Nearly four weeks after a shooting that left Jags offensive tackle Richard Collier fighting for his life, details have emerged regarding his condition.
At a Monday press conference, it was announced that Collier suffered 14 bullet wounds on the morning of September 2.  He sustained five to his bladder and two to his lower spine, which left him paralyzed from the waist down.
A blood clot later developed, requiring the amputation of his left leg, above the knee.
“It is with my deepest regret that Collier’s career with the NFL is over,” his agent, Jeff Jankovich, said.  “Now Richard has a very difficult journey ahead of him but he is up to the challenge.  His spirits are positive and he has a lot of support from his family and friends.  His family wanted to keep the situation under wraps so that Richard would be the first to know.  Richard is a kind and generous man and now he needs our thoughts and prayers.”
“It’s a great tragedy for a young man to have such a bright future, at the top of the food chain, to have not only his career but his health taken away,” coach Jack Del Rio said.
We knew that the situation wasn’t good for Collier, but hearing these details makes us nauseous.  We wish him and his family the best, and we hope that he will have the love and support he’ll need every day of his life.

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  1. Just another senseless act of violence. I hope they catch these guys (they may have, I don’t know) and put them through the ringer.

  2. Prayers and thoughts… When Collier gets better, I hope he finds those responsible and dispenses ample amounts of justice.

  3. This is indeed sickening news. Collier was a promising, albeit raw talent with loads of potential and a bright future ahead of him. We can only pray that he keeps his head held high and appreciates the fact that his life was spared in this ordeal.
    Hopefully the person(s) who took so much away from Richard will be caught and punished severely.
    Terrible news…

  4. King Jaffe Joe, well said.
    What the f*ck is wrong with people that they could just go up and shoot holes through another human being (or even an animal for that matter)? Godspeed Richard.

  5. I hope the Jaguars and or the NFL are going to take good care financially for his family, I am sure they will.

  6. THat just disgust me to no end. I hope they catch the animals that did this. Better yet, I hope karma comes back to them & they die a slow and painful death.

  7. “We knew that the situation wasn’t good for Collier, but hearing these details makes us nauseous. We wish him and his family the best, and we hope that he will have the love and support he’ll need every day of his life.”
    Couldn’t have said it better. I’m shocked and saddened by this news.

  8. Another case where “an eye for an eye” is the only way justice will be served.
    When they find they guy, cut off his leg.

  9. Prayers to Collier and his family.
    Way to make a classy remark there Del Rio. Top of the food chain, indeed. It’s a freaking game. Put it in perspective to real life there jerk.

  10. kaygee08 says:
    “THat just disgust me to no end. I hope they catch the animals that did this. Better yet, I hope karma comes back to them & they die a slow and painful death.”
    The cops should turn these scumbags over to Colliers teamates.

  11. Teared up reading this. Terrible thing to happen to anyone, its just too bad it happens more than most people know.

  12. wow that is just wrong on so many levels… it sucks all that happened to him but on the pluse side he is still alive and breathing

  13. This is terrible news and I absolutely hope that those responsible are found and convicted of the highest crime available to the situation.
    Hopefully, players around the league will take notice of this and apply it to their own lives. There is a reason why Goodell constantly warns players to not be out late. This incident happened at 2:45am while waiting for two girls outside of an apartment complex that they met at a nightclub. No, he wasn’t breaking the law, but he did put himself in considerable danger. When you have a lot of money, you are instantly a target. It’s not right, and it’s terrible when things like this happen, but they do happen. This is further evidence supporting the reasoning behind getting home at an earlier time when you are a high profile individual. Unfortunately, Richard will have an uphill struggle for the rest of his life. I hope he manages to find happiness in his now shattered life.

  14. nauseous.
    the perfect word.
    this is why we need the death penalty.
    who among us thinks whomever did this deed is
    worthy of breathing air and living off of
    tax dollars for ‘life’.
    hand me a plunger
    no charge

  15. So, SO, very sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. I hope God will comfort him and his family. I am having a hard time understanding why some morons would pump 14 bullets into a human being. I am not a Jaguar fan by any means, but Richard Collier did not deserve this. Horrible.

  16. I’ll pray for Collier, and for positives to come from this grimm news.
    I’ll pray that the perpetrator(s) can find the perspective from where they can see the value in affecting the world in positive ways, insteading inflicting their own self-loathing on the world in the form of destruction.
    Furthermore i’ll pray that the public who feel their prayers, hopes, and wishes can affect the situation, decide to focus that energy solely in positive ways towards Collier, instead of praying for more violence or suffering in this life or the next.
    The perpetrator is already suffering, and he expressed that suffering by shooting an innocent person. I pray that young, ignorant soul sees the value in his own life, and begins affecting the world in positive ways. That would benefit him, and all of us far more than anybody suffering for all eternity. That seems like such a waste of a soul.
    Pray for positives and God will be more positive. Pray for negatives and God will be more negative. It’s up to us to choose which we’d prefer.

