber QB should be the icing on the cake. He has GOT TO GO. You won’t see this fan paying for another ticket until he is gone, and if they keep up this crap, I may not even give them any more of my Sunday afternoons in front of the couch either.

  14. What’s next? You’re gonna post that Mike Martz won’t listen to other people’s opinions? You’re gonna post that Chad Pennington can’t throw the ball with force? You’re gonna post that Shaun Alexander is soft?

  15. Terrible, Florio. Terrible. Is this the first Vikings game you’ve watched since Childress was hired? Childress has proven he was a bad hire ever since the day he was hired. He’s done nothing to show he’s qualified to be a head coach. It would be nice if you’d cut the egotistical writing style and stop insulting the way people look; write about football, please.
    Worst post ever. So, congrats on that.
    This post is like writing that “Bush might not be that good of a president after all.”

  16. It’s not Childress’ comments that make him unfit to be a head coach. It’s mainly is inability to do the job, combined with his personality (or lack thereof.)
    But you’re right, Queens fans deserve better. BRING BACK MEATHEAD!

  17. Yeah, Ned Flanders just isn’t doing the job. The ownership has put a lot of money into this team. It’s time for change.

  18. Holy cow, talk about an overreaction. They were down 13 points with 2 minutes left to go, its not like they were likely to win and somehow, something Childress did blew their chances.
    Give the guy a break. I personally would love to see him coach at least 7 more seasons just for the benefit of the doubt. You can see he is trying really hard to be a good head coach and with all the time he devotes to game planning, its difficult to get to those Mensa meetings.

  19. childress comes from the andy reid school of coaching. reid has botched many games due to horrible time management and not knowing the game situation with score and how much time is left on the clock so childress following in his old bosses footsteps dont surprise me.

  20. Can we start the chant now?
    btw, to Favre Fan.
    Here’s an idea.
    How about you start up a website, then create a lot of buz for it with high quality breaking news and up-to-date information on just about everything in the NFL. Then get national tv and radio spots.
    Then you can start complaining about Florio’s job here.
    I think he does just fine. It’s dicks like you who ruin this place.

    constantly living out Cowboys games dreams through the accomplishments of other teams
    11 of the last 13…

  22. We could see Childress was a bad choice after the first few games 3 years ago. Many of us won’t throw T Jack under the bus yet. For any young Q B to win 8 games with this pudrid flag football play calling and the meat handed wideouts could someday be a super star. It’s much easier to defend a pass when you know it’s coming and with chilly’s play calling it’s like the other teams defense sat in on the offense’s game prep meetings. Bring back Mike Tice he at least could field a decent team with a hell’uva lot less talent.

  23. First things first: it’s been obvious for quite some time that Childress is overmatched as an NFL head coach.
    Having said that, I must add that Florio’s T-Joke theory is beyond absurd.
    I’m not defending his decision to punt, but to suggest that Childress doesn’t want T-Joke to succeed is ridiculous. I mean, Childress is fighting for his job, so I would imagine he will accept help from wherever he can get it.
    As much as I enjoy, Florio’s penchant for creating ridiculous conspiracy theories out of nowhere is disappointing. There’s more than enough “real” controversy out there without having to make stuff up.

  24. Every year the same thing. High expectations followed by turds in the toilet. The Love Boat is taking on water again.

  25. i think the vikings need to hire a ji jitsu guy. so that when brad makes a brain fart, the ji jitsu guy can remind brad how much pain, the triangle he is fond of can be. play to win not play to lose by less. i cant wait for my bucs to play them. gruden is an egotistical bastard but he would sell his kids to win…. and winning is everything…..

  26. I really agree with the Florio comment about Childress being afraid to play T-Jax…I thought benching him because Childress can’t coach was a bad decision. But I also thought starting him in place of Brad Johnson was a bad decision.
    In reference to another post…I would have no problem with the Vikes playing some……..Marty-Ball!

  27. I always find it interesting when someone incompetent seems to have all the job security in the world (Childress, Matt Millen for so long, etc.), while others who really are doing their job to the best of their ability with what they’re given (Kiffin, Ted Sundqvist, etc.) get the boot as scapegoats for other people’s incompetence.
    What a league.

  28. I stopped attending Vikings games until Brad is fired. They won’t see any of my money until they do the right thing and hire a coach.

  29. JadeHellbringer, Don’t forget about Tice. He compiled a winning record, and made the playoffs with a much worse team, and probably less than 1/4th of the Coaching Payroll then this clown gets to spend. Can you imagine what Tice would have accomplished with an owner that actually wanted the team to succeed?

  30. This guy was touted as a “quarterback guru”, “offensive genius”, etc. Yet Childress could not improve the wins total upon a Meathead-coached 9-7 team. One of the best moves the team made was firing Fat-Ass Fran Foley and the next best will be canning Childress when he goes 3-13.

  31. This “Coach” benches his star linebacker then defers on the kickoff. He CALLS A TIMEOUT TO CHALENGE A PLAY– dude, you only needed to “risk” one timeout, not burn one to risk your time out which you LOST. One swift move for Childress, two lost time outs for Minnesota in a close game. Hello!?! Maybe Childress should be mentioned in the same breath as (do I dare say it?) Millen. His horribly predictable play calling in his self proclaimed “kick ass offense” is only superceded by his stupidity with clock (mis) management.

  32. So, what you’re saying is that Romeo “Field Goal” Crennel has some competition for man most likely to lose on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Seriously tho, for all of the millions of dollars on players salaries, and teams that hire “capologists”, you’d think tat a coach or team would hire a guy just to stand on the sideline and do basic statistics/probabilities for the fat guys that tell the players to hit each other hard.

  33. The real problem is that for as inept as Childress has shown
    to be as a coach, Zygi Wilf may be in the same league as an
    owner. He hired this guy first chance he had to talk to him.
    Knowing Childress now, how dry was that interview. “Um, um, ahh,
    um, I’d like to coach your, um, team. It’s kind of like skinning
    a pear with a nail file, you know?”. Huh??
    I don’t know if Zygi’s got the ‘nads to pull the plug on this
    guy. Looking back on everything, Mike Tice should have been
    given a lifetime contract for what he accomplished with what he
    had for coaches, budget and players.
    I agree, bring back MEATHEAD!!

  34. When I first saw the play I was upset, then I thought that well maybe he did not want to get TJ hurt and risk going into next week with only Booty. Even though it was the wrong thing to do. The Panthers had the similiar situation last week and like every NFL they went for it on 4th down. — This is just the latest in a long line of problems. — Chilli is a naked coach (see reasons for pulling TJ) and he needs to go.

  35. There is never a good excuse to quit. When Moss did this as a Viking vs. the Redskins, the media was all over him. Why is Chilly allowed to quit vs. the Titans?

  36. How did he get the VIking job? Riding on the Eagles coattails?
    Because he has sucked as the head coach in norseland.

  37. Bring back Bud Grant. I have not been this disapointed since Les Steckel. They brought back Bud to fix things, why not now?

  38. 17 touches for maybe hte best player in the NFL in a tight game until the last 1/4. Gus Frerotte had 40 passes. That alone should get you fired.

  39. When the head coach gives up on his team, that is the greatest sin in football. God can forgive Brad Childress for it, but I doubt the footballs gods, Norse gods, and especially the fans will. Zygi Wilf has exercised extreme patience to this point and we can appreciate that, but it is now time for change. There is way too much talent on this teams going to waste.

  40. No clever wordplay comes to mind, and I can’t put this in a 5-7-5 format. Why is this once proud , formerly feared franchise stuck in neutral. Obviously, Childress is part of the problem; I fear it may be worse news for us all. Maybe Zig is idiot enough to believe things are going to turn around on their own. Maybe Zig is the new Al Davis without the cape. Some teams suck every year (Lions), and its because the owner is a buffoon. Just because someone can make billions in business, it doesn’t mean he can oversee a winning team. I hope I’m wrong.