  17. –Obscenery–
    Pray for the perps??? Are you kidding me here? Yeah, i hope that kid goes on to have a great life since he just got away with ruining someone elses! What the hell is the matter with you?? I think you need to check into reality because I’m pretty sure if someone did the same thing to you loved ones you’d want that bastard hung. You are seriously out there if you’re not hoping for justice to be meted. Whoever did this deserves extreme pain and suffering, and I for one hope he gets that. You need to learn what real life is like…time to leave your protected cookie-cutter world.

  18. Prayers and thoughts to Richard and his family. So sad and unfair that this has happened to him. I am happy that he is alive. To have survived all this, he must truly meant for something special in this life. God bless.

  19. Wow, this is horrific. My prayers go out to the family and the team. What a strong person to make it through such a disgusting attempt at his life and still be fighting and breathing. Hopefully he is well taken care of financially and hopefully he will be able to still live a quality life through these injuries…what a sick, sick world.

  20. “King Jaffe Joe says:
    September 29th, 2008 at 4:04 pm
    there is a special corner in Hell for folks who decide to ruin other people’s lives like this.”

  21. I agree with NinerNation……..F*#& praying for the perp(s), unless you’re praying they receive a slow painful death for what they’ve done. Committing an act like this is proof enough for me that this person has already wasted their soul. Now we need vigilante justice to free that soul from its earthly body.

  22. Obscenery is just trying to show how enlightened he is by focusing on the positives and turning the other cheek. I don’t agree.
    What happened to Collier sucks, I hope the guy that did it meets a similar fate. I’m sure we’ll all be missing out on the contributions he would have made to this world and everything, but I’m willing to chance it.

  23. Its very sad . I wish him and his family the best . Maybe some good can come of this . Lets EVERYONE know how the real world is . Football is just a game , Collier and others its REAL life . Keep an eye out for one another . Be safe all .

  24. someone will have to work hard to convince me that someone who participated in someone being hit 14 times (no telling how many shots missed) HAS A SOUL……
    sounds like to me that has been missing in this perp for a long time.

  25. firepoet- If God is all things in existence then God is infinity, constantly expanding with each thought anybody has. Since we have free will with our thoughts we can choose to make God more positive than negative by the process of decision alone.
    Clearly the world is full of people who choose negative thoughts, and negative courses of action. Nobody would debate that. Those people who choose negative thought processes expand the infinity which is God in a negative direction.
    That is, of course, if a person believes in God in the first place. Lots of people here do. I believe it’s important for people who believe in God to be very aware of what they believe.
    NinerNation- clearly somebody who shots an innocent man 14 times is sick. I pray for the sick to gain health without discrimination. Even when their sickness has caused me suffering.
    I never implied i do not want the perpetrator brought to justice. Being brought before a court of law, having his loved ones learn of his crimes, and spending hard time in prison would serve to teach him that his behavior is counter productive towards building the life he wishes for himself (which since he pulled the trigger 14 times, he clearly already didn’t know).
    But justice and the place eternal suffering known as “hell” some people would wish a person condemned to are two different things.
    I will not criticize your beliefs. I’ll only ask that you choose to focus the energy you’re investing in hatred towards praying for positives to the Collier family. I will not disrespect you for your decision.
    -I’m sorry if i turned this into a theological issue. My only wish is that people pray for Collier and his loved ones. I believe it makes a difference.

  26. Swaps says:
    September 29th, 2008 at 5:37 pm
    “King Jaffe Joe says:
    September 29th, 2008 at 4:04 pm
    there is a special corner in Hell for folks who decide to ruin other people’s lives like this.”
    I’m sure Tank Johnson did not commit this heinous act. But damn, how will this country ever get a cap on these fools running the streets with guns?

  27. Everyone from Jacksonville is praying for you Big Rich. Nothing but best wishes to you, family, teammates, and friends.

  28. God Bless you Richard, I am praying for you and your family. I only hope that you can recover and have a joyful life. I wish that senseless acts of violence like what happened to you didn’t happen in our world, they accomplish nothing accept ruining lives.

  29. obscenery is an idiot. perp needs to be boiled in oil. people who do things like this crime will only stop once they know that the consequences will be immediate and severe. cut the perps leg off as soon as you find him.

  30. Vexorg- In order for the perp to be able to pull that trigger 14 times he had to clearly justify his actions in his own mind. Do his reasons matter considering the type of pain he inflicted on another living creature? I would say- no, they never would.
    And you have expressed that in your mind it is clearly justifiable for you to brutally torture another living creature, for reasons decided upon also by your own individual morality (as unique and varied as fingerprints). You reason in a similar way as the perp. Yet you’ve also expressed that you view that same process of reasoning to be pervision in others.
    One way or the other the perp was convinced that Collier deserved to suffer/die. Maybe the perp thought Collier was somebody who shot somebody close to him. It wouldn’t matter, would it? So lets say that in the news tomorrow you read about a guy who for one reason or another put another living creature in “boiling oil”, and it turns out it was because the victim shot and paralyzed somebody else.
    Would you honestly celebrate the torturor?
    So do you still hold your opinion? Please, don’t be offended by my challenging your opinion, or pointing out the hypocrisy in it.
    I hope instead you can calmly invest a lot of thought into figuring this stuff out for yourself.

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