  41. Mr. Wilf
    As you are a Giants fan, there is no doubt that you know that a winning football team’s strongest unit is not the offense, the defense or the special teams. It is the management team and the system they put in place (my definition of ‘winning’ is not a Dennis Green 9-7 and going home after round one. It is being of championship caliber).
    The late Wellington Mara, the late George Young and (the not yet late) Ernie Accorsi each did a wonderful job keeping the Giants at or near the top of the NFL for most of the time since the mid 1980s and have three championships to show for it. The Rooney family is even better proof of stability as the Steelers have hired only three coaches in the past forty years and have five championship rings to show for it.
    This offseason, you have shown the Vikings players, employees and fans how serious you are about winning by your agressive spending and the trades you made (this Vikings fan thanks for you that effort).
    But no matter how much money a shipbuilder spends in an attempt to build the world’s greatest ship, he can not do so without hiring the best architect to design it. Once that architect has been hired, the same thought process must be used to find the best captain. One that, no matter how rough the seas get, has the pedigree, talent and the confidence of the crew to know he can get them to shore.
    So before you spend many more millions on players that will be lucky to get out of port, no matter how good they are, hire that architect.
    Bill Belichick, the worst coach in Cleveland Browns history, became a genius when Drew Bledsoe got hurt. He is constantly lauded for getting miles out of players that aren’t stars. Yet those players consistantly make large contributions. Often in the biggest of games.
    Those players were drafted by Scott Pioli and his staff. He is the architect for your ship. That is where to start. More than spending money on players, that will not only show how much you want the Vikings to be a first rate organization, it will make them one.
    Despite being a lifelong New Yorker, I’ve been a loyal Vikings fan (over 35 years) and truly want them to succeed. I’ve lived with the Giants and how well they’re run and I’ve lived with the Jets and how poorly they’re run. I was (and still am) happy to hear that the Vikings owner is a Giants fan because a true Giants fan understands what a commitment from ownership to having a first rate front office and coaching staff means.
    If Mr. Pioli and, for example, Mr. Cowher were running the show, the Vikings would automatically become one of the top five organizations in the NFL.
    Which, I assume, is your goal.
    After that, the winning will take care of itself.
    Thank you for reading this.

  42. “after his hand split open and gushed blood like watered-down gravy spilling from a ladle”
    Um, can we get a vid of that?

  43. There’s plenty to trash Klink about, but punting on 4th and 13 down by 2 scores with T-Jack having looked completely clueless the prior 2 plays? Like the Vikes had a realistic chance at that point? NFL coaches, including good ones, make similar boneheaded clock plays every week. Instead, trash Chilly for wasting 2 seasons with his lousy hand-picked QB’s, poor personnel decisions,conservative play calling, knee-jerk and immature behavior (docking troy Williamson’s pay for a funeral absence/not shaking McCarthy’s hand) and poor second half adjustments. A mid-season coaching change will do more harm than good, but a losing record at season’s end will warrant his firing.

  44. i agree he’s a bad coach, but criticizing that decision is pointless… it was his way of letting them be mercy-killed. even if they got THAT 4th down, they would in no way score TWICE in under two minutes with no timeouts. think about it. it isn’t happening.
    there are other more dumb moves to criticize.

  45. “Maybe the truth is that Childress feared backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson . . . would convert the long fourth down, and then perhaps would get a few more of them, and then perhaps would lead the team to a touchdown”
    Why would anyone think that when Jackson hasn’t the ability to do that in the three years he’s been an NFL QB?

  46. Thank you, I feel vindicated. The comments are better then the article but it’s about time somebody addresses the ineptitude of the Vikings management.
    Nobody wants to see anybody get fired but I couldn’t be this unsuccessfull at my job and not get busted or chaptered out(fired).
    The Vikes play a hot Saints team in New Orleans. Who’s playing QB for the Vikes this week? Has it been announced? Are we still playing “I want to grow up to be just like Bilecik” and list everyone as questionable so nobody can plan against our 9 offensive plays?
    It amazing to me how people who suck at their jobs can make so much money.
    Anyway, it’s about time and this will be the first of many. Watch T-Jackson go to another team and do just fine.

  47. It took you this long to realize this guy belongs on a production floor carrying a clipboard?
    We should make an all out effort for Cowher…

  48. I’ve always been proud to call myself a vikings fan until now! Why with so much talent can’t we win? Answer: Because we have a coach who is so predictable and unable to think quickly on his feet. We have been in every game until bone head calls are made. I’ve always been told if it’s broken, fix it… Well maybe Chilly needs to go for us to win. Maybe we need to go back to basics and learn how to catch the football. Maybe we need to stick with and develop a new young quarterback instead of getting has been’s. How come other teams can do it and we can’t? Ziggy wake up and smell the coffee! If you need support in building a new stadium give the people what they want.. FIRE CHILLY !!

  49. If the Vikes are 2-5 going into the break, I think you’ll see the team go to the Defensive coordinator Frazier. He was interviewed by teams in the off season and liked.
    I have been putting Bill Cowher’s name out there since the Packer game but that’s up there with a lottery win and a date with 9 Brazilians super models.
    This division could easily be won with a 9-7 or 10-6 record. A good coach could turn this around.

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